Exodus Chapter 15

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  1. Moses plus di pipo of Israel con sing dis song for Baba-God, “I go sing for Baba-God, becos he don win wit levels, he don throway all di horse plus di pipo wey dey ride dem—for inside water.
  2. Baba-God na my pawa and my song, and nahin save me; he be my God, and I go prepare house for am, di God of my ancestors, and I go give am levels.
  3. Baba-God na man wey sabi fight war. Na Oga be hin name.
  4. Pharaoh horse-moto, plus hin armies don fall inside di big-river: hin best captains sef drink-water-die for di Red sea.
  5. Di deep water don cover dem; dem sink go ground like stone.
  6. Oh Baba-God, your right hand don get levels for pawa, oh Baba-God, your right hand don nack di enemy to pieces.
  7. And inside your ogbonge levels nahin you take overthrow di pipo wey dey rise against you. You show dem as you take dey vex like faya; e burn dem like grass.
  8. And wit di sound from your nose-pipe, di water gada togeda, di big-water stand up straight like wall, and di deep water con stand strong for inside di heart of di big-river.
  9. Di enemy tok sey, “I go pursue dem, and I go overtake dem, I go divide wetin I obtain, I go do dem wetin dey for my mind, I go carry my sword, and my hand go scata dem.
  10. Naso you use your breeze take blow dem, and di water cover dem, dem sink like lead inside di big water.
  11. Who be like you, oh Baba-God, among di gods? Who be like you? Your Holiness get levels, di way you fine na wonder, you dey do ogbonge tins.
  12. You stretch out your right hand and di earth swallow dem.
  13. As you sorry-for dem, you lead di pipo wey you don save, you don guide dem inside your pawa reach di holy place wey you dey stay.
  14. Di pipo go hear am and fear go catch dem, sadness go take over di pipo wey dey stay for Philistia.
  15. Di chiefs of Edom go dey shake, fear go catch di leaders of Moab, di pipo of Canaan go melt komot;
  16. Dem go fear and dia mind go cut; wit your ogbonge hand, dem go freeze like stone, till your pipo pass over, oh Baba-God, till your pipo pass over—your pipo wey you don buy.
  17. You go carry dem enta, and you go plant dem for di mountain wey belong to you, for di place oh Baba-God—wey you don make for you to stay, for your holy-place oh Baba-God, wey you hand don stand gidigbam.
  18. Baba-God go reign forever and ever.

Miriam Song

19. Wen Pharaoh horses, horse-moto, plus hin horse-riders enta inside di water [Red Sea], Baba-God bring back di big-water take cover dem, but all di pikin of Israel pass tru di middle of di water for dry ground.

20. So Miriam wey be Prophetess—wey be Aaron sista, carry sheke-sheke for her hand, and all di women follow her wit sheke-sheke and wit dancing.

21. And Miriam ansa dem sey, “Make una sing to Baba-God becos he don win wit levels, he don throway di horse plus di pipo wey dey ride dem—enta inside water.

Di Bitter Water of Marah Turn To Sweet Water


So Moses bring Israel from di Red sea, and dem waka enta di desert of Shur. So dem waka for three days inside di desert and dem no see water.

23. Wen dem reach Marah, dem no fit drink di water of Marah becos di water bitter, so dem call am Marah.

24. So di pipo con dey complain against Moses sey, “Wetin we go drink?”

25. Naso Moses cry to Baba-God, and Baba-God show am one tree, and wen he throw am enta di water, di water con dey sweet. Na for there Baba-God take make law and rules for dem, and he test dem for there.

26. He con tok sey, “If una go seriously listen to di voice of una Oga wey be Baba-God, and una go do wetin dey right for hin eyes, follow hin words, con keep hin law—I no go put any of dis disease for una body, wey I don put on di Egyptians, becos na me be Baba-God wey dey heal you.”

27. Naso dem reach Elim where twelve spring of water dey, plus seventy palm trees, so dem camp for there near di water.


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