Genesis Chapter 40

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Joseph Explain Di Prisoners Dream

  1. E con happun afta dis tin, sey di supervisor of di palace of di king of Egypt, and hin baker offend dia  oga—di king of Egypt.
  2. So Pharaoh con dey vex for di two of dem, he para for di supervisor of hin palace, and for hin chief baker.
  3. Naso he put dem inside prison wit di captain of di  guard, for di place wey Joseph dey.
  4. Dem stay long for prison so di captain of di guard sey  make Joseph, dey take care of dem.
  5. One night, naso di two of dem dream for inside prison [di supervisor plus di baker of di king of Egypt]—and di two of dia dreams get different meanings.
  6. Joseph come meet dem for morning, he look dem, con  see sey dem no dey happy.
  7. And he ask Pharaoh officers wey dey wit am for di prison of hin oga house, sey, “Why una no dey happy  today?”
  8. Dem con tell am sey, “We don dream and no pesin to tell us di meaning of di dream.” Naso Joseph tell dem sey, “Abi no be Baba-God know di meaning of dreams, tell me abeg.”
  9. So di supervisor tell Joseph hin dream. Naso he tell  am sey, “For my dream, I see one vine tree for my  front.
  10. Di vine tree get three branches, and e be like sey dem con dey grow, and di flower con shoot out, and di tree  produce bunch of ripe grapes.
  11. Pharaoh cup dey for my hand. I con pluck grapes to press put for Pharaoh cup, naso I give Pharaoh di cup for hin hand.”
  12. Joseph con tell am sey, “Na di meaning of your dream be dis; di three branches na three days;
  13. In three days time, Pharaoh go carry your head go up, con put you back for where you bin dey before, and you go serve Pharaoh cup for hin hand as you take dey  serve am before wen you be di supervisor of di palace.
  14. But remember me wen everitin don dey okay wit you, and I dey beg you make you show good-heart to me, and tell Pharaoh about me, to carry me komot from dis place.
  15. Evensef, na kidnap dem kidnap me from di land of di  Hebrews: and I neva do any bad tin for here wey make dem put me for inside prison.
  16. Wen di chief baker see sey di meaning of di dream make-sense, he tell Joseph sey, “Me sef dream, I con  see three white baskets for my head:
  17. For di basket wey dey on top—everi kind of food wey  dem bake dey inside for Pharaoh, but birds con dey chop dem on top of di basket wey dey for my head.”
  18. So Joseph ansa am, “Na dis be di meaning of di  dream: Di three baskets na three day.
  19. Around three days time, Pharaoh go carry your head  up, con hang you for tree. And birds go chop your skin plus your body.”
  20. On di third day wey be Pharaoh birthday, naso he throw party for all hin servants, and for dia front, he  release hin palace supervisor plus di chief baker for  front of di pipo.
  21. Pharaoh put di palace supervisor for hin former  position, and he con dey serve Pharaoh again.
  22. But Pharaoh hang di chief baker, just as Joseph bin  tell dem for di meaning of di dreams.
  23. But di palace supervisor no remember Joseph; he  forget Joseph.


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