Genesis Chapter 39

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Joseph Plus Potiphar Wife

  1. So dem carry Joseph enta Egypt and Potiphar wey be  officer of Pharaoh—captain of di guard wey be Egptian buy am from di hands of di Ishmaelites wey  carry am come there.
  2. So Baba-God dey wit Joseph, and he be man wey dey  prosper, and Joseph dey for di house of hin oga—di Egyptian.
  3. Naso hin oga see sey Baba-God dey wit Joseph, and  Baba-God prospser everitin wey Joseph hand do.
  4. So Joseph see favour for hin oga eyes—and he serve hin oga wey come put am in charge of everitin wey dey for hin house, and everitin wey he get nahin he  put for Joseph hand.
  5. E con happun sey from dat time wey he put am in charge of hin house and in charge of everitin wey he  get—Baba-God con bless di Egyptian house becos of Joseph. Baba-God blessings con dey for everitin wey Potiphar get for hin house and for hin farm.
  6. So he leave everitin we he get for Joseph hand, and he  no even know wetin he get except di food wey he dey  chop. And Joseph na fine guy wey get beta body.
  7. E happun sey afta dis tins, hin oga wife con dey put eyes for Joseph body—sote she con tok sey, “Sleep wit me.”
  8. But he no gree, and he tell hin oga wife sey, “See, wit  me for here, my oga no dey disturb hinsef about anytin for dis house, and he don put me in charge of everitin wey he get.
  9. Na me get pawa pass for dis house, and he no hold  back anytin from me apart from you, becos you be hin wife. How I go do dis kain bad tin, con commit sin  against Baba-God?”
  10. E con happun sey as she dey yarn wit Joseph day by  day, Joseph no gree sleep wit her.
  11. E happun dis time sey Joseph enta house go do hin   business, and none of di men dey for house.
  12. Naso she hold Joseph cloth con tok sey, “Sleep wit  me.” Naso Joseph run leave hin cloth for her.”
  13. Wen she con see sey Joseph don run komot leave hin  cloth for her hand,
  14. She call di men of di house, con tell dem sey, “See, he  don bring Hebrew come awa house to do us anyhow. He come meet me to sleep wit me, I con shout wit loud voice.
  15. And as he hear sey I don dey raise my voice, con dey  cry, he run leave hin cloth.”
  16. Naso she hold Joseph cloth until hin oga come back.
  17. She tell her husband dis yarnings sey, “Di Hebrew servant wey you carry come meet us, come meet me  to do me anyhow.
  18. Wen he see sey I don dey raise my voice, con dey cry, he run komot leave hin cloth.
  19. Wen Joseph oga hear wetin hin wife tok, sey, “Na like  dis your servant do me.” Joseph oga con vex.
  20. So Joseph oga carry am put for inside prison, for where dem dey keep di king prisoners, and he con dey there for prison.
  21. But Baba-God dey wit Joseph, con sorry for am. Baba-God show am favour for di eyes of di prison warder.
  22. And di warder put all di prisoners wey dey for di prison for Joseph hand, and nahin con be di presido  of di prison.
  23. Di warder no con even dey reason anytin wey Joseph dey control for di prison, becos Baba-God dey wit am; and Baba-God prosper anytin wey Joseph dey do.


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