Exodus Chapter 3

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Baba-God Send Moses Go Egypt

  1. Moses con dey take care of Jethro sheep—wey be hin fada in law—di priest of Midian: naso he carry di sheep go di back side of di desert, con reach Baba-God mountain—Horeb.

2. Naso Baba-God angel show-face to am from faya wey dey burn for bush, and he look, con see sey di bush dey catch faya, but di faya no burn di bush.

3. So Moses reason sey, “I go waka go see dis ogbonge tin—why di bush no dey gree burn.”

4. And wen Baba-God see sey Moses turn to look, Baba-God call am from inside di bush, con tok sey, “Moses! Moses!” And Moses ansa am, “I dey for here.”

5. Naso Baba-God tok sey, “No come front more, komot your shoes from your leg, becos di land wey you dey stand so na holy ground.”

6. He con still tok sey, “Na me be di God of your papa, di God of Abraham, di God of Isaac, plus di God of Jacob.” Naso Moses hide hin face, becos he dey fear to look Baba-God.

7. Naso Baba-God tok sey, “I don true-true see di suffer-head of my pipo wey dey for Egypt, and I don hear dia cry wey dia oga dey make dem cry, I know dia pain.

8. I don come down to save dem from di hands of Egypt pipo—to carry dem enta beta land wey big well-well, wey dey flow wit milk plus honey—for di place of di Canaan pipo, and di Hittites, plus di Amorites, and di Perizzites, plus di Hivites, and di Jubusites.

9. Now, see, di cry of di pikin of Israel don come meet me, and I don see di suffer-head wey di Egyptians dey suffer dem.”

10. Come now, and I go send you go meet Pharaoh, so dat you carry my pipo—di pikin of Israel, komot from Egypt.

11. Moses con tell Baba-God sey, “Who I be wey I go go meet Pharaoh, and wey I go go carry di pikin of Israel komot from Egypt?”

12. So Baba-God tok sey, “I go surely dey wit you, and na dis go be di sign to you sey na me send you: Wen you don carry di pipo komot from Egypt, you go worship Baba-God for dis Mountain.”

13. Moses con tell Baba-God sey, “See, wen I meet di pikin of Israel, con tell dem sey, ‘Di God of una papa don send me to una.’ Naso dem go ask me sey, ‘Wetin be hin name?’ So wetin I go tell dem?”

14. Baba-God tell Moses sey, “I be who I be.” Dis na wetin you go tell di pipo of Israel: ‘I Be’nahin send me to una.’

15. Baba-God con still tell Moses sey, “Make you tell di pikin of Israel sey, ‘Di God of una papa-papa-papa, di God of Abraham, di God of Isaac, plus di God of Jacob nahin send me to una.’ Na dis be my name forever, di name wey una go remember me wit from generation to generation.

16. Go gada di senior-men of Israel togeda, con tell dem sey,  ‘Baba-God of una ancestors, di God of Abraham, di God of Isaac, plus di God of Jacob show-face to me, con tell me sey, ‘I don surely visit una, and I don see wetin dem dey do una for Egypt.’ 

17. And I don tok sey, I go carry una come out from di suffer-head of Egypt—go di land of Canaan, plus di land of di Hittites, and di Amorites, plus di Perizzites, and di Hivites, plus di Jebusites—reach one land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey.

18. Dem go hear your voice; you go go meet di king of Egypt, you—plus di senior-men of Israel. So una go tell am sey, ‘Baba-God of di Hebrews don meet us, and abeg you go let us go now—na three days waka for di desert so dat we go fit sacrifice to Baba-God awa Oga.’

19. But I dey sure sey di king of Egypt no go let una go, unless one strong hand use gra-gra for am.

20. I go stretch out my hand, and I go nack Egypt wit all my wonders wey I go do to dem, and afta dat, he go let una komot.

21. Naso I go give dis pipo favour for di eyes of di Egyptians, and e go happun sey una no go go wit empty hand wen una dey komot.

22. But everi woman go borrow from her neighbour, or any woman wey dey live for her house—jewelries wey dem make wit silver or gold, and clothes, wey una go wear on una pikin. Naso una go take obtain from di Egyptians.


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