Exodus Chapter 14

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Baba-God Separate Di Water

  1. Baba-God follow Moses  tok sey,
  2. “Tell di pikins of Israel so dat dem go turn, con camp for Pihahiroth, between Migdol and di big-river. Make dem camp near di big-river wey dey opposite Baal Zephon.
  3. Becos Pharaoh go tok sey di pipo of Israel don hook for di land, and di desert don swallow dem.
  4. And I go make Pharaoh heart stubborn—sote he go follow dem. But I go win levels for mysef tru Pharaoh plus all hin army, and di Egyptians go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.” So di pipo of Israel do dis tin.
  5. Naso dem tell di king of Egypt sey di pipo don run komot, and di heart of Pharaoh and hin servants con turn against di pipo, so dem tok sey, “Why we con do dis kain tin, sey we let Israel komot from serving us?”
  6. So Pharaoh set hin horse-moto, con carry hin men follow-body.
  7. He carry six hundred of him best horse-moto, plus all di horse-moto wey dey for Egypt plus all dia captains.
  8. Naso Baba-God make Pharaoh—di king of Egypt heart stubborn—sote he con start to dey pursue all di pikin of Israel wey dey march out wit full-mind.
  9. But di Egyptians pursue dem, wit all di horse plus horse-moto wey Pharaoh get, and hin horse-riders, plus hin army con meet dem for where dem dey—near di big-river, for di side of Pi-hahiroth, before Baalzephon.
  10. Wen Pharaoh come near, di pipo of Israel carry dia eyes go up, and dem see di Egyptians dey march come where dem dey. So fear catch dem well-well, and di pipo of Israel cry to Baba-God.
  11. Dem con tell Moses sey, “Abi becos graves no dey for Egypt nahin make you carry us come desert to die? Why you con do us like dis—to carry us komot from Egypt?
  12. Abi no be dis word we tell you for Egypt, sey make you leave us so dat we go serve di Egyptians? E for beta for us if to sey we serve di Egyptians, dan make we con kpeme for inside desert.”
  13. Naso Moses tell di pipo, “Make una no fear, stand strong, and una go see as Baba-God go take save una—wey he go show una today, becos di Egyptians wey una dey see today, una no go see dem again forever.
  14. Baba-God go fight for una, and una go just dey chill.
  15. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Why you dey cry to me? Tell di pipo of Israel sey make dem move go front.
  16. But make you carry your walking-stick, con stretch your hand to di big-river, and make you divide am, and di pipo of Israel go pass tru dry ground for di middle of di water.
  17. See, I go make di hearts of di Egyptians stubborn, dem go follow una, and I go get levels for Pharaoh head, and for all hin armies, hin horse-moto, and for hin horse-riders.
  18. Naso di Egyptians go sabi sey na me be di Oga—wen I don get levels for Pharaoh head, and for hin horse-moto, and for hin horse-riders.”
  19. So Baba-God angel wey dey move for front of di camp of Israel komot, con go dia back, and di pillar of cloud komot from dia front, con go dia back.
  20. E con dey between di camp of di Egyptians and di camp of Israel, and na cloud plus darkness to dem, but e give di pikin of Israel light for night, so dat di Egyptians no fit near dem tru-out di night.
  21. So Moses stretch hin hand face di big-river, and Baba-God make di water shift back wit one strong east breeze tru-out dat night, con make di water turn to dry land, and di water divide.
  22. Naso di pipo of Israel pass tru di middle of di water for dry ground, and di water con form wall for both right and left.
  23. Den di Egyptians pursue dem, con follow dem pass di middle of di big-river—even all Pharaoh horse, plus all hin horse-moto, and all hin horse-riders.
  24. E con happun sey wen morning don dey reach, Baba-God look di armies of di Egyptians tru di pillar of faya and di pillar of cloud, and he cos katakata for di armies of di Egyptians.
  25. He komot di tires of dia horse-moto—so dat e con heavy as dem dey ride dem. So di Egyptians tok sey, “Make we komot from di face of di pipo of Israel becos Baba-God dey fight for dem against us.”
  26. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Stretch your hand to di big-river so dat di water go fall against di Egyptians, for dia horse-moto, and all dia horse-riders.
  27. So Moses stretch hin hand for di water, and di water go back wit full force wen morning reach. Naso di Egyptian con dey try to run komot, but Baba-God cover di Egyptians for di middle of di big-river.
  28. Naso di water go back, con cover dia horse-moto, plus di horse-riders, and all di armies of Pharaoh wey follow di pipo of Israel enta di big-river—sote no single one of dem survive.
  29. But di pipo of Israel waka on top of dry land for di middle of di water, and di water form wall for dem—for dia right and for dia left.
  30. So Baba-God save Israel dat day from di hands of di Egyptians, and Israel see di Egyptians deadbody for di water-side.
  31. Israel see di ogbonge work wey Baba-God do to di Egyptians, so di pipo con dey fear Baba-God, and dem believe Baba-God, plus hin servant Moses.


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