Genesis Chapter 35

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Jacob Go Back To Bethel

  1. Baba-God tell Jacob sey, “Stand up make you dey go Bethel, con stay for there, and make altar for Baba-God for there—for Baba-God wey show-face to you wen you dey run from Esau your broda.
  2. Jacob con tell hin family plus all di pipo wey dey wit am sey, “Komot di foreign gods wey dey around una, and make una dey clean, con change una cloth.
  3. And make we stand up, con dey go Bethel. I go make  altar for Baba-God for there—for Baba-God wey ansa  me for di days wen my heart dey cut, and wey dey wit  me for di way wey I follow.”
  4. So dem give Jacob all di foreign gods wey dey for dia  hand, plus all dia earrings wey dey for dia ears. Naso  Jacob hide dem under di oak tree wey dey near Shechem.
  5. So dem travel dey go, serious fear from Baba-God con dey on di cities wey dey round dem—sote dem no get-liver to pursue di sons of Jacob.
  6. Naso Jacob reach Luz wey dey inside di land of Canaan—wey be Bethel, him plus all di pipo wey dey  wit am.
  7. He build altar for there and he call am, ‘El-beth-el’; wey mean, ‘God of Bethel’—becos Baba-God show-face to am for there—wen he dey run from hin broda  Esau.
  8. But Deborah wey bin dey serve Rebekah con kpeme, and dem bury her for di south side of Bethel— under di oak tree. Di name of di place na Allon-bachuth.
  9. So Baba-God show-face to Jacob again wen he komot  from Padan-aram, con bless am.
  10. Baba-God tell am sey, “Your name na Jacob, but your  name no go be Jacob again, but Israel nahin go be your name.” And he call hin name Israel.
  11. Naso Baba-God tell am sey, “Na me be Baba-God Almighty, make una go get plenty pikin, con brekete; nations plus plenty-plenty go come from you, even kings go come from inside you.
  12. Di land wey I give Abraham plus Isaac—nahin I go give you as your own. And di pikin wey dey afta you sef nahin I go give di land.
  13. Naso Baba-God komot from di place where he follow  Jacob tok.
  14. So Jacob set up big stone for there, so dat he go remember di place wey Baba-God follow am tok, he con pour drink  offering on top am, and he pour ororo put sef.
  15. Naso Jacob call di name of di place wey Baba-God follow am tok—Bethel.

Rachel Kpeme


Dem travel komot from Bethel—con dey nea
rEphrath, time con reach for Rachel to born pikin— and she feel pain well-well as she wan born.

17. E con happun sey as she dey for hard labor—di nurse  tell her sey, “No let fear catch you, you go born dis baby-boy sef.”

She con dey breath her last breath becos she dey die—she name di boy Ben-oni, but hin papa call am  Benjamin. So she kpeme.

19. Naso Rachel kpeme, and dem bury her around Ephrath  wey dey for Bethlehem.

20. Jacob build block of stone for her grave—wey dey for  there till today.

21. So Israel travel, con spread hin tent afta di tall-house  of Edar.

Jacob Sons

22. E happun sey as Israel dey for di land, Reuben con go  sleep wit Bilhah—hin papa side-chick and Israel con  hear am. Now di sons of Jacob na twelve.

23. Dis na Rachel sons: Joseph plus Benjamin:

24. Dis na di sons of Bilhah wey be Rachel house-girl: Dan  plus Naphtali.

25. And dis na di sons of Zilpah wey be Leah house-girl; Gad plus Asher.

26. Na dis be di sons of Jacob wey dem born for am for  Pada-aram.

Isaac Kpeme

27. And Jacob come meet Isaac hin papa for Mamre, for  di city of Arbah wey dey for Hebron—where Abraham and Isaac travel.

28. Isaac live for hundred and eighty years.

29. So Isaac die wen he don old well-well, naso he join hin ancestors, and hin son Esau plus Jacob bury am.


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