Genesis Chapter24

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Isaac Mary Rebekah

  1. Abraham con old, and he live for plenty-plenty years, naso  Baba-God bless Abraham for everitin.
  2. So Abraham tell hin senior servant of hin house, wey  dey control everitin wey he get, “Put your hand under  my lap, con swear to me.
  3. And I wan make you swear wit Baba-God of heaven, and di God of di earth, sey you no go marry wife for any of my sons, from di land of Canaan wey I dey stay  so.
  4. But you go go my kontri, and inside my family-pipo, to marry wife for my pikin Isaac.
  5. Di servant con tell am sey, “What if di woman no gree  follow me come dis land, abi I go con carry your son go back to di land wey you come from?”
  6. Naso Abraham tell am sey, “Make sure sey you no  carry my pikin go back to dat land.
  7. Oga God of heaven wey carry  me  komot  from  my papa house and from my family-pipo, and wey follow  me tok, and wey swear to me sey, ‘I go give your pikin dis land’—he go send hin angel go for your front, and you go bring wife for my son from there.
  8. And if di woman no like to follow you, den you go dey  free from my oath, but no carry my son go back there.
  9. So di servant put hin hand under hin oga Abraham lap, con swear to am about di mata.
  10. And di servant carry ten camels from hin oga camels, con move; becos all hin oga properties dey  for hin hand. And he stand up con dey go Mesopotamia—for di city of Nahor.
  11. He con make hin camel kneel down for outside di city for near one well for evening time wen di women dey  come out to fetch water.
  12. He con tok sey, “Oh Baba-God of my oga Abraham, I  dey pray to you to send me good speed today, and show kindness to my oga Abraham.
  13. See as I dey stand here, near dis well, as di daughters of di men of di city dey come out to fetch water.
  14. And make e happun sey di babe wey I go follow tok sey, ‘Abeg put your container down, make I drink,’ and  she go con tok sey, ‘Drink, and I go give your camel to drink sef: make di same girl be di pesin wey you don choose for you servant Isaac. Naso I go take know sey  you don show good-heart to my oga.”
  15. And e happun sey, before he tok finish—Rebekah just show-face! She be Bethuel pikin—wey be di son of Milcah—di wife of Nahor (Abraham broda). Naso she show-face wit her container for her shoulder.
  16. Di babe fine well-well for eyes—no be small, and she con be virgin, no man don sleep wit her before. She waka go di well, she full her container, con face up.
  17. Naso Abraham servant run go meet her con tok sey, “Abeg make I drink water from your container.”
  18. She con tok sey, “Drink my oga.” Naso she do sharp-sharp carry her container put for her hand, con give di  servant to drink.”
  19. And wen she don give am drink finish, she tok sey, “I  go fetch water for your camels sef, until dem drink finish.”
  20. Naso she sharp-sharp pour her water put for di animals to drink, con rush go di well to fetch more water, until all di animals don drink.
  21. And Abraham servant just cool down dey wonder about di girl—if Baba-God don make hin waka successful or not.
  22. E con happun sey as di camels drink finish, di man  carry one golden earring wey weigh about half shekel*, plus two bangles for her hands—wey weigh  0.114 kg of gold [ten shekels*].
  23. He con ask her, “Which pesin pikin you be? Tell me, abeg! Any free room dey for your papa house wey we fit stay?”
  24. Naso she con tell am sey, “I be di daughter of Bethuel, di son of Milcah wey she born for Nahor.
  25. She con still tok sey, “We get plenty animal food, plus  room for you to stay.”
  26. Naso di man just bow down hin head, con dey  worship Baba-God.
  27. He tok sey, “Praise Baba-God, di God of my oga Abraham, wey neva stop o dey sorry-for  my oga, or stop to dey show am hin truth. As for me, Baba-God don carry me waka come my oga family-pipo house.”
  28. Naso di fine-girl run, con go gist her mama house  wetin dey sup.
  29. And Rebekah get broda wey hin name na Laban: naso Laban run go meet di man for di well.
  30. E con happun sey as he see di earring plus di bangles  for hin sista hands, and wen he hear di words of hin sista Rebekah sey, “Di man tell me dis tin.” He go out, con see di man dey stand near di camels around di well.”
  31. Naso Leban tok sey, “Come inside, you wey Baba-God don bless. Why you dey outside? I don arrange di house and place for your camels.”
  32. So di man go di house, and dem carry di load come down from di camel. Naso dem carry food come give  di camels, and dem give him and hin men water to wash dia leg.
  33. Naso dem put meat for plate for am to chop: but he  con tok sey, “I no go chop until I don deliver my message. Laban con tok sey, “Tok, I dey hear you.”
  34. So he tok sey, “I be Abraham servant.
  35. Baba-God don bless my oga well-well, and he don  turn to big man: and Baba-God give am plenty malu, plus sheep and goats, and silver plus gold, house-boys and house-girls, plus camels and donkeys.
  36. Sarah wey be my oga wife born baby-boy for am wen  she don old, and Abraham give am everitin wey he get.
  37. And my oga swear sey, ‘No give my son wife from di  daughters of Canaan, for di land wey I dey stay,
  38. but make you go my papa house, and my family-pipo—to choose wife for my son.’
  39. I con tell my oga sey, ‘Di woman fit no like to follow  me.’
  40. So he yarn me sey, ‘Baba-God wey I don follow, go send hin angel follow you, he go bless your way, and you go carry wife for my pikin, from my family-pipo, and from my papa house:
  41. Naso you go dey free from my oath. If you meet my family-pipo and dem no gree give you woman, you go  dey free from my oath.
  42. So today, as I come di well, con tok sey, ‘Oh Baba-God of my oga Abraham, if you true-true don bless my  way now,
  43. I dey stand here near dis well, make e happun sey  wen one virgin come here to fetch water, and I beg  her sey make she give me small water from her container make I drink;
  44. And she con tell me sey make I drink and sey she go  fetch for my camels—make she be di same woman  wey Baba-God don choose for my oga pikin.
  45. And before I tok finish for inside my heart, naso Rebekah just show wit her container for her shoulder, and she waka go di well, con fetch her water: and I tell her sey, ‘Make I drink water abeg,’
  46. She do fast-fast, she carry her container from her shoulder, con tok sey, “Drink, and I go give your camels  sef to drink.” So I drink, and she give my camels drink  sef.
  47. And I ask her sey, ‘Which pesin pikin you be?’ She con tok sey, ‘Di daughter of Bethuel—Nahor son, wey Milcah born for am. So I put earring for her face and bangles for her hands.
  48. I con bow down my head to worship Baba-God, con bless di God of my oga Abraham wey don lead me for  di correct way to carry my oga broda daughter for hin son.
  49. And now if you go show my oga kind-heart and good-heart—tell me, and if not—tell me sef, so dat I go go right or left.”
  50. So Laban and Bethuel ansa am sey, “Dis tin na from  Baba-God, we no fit follow you tok bad or good.
  51. See, na Rebekah dey for your front so, carry her make  you dey go, and make she be your oga pikin wife—as Baba-God don tok am so.
  52. And e happun sey wen Abraham servant hear wetin dem tok, he con dey worship Baba-God as he bow face  ground.
  53. So di servant bring out silver plus gold jewelry, and clothes, he con dash Rebekah. He still  dash beta gifts to her broda and mama.
  54. Naso dem chop and drink, him and di men wey dey wit am, and dem dey tru-out di night. Dem stand up for morning, and he tok sey, “Make una send me put for road back to my oga.”
  55. And her broda plus her mama con tok sey, ‘Make di girl stay wit us small, for at least ten days, afta dat she  fit dey go.”
  56. He con tell dem sey, “Make una no slow me down, as una see sey Baba-God don make my way successful, make una send me komot so dat I fit go meet my oga.”
  57. Dem con tok sey, “We go call di girl so dat we go ask  her.”
  58. So dem call Rebekah, con tell her sey, “You go follow dis man dey go?” And she ansa dem sey, “Yes I go go.”
  59. Dem con tell Rebekah dia sista sey she fit dey go, wit  her maid, and Abraham servants plus hin men.
  60. So dem bless Rebekah, con tell her sey, “You be awa sista, we wan make you be di mama of thousands plus  millions, and make your pikin take over di gates of pipo wey hate dem.”
  61. Naso Rebekah stand up, wit her girls, and dem ride  camels, con follow di man. So di servant carry Rebekah, con dey go hin way.
  62. Isaac just come back from Beer-lahai-roi, becos he dey  stay for di kontri wey dey for south.
  63. Isaac komot go meditate for di field for evening. He carry hin eyes go up con see camels wey dey come.
  64. And Rebekah raise her eyes go up, she see Isaac, con  come down from her camel.
  65. Naso she ask di servant sey, “Which man be dis wey dey waka from di field to meet us?” and di servant tok sey, “Na my oga.” So she carry cloth take cover hersef.
  66. And di servant gist Isaac everitin wey he don do.
  67. Naso Isaac carry her go hin mama Sarah house, and  he take Rebekah as hin wife. And he love her. Naso  Isaac take get comfort afta hin mama kpeme.


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