Exodus Chapter 19

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Mountain Sinai

1.For di third month wen all di pikin of Israel don komot from di land of Egypt, na dat same day dem reach di desert of Sinai.

2. Dem komot from Rephidim, con reach di desert of Sinai, dem settle down to rest for di desert, and na for there Israel camp for front of di mountain.

3. So Moses climb up go meet Baba-God, and Baba-God call am from di mountain, “So you go tell di house of Jacob con tell di pikin of Israel sey,

4. ‘Una don see wetin I do to di Egyptians, and how I carry una for eagle feathers, con carry una come where I dey.

5. Now if una true-true obey my voice, con keep my agreement, naso una go be special package to me pass oda pipo—becos di whole earth belong to be.

6. And to me, una go be kingdom of priests, plus holy nation. Na dis words you go yarn di pikins of Israel.”

7. So Moses come, con call all di senior-men of di pipo, he tell dem all di words wey Baba-God don tell am to do.

8. Naso all di pipo ansa togeda, con tok sey, “We go do everitin wey Baba-God don tok.” Moses con go tell Baba-God wetin dem yarn.

9. So Baba-God tell Moses sey, “See, I come meet you wit thick cloud, so dat di pipo fit hear wen I dey follow you tok, con believe you forever.”  So Moses tell Baba-God di words of di pipo.

10. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Go meet di pipo, con make dem pure for me, today plus tomorrow. Tell dem sey make dem wash dia cloth,

11. and make dem dey ready by di third day, becos on dat day, Baba-God go come down for Mountain Sanai for front of all di pipo.

12. You go draw line round di pipo, con tell dem sey, ‘Make una make sure sey una no go di mountain or touch di mountain leg. Any pesin wey touch di mountain go surely die.

13. Dem go surely shoot am wit arrow or stone am to death; and make no pesin touch dat pesin. Whether na human being or na animal, make dem no gree make he live.’ Only wen dem sound di ram horn wit long sound nahin dem fit go di mountain.”

14. Afta Moses don come down from di mountain to meet di pipo, he make di pipo pure for Baba-God, and dem wash dia clothes.

15. Naso Moses tell di pipo sey, “Make una prepare unasef for di third day. Make sure sey una no sleep wit woman.”

16. E con happun for di third day for morning—thunder plus lightning con dey, plus thick cloud for on top of di mountain, and voice of trumpet wey loud well-well, sote everi pesin wey dey for di camp con dey fear.

17. So Moses carry di pipo komot from di camp to meet Baba-God, and dem stand for di leg of di mountain.

18. Smoke con dey komot from Mountain Sinai, becos Baba-God land on top wit faya. So di smoke con dey rise go up like big faya, and di whole mountain con dey shake seriously.

19. Wen di voice of di trumpet sound long, con dey loud more-more, Moses tok, and Baba-God ansa am wit one voice.

20. Naso Baba-God come down on top of mountain Sinai, and Baba-God call Moses go up of di mountain. So Moses go up.

21. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Go down make you warn di pipo so dat dem no go use gragra come up to see Baba-God and many of dem go con die.

22. Even di priest wey dey come meet Baba-God must make demsef holy or Baba-God go scata-for dem.

23. So Moses tell Baba-God sey, “Di pipo no fit come up to mountain Sinai, becos yousef don warn us sey, ‘Make no pesin climb di mountain, and separate am as sometin wey holy.’ ”

24. Naso Baba-God ansa, “Go down go carry Aaron come up wit you. But di priests plus di pipo must no use gragra come up to meet Baba-God, or Baba-God go scata-for dem.”

25. So Moses go down go meet di pipo to follow dem tok.


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