Exodus Chapter 2

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Dem Born Moses

  1. E get one man from di house of Levi, and he marry one of di daughters of Levi.
  2. Di woman get-belle, con born boy; and wen she see am sey he be good pikin, she hide am for three months.
  3. Wen she no fit hide am again, she carry basket wey dem make wit grass, con cover am wit tar plus pitch. She put di baby for inside di basket, con put di basket for di grass wey dey near river Nile.
  4. Naso di sista of di baby stand for far dey watch to see wetin go happun to di baby.
  5. So Pharaoh daughter come di river to wash hersef, and her house-girls con dey waka near di river. So wen di princess see di basket among di grass, she send her girls to go carry am.
  6. Wen she open am, she see small pikin and di pikin con dey cry. So she sorry-for am, con tok sey, “Dis na one of di Hebrew pikin.
  7. Naso di sista of di baby waka go meet di princess, con ask her sey, “Abi make I go fyne one Hebrew woman wey go train di pikin for you?”
  8. Pharaoh daughter con tell her sey make she go, and di girl go call di mama of di pikin.
  9. Pharaoh daughter con tell her sey, “Carry di pikin and make you take care of am for me, I go pay you.” So di woman carry di pikin, con dey take care of am.
  10. 10. Di pikin grow, and she carry am go meet Pharaoh daughter, so di pikin con turn to her son, and she name am ‘Moses’—she tok sey, “Becos I carry am from water.”

          Moses Jakpa [Run]

11. E happun sey for those days, wen Moses don grow, he komot go see hin pipo, he con see dia suffer-head. He see one Egyptian dey beat one Hebrew—one of hin pipo.

12 . He con look left and right and wen he see sey no pesin dey for there, he kill di Egyptian, con hide am for sand-sand.

13. Naso he komot di second day, con see two Hebrew men dey fight demsef. So he tell di one wey dey don do wrong tin—sey, “Why you dey fight your broda?”

14. He con tok sey, “Who make you judge and prince for us? Abi you wan kill me as you take kill di Egyptian?” Naso fear catch Moses, he con reason sey e be like sey pipo know wetin he do.

15. Now wen Pharaoh hear dis tins, he wan kill Moses, but Moses run from Pharaoh, con go stay for di land of Midian: and he sidon near one well.

16. Now di priest of Midian get seven daughters, and dem con fetch water to give dia papa sheep and goats.

17. Some shepherds con pursue dem komot, but Moses stand for dem, con epp dem, and he give dia papa animals water to drink.

18. Wen dem come meet Reuel dia papa, he tok sey, “How e be sey una quick come today?”

19. Dem ansa am sey, “One Egyptian save us from di hands of some shepherd, con epp us fetch water and for di animals to drink.”

20. Di man con tell hin daughters sey, “Where di man dey? Why e be sey una leave di man? Call am make he come chop bread.”

21. Moses con dey okay to stay wit di man, so di man give Moses Zipporah—hin daughter.

22. Zipporah born baby-boy for Moses, and Moses name am Gershom. He tok sey, “I be jjc [stranger] for land wey I no know.”

23. E con happun sey as time pass small, di king of Egypt die. Naso di pipo of Israel con dey cry as dem dey suffer as slave, and dem cry, dia cry for dia suffer-head reach Baba-God.

24. Baba-God hear dia cry, he con remember hin agreement wit Abraham, wit Isaac, plus Jacob.

25. So Baba-God look di pikin of Israel, and he show respect for dem.


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