Exodus Chapter 12

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  1. Baba-God con tok to Moses and Aaron for di land of Egypt sey,
  2. “Dis month nahin go be di starting of di months for una, e go be di first month of di year for una.
  3. Tell all di pipo of Israel wey gada sey, ‘For di tenth day of dis month, make everi man carry one lamb, based-on di house of dia papa—one lamb for one house.
  4. And if di house too small to get lamb, make dem and dia neighbour wey dey around dem get lamb based-on di numba of pipo; dem go count everi man based-on how dem go take chop—from di lamb.
  5. You fit choose lamb or goat wey no get comma, but e must be one year old male.
  6. And una go keep am until di fourteenth day of di same month. And all di pipo of Israel wey gada go kill am for evening.
  7. Make dem carry di blood take rub for di two corners of di doorframe and on top of di frame of di house where dem go chop di animals.
  8. Make dem chop di meat dat night, dem go roast am wit fit faya, con chop am wit bread wey no get yeast, and wit bitter herbs.
  9. No chop am raw or boiled, but roast am wit faya, con chop am—even di head, di legs, plus di inside part of di body.
  10. And make una no let anytin remain reach morning, and anytin wey remain from di meat for morning, make una burn am wit faya.
  11. Make una chop am like dis: Baffup well, wit belt for your waist, and sandals for your leg, and your walking-stick [staff] for your hand. Naso you go chop am fast-fast, becos dis na di Passover of Baba-God.
  12. Becos I go pass tru di land of Egypt dis night, and I go kill all di firstborn for di land of Egypt, both man plus animals. And I go judge against all di gods of Egypt. Na me be Oga.
  13. Di blood for di doormot nahin go be di sign to mark di houses where una dey stay. Wen I see di blood, I go pass komot from una, and di disease no go catch una, con wound una wen I dey punish di land of Egypt.
  14. Una must celebrate dis day as Festival to remember una. Make una celebrate am for Baba-God from generation to generation. Una go celebrate di festival as everlasting law.”

Di Festival of Bread Wit-no-yeast

15. “For seven days, una must no chop any bread wey dem make wit yeast—chop only bread wey dem no make wit yeast. On di first day, make una komot all di yeast wey dey for una house, becos for dat seven days, if any pesin chop bread wey get yeast—I no go reason dat pesin as one of my pipo.

16. On di first day and on di seventh day sef, una must meet for worship. Make no pesin work on those days, but una fit make una food.

17. Make una celebrate dis Festival of Bread wit-no yeast, to make una remember sey na on dis day I carry una tribes komot from Egypt. So una must celebrate dis festival from generation to generation.

18. From di evening of di fourteenth day of di first month, to di evening of di twenty-first day, una must no chop any bread wey dem make wit yeast.

19. Yeast must no dey for inside una house for seven days, becos if any pikin of Israel or foreigner chop bread wey dem make wit yeast, I no go reason dat pesin as part of my pipo again.

20. Make una no chop anytin wey dem make wit yeast. Una must chop bread wey no get yeast—any where una dey stay.

21. So Moses call all di senior-men of Israel, con tell dem sey, “Carry lamb based-on una families, to kill for di Passover.

22. And una go carry bunch of hyssop, con shuuk am inside di blood wey dey for di basin, con rub am for di two sides of di frame of di door—even on top di frame, wit di blood wey dey for inside di basin; and make none of una komot from una door until morning reach.

23. Baba-God go pass tru to kill di Egyptians, and wen he see di blood for di two sides of di frame—and on top of di frame, Baba-God go pass over di door and he no go let di killer enta inside una house to kill una.

24. Una and una pikin must obey dis law forever.

25. And e go happun sey wen una enta di land  wey Baba-God don give una, based-on hin promise—una must do dis ceremony.

26. And e go happun sey wen una pikin go ask una sey, “Wetin dis ceremony mean?”

27. Den una go tok sey, “Na di sacrifice of Baba-God Passover, wey pass over all di house of di pikins of Israel for inside Egypt, wen he kill di Egyptians, but he save all awa house. Naso di pipo bow dia head, con dey worship.

28. So di pipo of Israel komot, con do wetin Baba-God don tell Moses and Aaron to do.

       Di Firstborn Kpeme\

29. And e happun sey for midnight, Baba-God kill all di firstborn for di land of Egypt, from di firstborn of Pharaoh wey sidon for hin king-chair, and even to di firstborn of di prisoners wey dey inside underground prison, and to all di firstborn of dia animals.

30. So Pharaoh stand up for night wit all hin servants, plus all di Egyptians, dem cry well-well for inside Egypt becos e no get one house wey one pesin no kpeme.

31. So Pharaoh call Moses plus Aaron for night, con tell dem sey, “Stand up, and make una dey komot from my pipo, both una and all di pikin of Israel, and make una go serve Baba-God as una don tok.

32. Make una carry una malu, sheep, and goats—just as una don tok, and make una dey go, and bless me sef.

33. Di Egyptians sey make dem do fast-fast, so dat dem go pursue dem komot from di land sharp-sharp. Dem tok sey, “All of us go be dead men.”

34. So di pipo carry di flour wey dem don mix, before dem add yeast, dem use cloth take wrap di bowl wey dem take dey mix di flour, con carry am for dia shoulders.

35. And di pikin of Israel do wetin Moses tell dem to do. Dem borrow silver plus gold from di Egyptians—and even clothes.

36. Baba-God give di pipo favour for di Egyptians eyes, sote dem borrow dem di tins wey dem ask for. And dem obtain di Egyptians.

Israel Komot From Egypt

37. So di pipo of Israel travel from Rameses go Succoth, about six hundred thousand pipo dey waka wit leg, apart from small pikin.

38. Plenty oda pipo, plus plenty animals: sheep, and goats, plus plenty malu—follow demsef.

39. Dem bake bread wit no yeast from di flour wey dem don mix and wey dem carry from Egypt; dem no use yeast becos di Egyptians pursue dem komot and dem no get time to wait or prepare food for demsef.

40. Now di waka of di pikin of Israel wey stay for di land of Egypt na four hundred and thirty years.

41. E con happun sey afta di four hundred and thirty years—even dat same day wey he happun, all di pipo wey belong to Baba-God komot from Egypt.

42. On dis night, Baba-God keep hin promise to carry di pipo of Israel komot from Egypt. So dis night belong to Baba-God forever as di night wen di pipo of Israel must do vigil. Dem must remember dis night everi year, make dem celebrate from generation to generation.

Di Law Of Di Passover

43. Baba-God con tell Moses plus Aaron sey, “Na dis be di laws of di Passover: make no stranger chop from am.

44. Any slave wey una buy fit chop from am afta una don circumcise am.

45. But foreigner and worker wey una employ must no chop from am.

46. Una must chop am inside one house: make una no carry any of di meat go outside di house. And make una no break any of di animal bones.

47. All di pipo for Israel must celebrate di Passover.

48. And wen stranger stay wit una and he wan keep di Passover of Baba-God, make all di men for hin house circumcise, and make he come near, con keep am, and he go be like pesin wey dem born for di land, make no pesin wey no circumcise chop from am.

49. Na one law go be for di pipo wey dem born for di land, and for foreigners wey come stay wit una.

50. Naso all di pikins of Israel do, dem do wetin Baba-God tell Moses and Aaron to do.

51. E con happun sey di same day nahin Baba-God carry di families of Israel komot from di land of Egypt like army.


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