Genesis Chapter 32

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Jacob Prepare To Meet Esau

  1. So Jacob go hin way and Baba-God angels come meet  am.
  2. Wen Jacob see dem, he con tok sey, “Dis na Baba-God  army, and he call di name of di place—Mahanaim.
  3. Jacob send message go meet Esau hin broda for di  land of Seir—di kontri of Edom.
  4. And he tell dem sey, “Naso you go take follow Esau my oga tok, your servant Jacob tok sey, ‘I travel go meet Laban, and I stay there reach now.
  5. And I get malu and donkeys, sheeps plus goats, plus  servants—men and women. I don send message to  you my oga—make I fit see favour for your eyes.”
  6. So di messenger go back to meet Jacob, con tell am sey, “We meet your broda Esau, and hinsef dey come meet you wit 400 men.”
  7. Jacob mind con dey cut well-well, he con dey fear, so  he divide di pipo wey dey wit am, plus di malu, camels sheep plus goats—for two groups.
  8. He tok sey, “If Esau come meet one group, con kill  dem, den di oda group wey remain go escape.”
  9. Naso Jacob tok sey, “Oh Baba-God of my papa Abraham, and God of my papa Isaac, di God wey tell  me sey, ‘Go back to your kontri, and to your family-pipo, and I go do you well.’
  10. I no get levels reach make you sorry-for me, or get  levels reach di truth wey you don show me your servant; wit my walking-stick nahin I take cross River Jordan, and now I don turn to two groups.
  11. I dey pray to you to save me from di hand of my broda, from di hand of Esau, becos I dey fear am so dat he no go con kill me and my wives, plus my pikin.
  12. You tok sey you go surely do beta tins for me, con make my pikin plenty like sand-sand for big-river, wey pesin no fit count becos dem plenty well-well.
  13. So he stay for there dat same night, and he carry  wetin he get give hin broda as gift.
  14. Two hundred and twenty she-goats, twenty male  goats, two hundred sheep, plus twenty rams,
  15. Thirty camels wey get milk for breast wit dia pikin, forty malu, and ten nama, twenty female donkeys, plus ten male donkeys.
  16. He put hin servants in charge of dem, con separate dem as different groups. So he tell dem sey, “Make una dey go for-front, and make una give unasef space  between di groups.
  17. E con tell di group wey dey for front-front sey, “Wen  Esau my broda meet una con ask una sey, ‘Who una belong to? And where una dey go? Who get all dis animals wey dey front of una?’
  18. Naso una go tok sey, ‘Dem belong to your servant Jacob. Na gift wey he send to you my oga Esau, and he dey come for back.’ ”
  19. He still tell di second, di third, plus di oda groups wey follow di animals sey, “Make una tell Esau di same tin wen una meet am.
  20. And make sure sey una tok sey, ‘Your servant Jacob dey come for back.’ ” He reason sey, ‘I go make am calm down wit dis gifts wey I dey send go for-front; and wen I see hin face las-las, maybe he fit welcome  me.”
  21. So Jacob gift con dey for front but he spend di night  for di camp.

Gidigbo [Gbas-gbos] Wit Baba-God

22. He stand up dat night, con carry two of hin wives, and  hin two women servants, plus hin eleven sons, naso dem cross di low part of River Jabok.

23. Afta he don send dem cross di stream, he send all hin  properties cross di water.

So Jacob con dey alone, and na for there one man  fight wit am reach morning.

25. And wen he see sey he no fit beat di man, he nack Jacob for hin hips, and Jacob hips tear for di joint as  he dey fight wit am.

26. Naso he tok sey, “Make I dey go becos morning don reach.” So Jacob tok sey, “I no go let you go unless you  bless me.”

27. He ask Jacob sey, “Wetin be your name?” Jacob ansa  am, “Jacob.”

28. He con tok sey, “Your name no go be Jacob again, but  Israel, becos you fight (gbas-gbos) wit Baba-God and men, and you succeed.

29. So Jacob ask am sey, “Abeg, tell me your name,” He con ansa am, “Wetin dey make you ask for my name? Naso he bless Jacob.

30. So Jacob call di name of di place—Peniel, “Becos I don  see Baba-God face to face. And he save my life.”

31. Di sun rise as Jacob dey komot from Peniel, and he dey waka like sey leg dey pain am, becos of hin hip.

32. Even reach today, di pipo of Israel no dey chop di  muscle wey dey for di hip side, becos na for dis muscle di angel take wound Jacob.


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