Genesis Chapter 37

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Joseph Dream

  1. Naso Jacob stay for di land wey hin papa be jjc (foreigner), for di land of Canaan.
  2. Na dis be di generations of Jacob. Joseph wey be seventeen year old dey take care of sheep plus goats  wit hin brodas; and di boy dey wit di sons of Bilhah, and wit di sons of Zilpah—wey be hin papa wives. Joseph dey always tell hin papa all di bad tins wey  dem dey do.
  3. Now Israel love Joseph pass all hin pikins, becos na pikin wey he born wen he don old; so he make cloth  for am wey get plenty colours.
  4. Wen hin brodas see sey dia papa love am pass all hin  pikin, dem con dey hate am, and dem no gree follow am tok wit jeje.
  5. So Joseph dream one dream and he tell hin brodas. Dem con hate am more-more.
  6. So he tell dem sey, “Abeg make una listen to dis dream wey I dream.
  7. See, we dey tie bundles of wetin we harvest for farm, and my bundle stand up, con stand straight—naso una bundles stand round, con dey bow down to di bundles wey I gada.
  8. Hin brodas con tell am sey, “So you go true-true rule us?” Abi you go true-true control us?” So dem hate am  more-more becos of hin dream and wetin he tell dem.
  9. Naso he dream anoda dream, he con tell hin brodas. He tok sey, “I don dream anoda dream, and dis time, di sun plus di moon and eleven stars dey bow to me.”
  10. So he tell hin papa and hin brodas; and hin papa change-am-for am, con tell am sey, “Which kain dream you con dey dream so? Abi me and your mama  plus your brodas go true-true bow down for ground for you?”
  11. Hin brodas con dey jealous am, but hin papa con dey  reason wetin he tok.

Joseph Turn To Slave

12. Naso Joseph brodas go feed dia papa animals for  Shechem.

13. Israel con tell Joseph sey, “Your brodas dey feed di  animals for Shechem abi? Come, I go send you go meet dem.” Joseph con tok sey, “Na me be dis.”

14. Israel tok sey, “Abeg go see whether everitin dey alright wit your brodas and di sheep, and make you

come tell me.” So he send Joseph komot go bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Hebron—and Joseph reach Shechem.

15. One man see am as he dey waka upandan for di area, so di man ask am sey, “Wetin you dey fyne?”

16. Joseph con ansa am, “I dey fyne my brodas, abeg tell me for where dem dey feed dia animals.”

17. Di man con tok sey, “Dem don waka komot from here. I hear dem dey tok sey dem wan go Dothan.” So Jospeh waka go fyne hin brodas, con see dem for Dothan.

18. Dem see am from far, but before he reach where dem  dey, dem con plan codedly to kill am.

19. So dem tell demsef sey, make una see, dis boy wey dey dream anyhow—dey come.

20. Make una come now, make we kill am, con throway am for inside pit. We go tok sey na one wicked animal nahin attack am, and we go see wetin go happun to hin dreams.

21. Reuben hear wetin dem yarn, so he save Joseph from dia hands and he tok sey, “Make we no kill am.”

22. Reuben con tell dem sey, “No shed blood, but throway am inside dis hole wey dey for dis empty land, and make una no touch am,” so dat he go save  am from dia hand, con carry Joseph back to dia papa.

23. E con happun sey as Joseph reach where hin brodas dey, dem tear hin cloth komot from hin body, hin cloth wey get plenty colors wey he wear.

24. So dem carry am, con throway am for inside hole. Di  hole empty and water no dey for inside.

25. Naso dem sidon dey chop, and as dem look up, dem  see some pipo of Ishmael dey come from Gilead—wit dia camels wey dem load wit spices, perfume, plus myrrh—wey dem dey carry go Egypt.

26. Judah con tell hin brodas sey, “Wetin we go gain if we  kill awa broda, con hide hin blood?

27. Come make we sell am to di pipo of Ishmael, and make we no touch am becos na awa broda plus awa flesh.” Hin brodas con dey okay wit hin yarnings.

28. So wen di pipo of Ishmael, wey be market-pipo of Median, con pass near dem, dem carry Joseph komot from di hole, con sell Joseph for di pipo of Ishmael, for twenty silver coins. Naso dem carry Joseph enta Egypt.

29. Reuben go back to di hole; he look, but he no see  Joseph for there; so he tear hin cloth.

30. He go back to meet hin brodas, con tell dem sey, “Di  boy no dey for there, and where I go con go?”

Jacob Cry For Joseph

30. So dem carry Joseph cloth, dem kill one small goat, con rub hin cloth wit di blood.

31. Dem con carry di cloth wey get plenty colors go meet  dia papa, con tok sey, “See wetin we see, and we no know if na your pikin cloth or not.

32. But he see am, con tok sey, “Na my pikin cloth, evil animal don chop am. True-true, Joseph don cut  to pieces.”

33. Jacob tear hin cloth con wear sackcloth, and he cry  for hin son for plenty days.

34. So all hin sons plus hin daughters con dey cool am down, but he no gree calm down. He tok sey, “I go  enta inside grave still dey cry for my pikin.” And he  kontinu to cry for hin pikin Joseph.

35. o di pipo of Midian sell Jospeh to Potiphar for Egypt—wey be Pharaoh officer wey be di captain of di guards.


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