Genesis Chapter 38

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Judah Plus Tamar

  1. E con happun dat time sey Judah komot from hin brodas—con go meet one Adullamite—hin name na  Hirah.
  2. For there nahin Judah see di daughter of one Canaanite wey hin name na Shuah, so he carry her, con enta her.
  3. She get-belle con born baby-boy, and he call hin name—Er.
  4. She get-belle again. Naso she born anoda baby-boy; and she call am—Onan.
  5. She still get-belle again, con born anoda boy. She name am—Shelah: Judah dey for Chezib wen she  born am.
  6. So Judah marry wife for Er wey be hin first born— and her name na Temar.
  7. And Er wey be Judah first born con be wicked man  for Baba-God eyes and Baba-God kill am.
  8. So Judah tell Onan sey, “Enta your broda wife, con  marry her, and get pikin for your broda.
  9. But Onan know sey di pikin no go belong to am. E con happun sey wen he wan enta hin broda wife, he pour for ground so dat he no go get pikin for hin broda.
  10. Wetin he do make Baba-God vex well-well, so Baba- God kill am sef.
  11. Judah con tell Tamar—hin daughter-in-law. Go stay as widow for you papa house, until Selah my son don grow, or maybe he fit die like hin brodas. So Tamar go stay for her papa house.
  12. And as time pass, di daughter of Shuah wey be Judah  wife con kpeme, and wen he don cry finish for hin wife, him and hin padi—Hirah of Adullam go Timnah, where dem dey komot di wool from hin sheep.
  13. Pesin con tell Tamar sey her fada-in-law dey go Timnah to komot di wool from hin sheep body.
  14. So she komot her widow cloth from her body, she cover her face wit cloth, con wrap hersef. Naso she con sidon for one open place wey dey for di road to Timnah. She sey even though Selah don grow, dem  no marry her to am.
  15. Wen Judah see her, he tink sey she be ashawo becos  she cover her face.
  16. So he turn face her for where she dey, con tok sey, “Come make I enta you?” becos he no know sey na hin daughter-in-law. She con tok sey, “Wetin you go  give me?”
  17. Judah con promise her sey, “I go send you one small goat from my animals.” So she tok sey, “Wetin you go  give me make I hold until you send am?”
  18. Naso Judah tok sey, “Wetin you wan make I give you to hold.” So she tok sey, “Your seal plus your chain, and your walking-stick for your hand.” So he give dem to her. So he enta her. Naso she get-belle for am.
  19. So she stand up, con komot, and she komot di cloth  wey she use take cover her face. She con wear her widow cloth.
  20. Judah send di small goat tru hin padi—di Adullamite, to settle hin agreement wit her, but he no see her.
  21. He ask di men wey dey for dat place, “Where di ashawo wey bin sidon for dis open street?” Di men  con tok sey, “No ashawo come dis place.”
  22. So he go back to meet Judah con tell am sey he no see  her, and di men wey dey for dat place tok sey no ashawo come there.
  23. So Judah tok sey, “Make she take dem for hersef or shame go dey on us, becos I send dis small goat and  you neva see her.”
  24. He con happun sey afta three months, dem tell Judah  sey, “Tamar your daughter-in-law don turn to olosho, and she don carry belle from her ashawo work.” Judah con tok sey, “Make dem carry her come here to  burn her.”
  25. As dem wan carry her come meet her fada-in-law, she  send message go meet am sey, “Di pesin wey get dis tins nahin give me belle. See if you go sabi who get dis  seal, chain plus walking-stick.”

Dem Born Perez Plus Zarah

26. So Judah con agree sey nahin get dem, con tok sey, “She even get clean-heart pass me becos I no gree give  her to my son Shelah.” But he no sleep wit her again.

27. E con happun sey wen she wan born, twins nahin con  dey for inside her belle.

28. As she dey born, one of dem carry hin hand come outside first; so di nurse carry red thread, con tie am  put for di hand, and she tok sey, “Na dis one first come out.”

29. But wen he carry hin hand go back, hin broda con come out, naso she tok sey, “So na like dis you take break out!” And dem name am Perez.

30. Hin broda wey dem tie red rope for hin hand con come outside lata. And dem name am Zerah.


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