Genesis Chapter 34

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Dinah Plus Shechem

  1. Dinah wey be Leah daughter, wey she born for Jacob—con komot to see di daughters of di land.
  2. And wen Shechem di son of Hamor di Hivite wey be  prince of di kontri—see her, he carry her, con use gragra take dis-virgin her [he rape her].
  3. So hin soul con fall in love wit Dinah—Jacob daughter, he love di girl, and he follow are tok sweet  tok.
  4. So Shechem con tell hin papa Hamor, sey, “Epp me get  dis girl as my wife.”
  5. Naso Jacob hear sey he don dis-virgin [rape] Dinah hin daughter wit gragra. Now hin sons bin dey take care of malu for field; and Jacob calm down until dem come back.
  6. So Hamor di papa of Shechem con komot go meet  Jacob, to rub-mind wit am.
  7. Jacob sons con come back from di field wen dem hear  wetin sup. Naso di men con dey para, dem vex well-well sey Shechem do dat kain tin, con put shame on di pipo of Israel—by sleeping wit Jacob daughter—dis na sometin wey no suppose happun.
  8. So Hamor reason wit dem sey, “My son Shechem

really love your daughter, I dey beg you make you let  my pikin marry her.

9. Make una marry from us, give your daughters to us, and make una marry awa daughters sef.

10. Una go stay wit us, con dey for di land. Make una stay, con do business wit us, and make una gada una properties for here.

11. Shechem con tell her papa and her brodas sey, “Make I see favour for una eyes, and anytin wey una ask me nahin I go pay.

12. Make una no ask for too much dowry and gift, and I

go give based-on wetin una don ask me, but make una  give me di girl as my wife.”

13. Jacob sons con ansa Shechem and Hamor hin papa  wit wayo. Becos he don dis-virgin Dinah dia sista wit gragra.

14. Dem con tell dem sey, “We no fit do like dis—to give awa sista to pesin wey no circumcise becos na shame  to us:

If una go be as we be, make everi man circumcise— den we go agree to wetin una want.

16. Den we go give awa daughters to you, and we go marry una daughters sef. And we go stay wit una so dat we go turn to one pipo.

But if una no gree hear us, to circumcise, den we go  carry awa daughter and we go dey go.”

18. Wetin dem tok con make body sweet Hamor and  Shechem—Hamor pikin.

19. And di guy make sure sey he do wetin dem tell am becos he like Jacob daughter well-well. Na Shechem  get levels pass for hin papa house.

20. So Hamor and hin son Shechem go di gate of di city, con reason wit di men of dia city sey,

21. “Dis men dey live in peace wit us, so make dem stay for di land, con do dia business for here, becos di land  big reach for dem; make we marry dia daughters as awa wives, and make we give dem awa daughters sef.

22. Na di only tin wey fit make dis men accept us—to stay  wit us, so dat we go be one pipo—if everi man fit circumcise as dem take circumcise.

23. Abi dia malu plus dia beta-beta-tin, and everi animal wey dem get no go belong to us sef? Make we only do wetin dem tok and dem go stay wit us.

24. All di men wey go di gate of di city listen to Hamor wit  hin son Shechem, and dem circumcise everi man for di city.

25. E con happun sey on di third day, wen dem don wound—two of di sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi wey be Dinah brodas, con carry sword, dem waka enta di  city wit full-mind, and dem kill all di men.

26. Naso dem kill Hamor plus Shechem hin son—wit sword, con carry Dinah komot from Shechem house, and dem komot.

27. Afta di killing, di oda sons of Jacob obtain dia properties for di city, becos dem use gragra for dia sista, con disgrace her.

28. Dem carry dia sheep and dia malu, plus dia donkeys, and everitin wey dey for di city, plus di tins wey dey  for di field.

29. And all dia moni plus all dia small pikin. Dem carry dia wives as prisoners, con scata even everitin wey  dey for di houses.

30. Jacob con tell Simeon plus Levi sey, “Una don give me  wahala sote una don make me dey smell among di pipo wey dey stay for di land. Among di Canaanites and di Perizzites. As we small so, dem go gada demsef  togeda against me, con kill me. And dem go scata me plus my house.”

31. Dem con tok sey, “Abi make he do awa sista like  ashawo?”


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