Exodus Chapter 17

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Water Flow From Rock

  1.  So all di plenty pipo of Israel con start dia waka from di desert of Sin—just as Baba-God tell dem, and dem settle for Rephidim, but water no con dey for di pipo to drink.
  2. So di pipo change-am-for Moses, con tok sey, “Give us water so dat we go drink.” Moses ansa dem sey, “Why una dey change-am-for me? Abi una dey tempt Baba-God?”
  3. Water con dey hungry di pipo for there, so dem complain against Moses, and dem tok sey, “Why you carry us from Egypt, to kill us and awa pikin, plus awa animals wit no water to drink?”
  4. So Moses cry to Baba-God sey, “Wetin I go do to dis pipo, dem dey ready to stone me.”
  5. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Go meet di pipo make you carry three senior-men of Israel, plus your walking-stick wey you take nack river Nile, carry am for your hand, and make you go.
  6. See, I go stand for your front for di rock of Horeb, and you go nack di rock, so dat water go komot from di rock for di pipo to drink. Naso Moses do like dat for front of di senior-men of Israel.”
  7. So he call di name of di place Massah and Maribah, becos of how di pikin of Israel take change-am-for am, and becos dem tempt Baba-God sey, ‘Abi Baba-God dey wit us or not?’

Dem Win Amalek


So di pipo of Amalek come fight wit Israel for Rephidim.

9. Moses con tell Joshua sey, choose pipo out of di men and make una go out to fight wit Aamlek; tomorrow I go stand on top of di hill wit Baba-God walking-stick for my hand.

10. So Joshua do wetin Moses tell am to do, he con go fight wit Amalek. Moses and Aaron, plus Hur con go on top of di hill.

11. And e happun sey as Moses raise up hin hand—Israel con dey win; but wen he put hin hand down—naso Amalek con dey win.

12. But Moses hand con dey heavy am, so dem carry stone put am under am, so he sidon. Naso Aaron plus Hur raise hin hand up. One for one side, and di oda one for di oda side, so Moses hand con dey steady until di sun go down.

13. And Joshua take-over Amalek and di pipo wit sword.

14. So Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Write dis tin for book for pipo to remember, and always dey tok am for Joshua ears: becos I go komot di memory of Amalek kpatakpata from di earth

15. So Moses build altar, con call am Jehovah-nissi;

16. Becos he tok sey, “Baba-God don swear sey he go fight war wit Amalek from generation to generation.


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