Genesis Chapter 42

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Joseph Brodas Go Egypt

  1. Wen Jacob hear sey food dey for Egypt, he tell  hin sons sey, “Why una just dey look unasef?”
  2. He con still tok sey, “I don hear sey food dey for Egypt. Make una go there go buy some for us, so dat we go fit chop and survive.”
  3. So ten of Joseph brodas go Egypt to buy food.
  4. But Jacob no send Benjamin—wey be  Joseph broda to follow di odas, becos he dey fear sey sometin fit happun to am.
  5. So di sons of Israel dey among di pipo wey go  buy food, becos di hunger reach di land of Canaan sef.
  6. Now, na Joseph con be di govnor of di land—wey dey sell food for all hin pipo. Wen Joseph brodas reach Egypt, dem bow down to am wit dia face for ground.
  7. Joseph notice hin brodas as he just see dem, but he pretend to be stranger, con  dey  follow dem tok wit harsh way. He ask dem sey, “Where una come from?” Dem con ansa am, “Na from di land of Canaan—to buy food.”
  8. Even though Joseph notice hin brodas, dem no  even sabi sey na Joseph be dat.
  9. Naso he remember hin dream about dem, con tok sey, “Na enemies send una to come spy! Una don  come look di part of awa land wey we no protect well-well.”
  10. So dem ansa am, “No be so my oga, na food  your servants come buy.
  11. Na di same papa born all of us. Your boys na pipo  wey get truth for mouth, we no come here to spy.”
  12. He con tell dem sey, “Lai-lai, una don come here to check where we no protect well-well for awa land.”
  13. But dem ansa am, “We be twelve brodas, and na one papa born us. He dey live for di land of Canaan. Awa junior broda dey wit awa papa, and one oda one don kpeme.”
  14. Naso Joseph tell dem sey, “I don tell una before  sey una come spy!
  15. And naso I go take test una: As surely as Pharaoh dey live, una no go komot from dis place until una junior broda come here.
  16. Send one of una go carry una broda come; I go put di rest of una inside prison—to test una words if una dey tok true. If na lie una dey tok, den as surely  as Pharaoh dey live—una come to spy!”
  17. And he put all of dem inside prison for three days.
  18. For di third day, Joseph tell dem sey, “Do dis tin and una go live, becos I dey fear Baba-God:
  19. If una be men wey dey tok true, make one of una brodas stay here for prison, and make di  rest of una carry food go meet una family wey dey hungry.
  20. But una must carry una junior broda come meet me—to confam una words and so dat una no go  die.” So dem do wetin Joseph tok.
  21. Naso dem tell demsef sey, “True-true we dey receive punishment becos of awa broda. We see  di fear for hin eyes wen he dey beg us for hin life, but we no gree listen, nahin make dis wahala don come meet  us.”
  22. Reuben con ansa am, “Abi I know warn una make una no do any wrong tin to di boy? But una no gree listen! We must pay for hin blood.”
  23. Dem no sabi sey Joseph fit understand dem, becos Joseph use interpreter take dey follow  dem tok.

Joseph Brodas Go Back To Canaan

24. He turn komot from dem con start to dey cry, but  he turn back con follow dem tok again. He tie Simeon for dia front, con carry am komot from dem.

25. Joseph give orders sey make dem full dia bags  wit food, and make dem put dia moni back inside dia bags, and to give dem wetin dem go need for di road. Afta he do all dis tins for dem,

26. Dem load dia food for dia donkeys and dem komot.

27. For di place wey dem stop for night, one of dem open hin bag to get food for hin donkey, naso he see hin moni for di mouth of di sack.

28. So he tell hin brodas sey, “Dem give me back my moni (silver), see am for my sack.” Dia heart shock and dem fear, con tell demsef, sey, “Wetin be dis wey Baba-God don do for us?”

29. Wen dem come meet dia papa Jacob for di land of Canaan, dem tell am everitin wey happun to dem. Dem tok sey, “

30. “Di man wey be di govnor of di land follow us tok  wit harsh way, con tok sey we come to spy di land.

31. But we tell am sey, ‘We be men wey dey tok true; we no come here to spy.

32. We be twelve brodas, na one papa born us. One of us don die, and awa junior broda dey wit awa papa for Canaan.’

33. “Naso di man  wey be di  govnor of di  whole land  tell us sey, ‘Naso I go take sabi sey una dey tok true: Leave one of una brodas here wit me, and make una carry food go meet una family wey dey hungry.

34. But make una carry una last born come meet me, so dat I go know sey una no come here to spy, but  una be men wey get pure-heart. Den I go give una  back una broda, and una fit buy and sell, con do business for di land.’ ”

35. As dem dey empty dia sack, all of dem con see  bundle of moni! Wen dem and dia papa see di bundles of moni, fear catch dem.

36. Dia papa Jacob con tell dem sey, “Una don make me no see my pikin. Joseph no dey again, Simeon  sef no dey again, and now una wan take Benjamin. Everitin dey against me!”

37. Naso Reuben tell hin papa sey, “You fit kill two of my sons if I no carry am come back to meet you. Put me in charge of am, and I go carry am come back.”

38. But Jacob tok sey, “My pikin no go follow you go there. Hin broda don die, and na only am remain. If  anytin bad happun to am as una dey go there, you go make my old head enta grave wit sadness.”


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