Exodus Chapter 13

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To Give Di Firsborn To Baba-God

  1. Baba-God con tok to Moses sey,
  2. “Give all di firstborns to me, any pikin wey first come out from among di pikin of Israel—both human being, plus animals, na me get dem.”

Festival Of Bread Wit No Yeast

3. So Moses tell di pipo sey, “Remember dis day wen una komot from Egypt, wen una komot from di house where una dey serve as slave, becos na wit strong hand Baba-God take carry una komot from dis place. Make una no chop any bread wey dem make wit yeast.

4. Na dis day una komot, for di month of Abib.

5. And e go be sey, wen Baba-God go carry una enta di land of Canaan, and di Hittites, plus di Amorites, di Hivites, plus di Jebusites wey he swear to una papa-papa-papa, to give una, land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey—una must do dis ceremony for dis month:

6. Chop bread wey una no make wit yeast for seven days, and do festival for Baba-God on di seventh day.

7. Chop bread wey una no make wit yeast for dis seven days, notin wey get yeast must dey among una, and make yeast no dey around una area.

8. Naso una go show una pikin on dis day—sey, “I dey celebrate wetin Baba-God do for me wen I komot from Egypt.”

9. And e go be as sign for una, for una hand and for una forehead, to remember una sey Baba-God law suppose dey for una lips, becos na wit strong hand Baba-God take carry una komot from Egypt.

10. Celebrate dis festival for di correct time everi year.

Di Law Of Firstborn

11. And naso e go be wen Baba-God carry una enta di land of di Canaanites—as he swear to una and una papa-papa-papa, and he go give am to una,

12. una must give everi firstborn wey be man to Baba-God. All di firstborn wey be male among una animals belong to Baba-God.

13. Una fit buy back di firstborn of una donkeys—by giving am lamb to replace una firstborn of donkeys. If una no wan buy di donkey back, break e neck. You must buy back everi firstborn son.

14. And e go happun sey wen una son ask una for future—sey, ‘Wetin be dis?’ and una go tell am sey, ‘Na wit strong hand Baba-God take carry us komot from Egypt, from di place where we be slaves.’

15. And e happun sey wen Pharaoh no wan gree let us go, Baba-God kill all di firstborn for di land of Egypt—both firstborn of man and animals. Nahin make I dey sacrifice everi firstborn pikin of my animals—to Baba-God, but I dey buy back all di firstborn sons.

16. Dis ceremony wey we dey do go be sign wey go make us remember; for una hand or for una forehead; e go let us remember sey Baba-God use hin strong hands take carry us komot from Egypt.’ ”

Baba-God Lead Dem

17. E con happun sey wen Pharaoh don let dem komot, Baba-God no carry dem pass tru di land of di Philistine, even though that side near, Baba-God tok sey, “Di pipo fit change dia mind if dem see war, and dem go go back to Egypt.”

18. But Baba-God carry di pipo round—pass di road for di desert, and di road of di Red sea. Di pipo of Israel carry weapon and ready to fight.

19. Naso Moses carry Joseph bones follow-body, becos Joseph bin make di pikins of Israel swear. He tok sey, “Baba-God go surely visit una and make una carry my bones follow-body wen una dey komot.”

20. So dem start dia waka from Succoth, and dem camp for Etham, for di corner of di desert.

21. Baba-God lead dem for day—wit pillar of cloud to show dem di road, and for night, he lead dem wit pillar of faya—to give dem light for night. So he lead dem both for day and night.

22. He no carry di pillar of cloud komot for day, or di pillar of faya for night from front of di pipo.


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