Exodus Chapter 11

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All Firstborn Must Kpeme

  1. Baba-God tell Moses sey, “I go still bring one disease for Pharaoh, and for Egypt; and afta dat, he go allow una komot. Evensef, he go pursue all of una komot from here.
  2. Now tell di pipo, and make everi man and woman borrow jewelries from hin neighbour, silver plus gold.”
  3. So Baba-God give di pipo favour for di Egyptians eyes. Evensef, Moses con be great man for di land of Egypt, and for Pharaoh servants eyes, and for di eyes of di pipo.
  4. So Moses tok sey, “Naso Baba-God tok, ‘For mid-night nahin I go enta inside Egypt,
  5. And all di firstborn for di land of Egypt go kpeme. From di firstborn of Pharaoh wey dey sidon for king-chair—reach di pikin of di slave woman wey dey use grinding stone—plus all di firstborn of animals.
  6. Serious cry go dey for all di land of Egypt—sote cry like dis neva dey before, and anytin like dat no go dey again.
  7. But even dog no go fit move hin tongue against any pikin of Israel—man or animals—so dat una go know sey Baba-God don separate di pipo of Israel from di Egyptians.
  8. And wit dis tin, your servants go come meet me, and dem go bow down demsef to me, con tok sey, ‘Make una dey komot, and make all di pipo follow you,’ and afta dat I go komot.” Naso Moses use vex take waka komot from Pharaoh.
  9. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Pharaoh no go gree listen to you, so dat my wonders go burku inside di land of Egypt.”
  10. Moses plus Aaron do all di wonders for front of Pharaoh, and Baba-God make Pharaoh heart stubborn—sote he no gree let di pikin of Israel komot from hin hand.


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