Genesis Chapter 33

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Jacob Meet Esau

  1. Naso Jacob raise hin eyes go up, and he just see Esau dey come wit four hundred men. So he divide hin pikin wit Leah and Rachel, plus di two maids.
  2. He con put di maids and dia pikin for front-front, con  put Leah plus her pikin afta dem, and Rachel plus Joseph for back-back.
  3. Naso he waka pass dem go front, con bow down seven times until he reach near where hin broda dey.
  4. Esau run go meet am, he hug am, he bow hin head to  kiss am, he con dey cry.
  5. He raise he head up to see di women plus all di pikin. He con tok sey, “Who be dis pipo wey dey wit you? So Jacob ansa am, “Na di pikin wey Baba-God don use favour take give me your servant.”
  6. Naso di servant girls shift near dem—wit dia pikin  and dem bow down.
  7. Leah sef plus all her pikin shift near dem—naso dem  bow down; afta, Joseph con come wit Rachel—and dem bow down.
  8. So Esau tok sey, “Wetin you mean by sending all dis  pipo to come meet me?” Jacob con ansa am, “Na to fyne favour for your eyes, my oga.”
  9. Esau tok sey, “I get enuff my broda, keep wetin you  get for yoursef.”
  10. Jacob ansa am, “No, abeg, if I don see favour for your  eyes den accept my gift from my hand, becos I don see your face as if I don see Baba-God face, and you  dey happy wit me.
  11. Collect am, abeg—na di blessings wey I don carry come give you; becos Baba-God don show me favour, and becos I get enuff. Jacob beg Esau—sote Esau agree to collect dem.
  12. So Esau tok sey, “Make we enta road, make we dey go, and I go dey for your front.”
  13. Jacob con ansa am sey, “My oga, you know sey all dis  pikin still small, and di animals wey dey wit me get small-small pikin, and if men move dem too fast, one day all of dem go kpeme.
  14. Abeg make my oga carry-go for my front. I go dey waka small-small dey come for back wit my animals plus dia pikin and my pikin sef, until I come meet my  oga for Seir.”
  15. So Esau tok sey, “Make I leave some men wit you.” But  Jacob ansa am, “No need, why? Na only favour I wan see for your eyes my oga.”
  16. So Esau enta road dat day go Seir.
  17. And Jacob enta road go Succoth where he build house  for hinsef, and place for  hin  animals.  Nahin  make dem call di place Succoth.

            Jacob Reach Canaan

18. Jacob travel from Pada-aram con reach Shalem—one  city wey dey for Shechem, wey dey for di land of Canaan; and he set hin tent near di city.

19. So he buy some land for where he set hin tent, from  di hand of di pikins of Hamor, Shechem papa—for one hundred silver coins.

Naso he build altar for there, con call am—El-elohe- Israel.


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