Genesis Chapter 43

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Di Second Journey to Egypt Wit Benjamin

  1. Now di hunger still serious for di land.
  2. So wen dem don chop all dia food wey dem carry come back from Egypt, dia papa tell dem  sey, “Make una go back to buy more food.”
  3. But Judah tell am sey, “Di man warn us seriously , sey,‘Una no go see my face again unless una carry una junior broda come.’
  4. If you go allow us carry awa junior broda follow-body, we go go buy some food for you.
  5. But if you no gree send am wit us, we no go fit go, becos di man tell us sey, ‘Una no go see my face again unless una broda dey wit una.’ ”
  6. So Israel ask, “Why una carry dis kain wahala  come meet me by telling di man sey una get anoda broda?”
  7. Naso dem ansa am, “Di man ask us plenty question about awasef plus awa family. ‘Una papa  still dey alive?’ he ask us sey, ‘Una get anod broda?’ We just ansa hin questions. How we suppose know sey he go tell us sey, ‘Carry una junior broda come here’?”
  8. Naso Judah tell Israel hin papa sey, “Send di boy  follow me, and we go go sharp-sharp, so dat we and you, plus awa pikin go live, and survive.
  9. Me mysef go make sure sey awa junior broda  dey okay. You fit hold me if anytin happun to am. If I no carry am come back to meet you, con put am for your front, I go take di blame from you all my life.
  10. As e be so, if to sey we no delay, we for don go,  con come back two times.”
  11. So dia papa Israel con tell dem sey, “If na so e must  be, den do dis tin: Put some of di best tins of di land for una bag, con carry am go give di man as gift—small perfume, small honey, some spices plus myrrh, some pistachio nuts plus almonds.
  12. Carry double di amount of silver follow-body, becos una must return di moni wey dem put back for una bags. Becos e fit be sey na mistake.
  13. Carry your junior broda sef, and go back to meet di man sharp-sharp.
  14. And make Baba-God Almighty sorry for una so dat he go allow una oda broda Benjamin—follow  una come back. As for me, if I must lose my pikin—wetin go be go be.”
  15. So di men carry di gifts plus double di amount of moni, plus Benjamin sef. Dem rush go Egypt and dem meet Joseph.
  16. Wen Joseph see Benjamin wit dem, he tell hin servant sey, “Carry dis men go my house, kill meat  for dem and make evening-food; dem go follow me   chop for afta-noon.”
  17. Di man do wetin Joseph tell am, con carry di men  go Joseph house.
  18. Naso di men con dey fear wen di man carry dem  go Joseph house. Dem tink sey, “Dem carry us come here becos of di moni wey dem put back for inside awa bag di first time. He wan attack us, over-pawa us, con take us as slaves, and collect awa donkeys.”
  19. So dem go meet Joseph servant, con follow am tok for front of di house.
  20. Dem tok sey, “Abeg, oga, we come here con buy  food before.
  21. But for di place wey we stop for night, we open awa sacks and we see moni—di correct moni—for inside awa bag. So we carry am come back wit us.
  22. We carry more moni sef follow-body to buy food. We no know who put awa moni back inside awa bags.”
  23. He con tok sey, “Everitin dey okay. No let fear catch una. Una God, di God of una papa nahin  put beta-beta-tins for inside una bag; I receive  una moni.” Naso he carry Simeon come out to  meet dem.
  24. Di servant carry di men enta Joseph house, he give dem water to wash dia legs, con give dia donkeys food.
  25. Dem arrange dia gifts for Joseph—to give am wen  he come back for afta-noon, becos dem don hear sey dem suppose chop for there.
  26. Wen Joseph reach house, dem give am di gifts wey dem carry enta di house, and dem bow down for hin front for ground.
  27. He ask dem howfar, con tok sey, “How una papa  wey don old, wey una tell me about? He still dey  alive?”
  28. Dem ansa am, “Your servant, awa papa still dey alive and he dey alright.” And dem bow down to show respect.
  29. As he look round con see hin broda Benjamin, hin  own mama pikin, he con ask, “Na una lastborn be dis, di one wey una tell me about?” and he con tok sey, “Make Baba-God grace dey wit you my pikin.”
  30. Hin mind move am well-well as he see hin broda—so he rush go one corner con dey cry. He enta inside hin own room, con dey cry for there.
  31. Afta he don wash hin face, he come outside con dey control hinsef. He tok sey, “Make una serve di food.”
  32. Dem serve am for one place and hin broda for anoda place, and dem serve di Egyptian wey dey  chop wit dem for anoda place, becos Egyptians no fit follow Hebrew pipo chop—na tufiakwa for di Egyptians.
  33. Di men sidon for in front based-on dia age, from di firstborn to di lastborn, naso dem con  dey look demsef wit surprise.
  34. Wen dem serve dia portion from Joseph table, Benjamin portion na five times of di oda pipo. So  dem chop and drink wit am wit open-mind.


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