Exodus Chapter 18

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Di First Judges

1.Naso Jethro di priest of Midian—wey be Moses fada-in-law hear wetin Baba-God don do for Moses and hin pipo of Israel, sey Baba-God bring Israel komot from Egypt.

2. Afta Moses don send hin wife Zipporah komot, hin fada-in-law Jethro welcome her,

3. plus her two sons of which one name na Gershom—becos Moses tok sey, “I don turn to foreigner for foreign land.”

4. Di name of di oda one na Eliezer, he tok sey, “Becos di God of my ancestors nahin epp me, and he save me from Pharaoh sword.

5. So Jethro  wey be Moses fada-in-law come wit Moses sons plus hin wife—to meet Moses for di desert, for where he camp put for di mountain of Baba-God.

6. He con tell Moses sey, “Me your fada-in-law—Jethro don come meet you, and I come wit your wife, plus her two sons.

7. So Moses meet hin fada-in-law, he bow down for am, con kiss am, and dem ask each oda how-far. Dem con enta inside di tent.

8. Moses tell hin fada-in-law everitin wey Baba-God don do to Pharaoh and to di Egyptian becos of Israel, all di wahala wey dem face for road, and how Baba-God take save dem.

9. Naso Jethro happy for all di beta tins wey Baba-God don do for di pipo of Israel wey he save from di hands of di Egyptians.

10. Jethro con tok sey, “Praise be to Baba-God wey don save una from di hand of di Egyptians, and out of di hands of Pharaoh, wey don save di pipo from under di hands of di Egyptians.

11. Now I know sey Baba-God great pass oda gods becos he don do pass all di tins wey dem dey use take make-mouth.

12. So Jethro, Moses fada-in-law, carry burnt offering and sacrifices for Baba-God. Aaron come, plus all di senior-men of Israel—to chop wit Moses fada-in-law for Baba-God front.

13. E happun sey di next day, Moses sidon, con dey judge di pipo. Naso dem stand near Moses from morning reach evening.

14. Wen Moses fada-in-law see everitin wey he do to di pipo, he con tok sey, “Wetin be dis tin wey you dey do to di pipo? Why na only you sidon and all di pipo stand near you from morning reach evening?

15. Moses con tell hin fada-in-law sey, “Becos di pipo dey come meet me to know wetin Baba-God dey tok.

16. Wen dem get mata, dem go con meet me, and I go judge between one and anoda, and I dey make dem know Baba-God law and commandments.”

17. Naso Moses fada-in-law tell am sey, “Wetin you dey do no good.

18. You go surely taya—both you plus di pipo wey dey wit you, becos dis work too big for you, only you no fit do am by yoursef.

19. Hear my voice now, I go advice you, and Baba-God go dey wit you. You must represent di pipo for Baba-God front—con carry dia wahala give Baba-God.

20. And you go teach dem di commandments plus di laws, and you go show dem di way wey dem must waka, plus di work wey dem go do.

21. But you must choose from inside di pipo, men wey sabi, di kain men wey dey fear Baba-God, men wey dey tok truth, wey hate ogboju, and make you give dem dis kain work, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens:

22. Make dem judge di pipo for everi season. But make dem carry big mata come meet you, and make dem judge everi small mata; naso e go take easy for you, and dem go share di work wit you.

23. If you follow dis advice, and Baba-God command you to do am, naso you go fit endure, and all dis pipo go go dia place sef wit peace.”

24. So Moses listen to di voice of hin fada-in-law, con do everitin wey he tok.

25. Naso Moses choose men wey sabi from di pipo of Israel, con make dem leaders of di pipo—rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.

26. And dem judge di pipo for everi season. Dem carry di serious mata go meet Moses, but dem judge everi small mata by demsef.

27. So Moses let Jethro hin fada-in-law go, he con komot go hin way to hin own land.


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