Exodus Chapter 10

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  1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Go meet Pharaoh, I don make hin heart stubborn, plus di hearts of hin servants, so dat I go show dis my miracles for hin face.
  2. So dat you go tell your pikin, and your pikin-pikin di tins wey I do for Egypt, and di miracles wey I do among dem, so dat you go know how I take be Baba-God.”
  3. So Moses plus Aaron go meet Pharaoh, con tell am sey, “Naso Baba-God of di Hebrews tok, ‘How long wey you no wan gree sempe for Baba-God? Let my pipo dey go so dat dem fit serve me.
  4. See, if you no gree let my pipo go, tomorrow, I go bring locust come your area.
  5. And dem go cover di whole face of di earth—sote no pesin go fit see sand-sand for ground, and dem go chop di remaining tins wey escape and wey remain from di ice-stone, and dem go chop everi tree wey dey grow for una farm;
  6. Dem go full all your house, and all di house of your servants plus all di house of di Egyptians—and even una papa and una papa-papa neva see dis kain tin before since di days wen dem dey dis earth reach today.” He con turn komot from Pharaoh.
  7. Naso Pharaoh servants tell am sey, “How long dis man go be trap for us? Allow di pipo komot so dat dem fit serve Baba-God dia Oga. Abi you no know sey Egypt don dey scata?”
  8. Naso dem carry Moses plus Aaron come meet Pharaoh again, and Pharaoh tell dem sey, “Make una dey go serve Baba-God wey be una Oga, but who be di pipo wey go go?”
  9. So Moses tok sey, “We go komot wit both awa small and old pipo, wit awa sons plus daughters, wit awa animals, and all awa malu, and sheep, plus goats, go follow—becos we must go worship Baba-God.”
  10. Pharaoh con tell dem sey, “I swear wit Baba-God sey I no go ever let una carry una small pikin komot [becos una no go come back]! See, you dey plan bad tin for your mind.
  11. Lai-lai, only di men fit komot go worship Baba-God if na wetin you want be dat.” Naso dem pursue Moses and Aaron komot from di king front.
  12. So Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Stretch your hand for di land of Egypt for di locusts, so dat dem go cover di land of Egypt, con chop everi plant wey dey for di land, even everitin wey di ice-stones no scata finish.”
  13. So Moses stretch hin walking-stick for di land of Egypt, and Baba-God bring breeze from di east for di land, all dat day and all dat night, and wen morning reach, di breeze from east carry locust come.
  14. Naso di locust spread for all di land of Egypt, dem wicked well-well, before dem show-face, locust neva dey like dis before, even afta dem—dis kain locust no go dey.
  15. Becos dem cover di whole sand-sand for ground, sote di land con dark, and dem chop everi plant for di land, plus everi fruit for trees wey di ice-stones no scata finish, sote no green tin remain for all di trees, or di plants for di farm—for all di whole land of Egypt.
  16. Naso Pharaoh call Moses plus Aaron sharp-sharp, he con tok sey, “I don commit sin against Baba-God wey be una Oga, and against una.
  17. Abeg make una forgive me now only dis once, and beg Baba-God wey be una Oga so dat he go carry only dis death komot from me.”
  18. So Moses komot from Pharaoh, con beg Baba-God.
  19. And Baba-God change di breeze to strong west breeze, wey carry di locusts komot, con blow dem for inside Red sea. And one single locust no remain for di territory of Egypt.
  20. But Baba-God make Pharaoh heart stubborn, sote he no gree let di pipo of Israel komot.

Three Days of Darkness

21. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Stretch your hand face heaven so dat darkness go dey for di full land of Egypt—even di kain darkness wey dem go feel.”

22. So Moses stretch hin hand face heaven, and thick darkness con dey for all di land of Egypt for three days.

23. Dem no fit see demsef, and no pesin fit komot from hin house for three days, but all di pikins of Israel get light for dia house.

24. So Pharaoh call Moses, con tell am sey, “Make una dey go serve Baba-God, but make una malu, una sheep plus goats no go; una fit carry una small pikin wit unasef.

25. But Moses tok sey, “You must give us awa animals for sacrifice plus burnt offering to give Baba-God awa Oga.

26. All awa malu sef must follow us, we no go leave any single one, becos we must use some of dem to serve Baba-God awa Oga, and we no know di animal wey we go sacrifice to Baba-God until we reach there.

27. But Baba-God make Pharaoh heart stubborn, and he no gree let dem komot.

28. Naso Pharaoh tell am sey, “Komot from my side, watch yoursef, no come see my face again, becos you go die di day wey you go see my face.”

29. So Moses tok sey, “You don tok well, I no go come see your face again.”


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