Genesis Chapter 41

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      Pharaoh Dream

  1. Afta two years pass, Pharaoh con dream: He  dey stand near river Nile,
  2. Naso seven malu come out from di river, dem nice and dem be ororbor, dem con dey chop grass.
  3. Afta dem, anoda seven malu wey wor-wor and wey thin, con come out from river Nile, and dem stand near di malu wey dey for near di river.
  4. Naso di malu wey wor-wor and wey thin con  chop di seven fine malu wey be ororbor. So Pharaoh wake up.
  5. Sleep catch am again and he dream anoda dream: Seven stick of corn wey strong and good con dey grow for one main-branch.
  6. Afta dem, seven oda sticks of corn grow—dem thin and di breeze of di east wind don dry dem.
  7. Di thin sticks of corn con swallow di seven stick of corn wey strong and good. Naso Pharaoh wake up to see sey na dream he dey dream.
  8. Hin mind con dey disturb am for morning, so he  sey make dem call all hin jazzmen plus di wise men for Egypt. Pharaoh tell dem hin dream but no pesin dey to tell am di meaning of di dream.
  9. Di palace supervisor con yarn Pharaoh sey, “I dey remember my sins today.
  10. E get one time wey Pharaoh bin dey vex for hin servants, and he put me plus di chief baker for prison.
  11. Di two of us con dream di same night, and awa  dream get dia own meaning.
  12. E get one Hebrew guy wey bin dey wit us for there, na servant of di captain of di guard. Naso we gist am awa dreams, and he interprete am for us— con tell di two of us di meaning of awa dreams.
  13. Las-las tins con happun just as he take tell us. I get my position back as your servant, and you hang di oda man.”
  14. So Pharaoh sey make dem call Joseph come from di underground prison, and dem sharply  carry am come. Wen he don shave, con wear beta clothes, he con stand for Pharaoh front.
  15. Naso Pharaoh tell Joseph sey, “I dream one dream and no pesin fit tell me di meaning. But I don hear gist about you sey wen you hear dream you fit tell me di meaning of di dream.
  16. Joseph ansa Pharaoh sey, “I no fit do am, but na Baba-God go give Pharaoh di ansa wey he want.”
  17. Naso Pharaoh tell Joseph sey, “I dream one dream  and I dey stand near river Nile.
  18. Seven malu con come out from di river—dem fine and dem be ororbor, and dem con dey chop  grass.
  19. Afta dem, seven oda malu con come out. Dem wor-wor, and dem thin. I neva ever see dat kain  wor-wor malu for Egypt before.
  20. Di thin wor-wor malu con chop di seven ororbor  malu wey first come out.
  21. But even afta dem chop dem, no pesin fit tok sey dem chop dem; becos dem wor-wor just like before. Naso I con wake up.
  22. “For my dream I still see seven beta fruits wey big—and dem dey grow for one single branch.
  23. Afta dem, seven oda sticks of corn grow—dem dry, dem thin and di east breeze don burn dem.
  24. Naso di thin sticks of corn con swallow di seven beta fruits. I tell my jazzmen, but none of dem fit explain am to me.”
  25. Joseph con tell Pharaoh sey, “Pharaoh dreams mean di same tin. Baba-God don show Pharaoh wetin he wan do.
  26. Di seven beta malu na seven years, and di seven sticks of corn—na seven years sef; na one and di same  dream.
  27. Di seven wor-wor malu wey come out last from di  river na seven years, naso di seven mumu fruits sef be—wey di east breeze don burn: Dem be seven years of hunger.
  28. “Na wetin I just tell Pharaoh: Baba-God don  show Pharaoh wetin he wan do.
  29. Seven years of yanfu-yanfu dey come for di  whole land of Egypt,
  30. But seven years of hunger go come afta dat. Naso  pipo go forget all di yanfu-yanfu wey bin dey for Egypt, and di hunger go spoil di land.
  31. Pipo go forget di yanfu-yanfu wey bin dey for di  land becos di hunger go serious well-well.
  32. Di reason wey make Baba-God give Pharaoh di dream in two ways be sey, Baba-God don seriously decide di mata, and e no go tey before Baba-God  go do am.
  33. “Now make Pharaoh fyne man wey get understanding and wey wise, and put am in  charge of di land of Egypt.
  34. Make Pharoah choose officers wey go dey in charge of di land—to share di harvest of Egypt to five parts, con keep one side—for di seven years  wey yanfu-yanfu dey.
  35. Make dem collect all di food of dis good years wey  dey come, con keep di food for store for di cities—wit di pawa of Pharaoh.
  36. Make dem store dis food as reserve for di kontri, and nahin pipo go chop for di seven years of hunger wey go show for Egypt—so dat di hunger  no go scata di kontri.”

Joseph Con Get Pawa

37. So di plan make-sense to Pharaoh plus all hin servants.

38. Naso Pharaoh ask hin servants sey, “We fit see any pesin like dis man, pesin wey get Baba-God  Spirit?”

39. Pharaoh con tell Joseph sey, “Since Baba-God don show you all dis tins, no pesin get understanding and wisdom like you.

40. Na you go dey in charge of my palace, and you go  dey control all my pipo. Na only di king go get level pass you.”

41. So Pharaoh tell Joseph sey, “I don put you in  charge of di whole land of Egypt.”

42. Naso Pharaoh komot hin ring from hin finger, con wear am put for Joseph finger. He wear am fine linen cloth, con put gold chain round hin neck.

43. Dem use Pharaoh second horse-moto take carry Joseph. Men con dey shout for hin front, “Bow down!” Naso Pharaoh take put am in charge of di  whole of Egypt.

44. Pharaoh con tell Joseph sey, “Na me be Pharaoh, but wit-out your word no pesin go fit move hin hand or leg for Egypt.”

45. So Pharaoh give Joseph di name, Zaphenath- Paneah, con give am Asenath to be hin wife. She be di daughter of Potiphera—priest of On. And Joseph move tru-out di whole of Egypt.

46. Joseph na thirty years wen he start to dey serve  king Pharaoh of Egypt. So Joseph komot from Pharoah front, con travel tru-out Egypt.

47. For di seven years of yanfu-yanfu, di land  produce plenty-plenty tins wey brekete.

48. Joseph collect all di food wey dem produce for those seven years of yanfu-yanfu for Egypt, con keep am for store for di cities of Egypt. He keep food for everi city from di food wey dem plant for farms near di  cities.

Joseph keep plenty food like sand-sand for big-river, e plenty well-well sote he stop to dey count dem becos dem plenty pass wetin  pesin fit count.

50. Before di years of hunger show-face, Joseph wife  Asenath born two pikin for am—she be di daughter of Potiphera, di priest of On.

51. Joseph name hin first born Manasseh, con tok sey, “Na becos Baba-God don make me forget all my wahala and all my papa family.”

52. He name di second son Ephraim, con tok sey, “Na becos Baba-God don make me produce well-well for di land of my suffer-head.”

53. Naso di seven years of yanfu-yanfu con finish  for Egypt,

54. And di seven years of hunger con start, just as  Joseph bin yarn. Hunger sef con dey for di oda lands, but food dey for di whole land of Egypt.

55 . Wen di whole of Egypt start to dey feel di hunger, di pipo con cry to Pharaoh for food. So Pharaoh tell all di Egyptians sey, “Make una go meet Joseph  and do wetin he tell una to do.”

56. Wen di hunger don spread full di whole kontri, Joseph open di stores, con sell food to di Egyptians  becos di hunger plenty well-well for di whole of Egypt,

57. And all di kontris come Egypt to buy food from Joseph, becos di hunger serious well-well for di whole world.


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