Exodus Chapter 4

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Baba-God Give Moses Pawa

  1. Moses ansa, con tok sey, “See, dem no go believe me, or listen to my voice. Dem go tok sey, ‘Baba-God no show-face to you.’ ”

2. Baba-God con tell am sey, “Wetin be dat wey dey for your hand?” And Moses tok sey, “Na stick.”

3. Naso Baba-God tok sey, “Throway am for ground.” Naso Moses throway am for ground and di stick just turn to snake. So Moses con dey run from di snake.

4. So Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Use your hand take carry am from di tail.” Moses con use hin hand catch am, naso di snake just turn to stick for hin hand.”

5. Baba-God con tok sey, “So dat dem go believe sey di God of dia papa-papa-papa, di God of Abraham, di God of Isaac, plus di God of Jacob—don show-face to you.”

6. Baba-God still tell am sey, “Put your hand inside your cloth.” So Moses put hin hand inside hin cloth, and wen he carry am come out, di hand get leprosy wey white like snow.

7. Naso Baba-God tok sey, “Now put your hand back inside your cloth.” So Moses put hin hand back inside hin cloth. And wen he carry hin hand come outside, di hand con dey alright like di oda parts of hin body.

8. “E go happun sey if dem no gree believe you, or gree for di first sign, dem go believe di oda sign.

9. And e go happun sey if dem no gree believe dis two signs, or listen to your voice, carry di water from di river, con pour am for dry land, and di water wey you carry from di river go turn to blood for di dry land.”

10. So Moses tell Baba-God sey, “Chai Baba-God, I no sabi tok well-well even since before or since you tok to your servant. I no sabi tok well and my tongue dey seize.

11. Baba-God con tell am sey, “Who make man mouth? Or who dey make pesin dumb, or deaf, or who dey make pesin dey see, or blind? No be me—Baba-God?

12. Now make you dey go, and I go dey wit your mouth, con teach you wetin you go tok.”

13. So Moses tok sey, “Oh Baba-God, abeg send anoda pesin.”

14. Baba-God con start to dey vex for Moses, he tok sey, “Abi Aaron wey be your broda no be Levite? I know sey he fit tok well-well and see, he dey come meet you, and wen he see you, hin heart go sweet am.

15. You go follow am tok, con tell am wetin to tok. I go dey wit your mouth and wit hin mouth, and I go teach you wetin you go do.

16. He go be your tok-pesin for di pipo, and he go be like your mouth, and you go be like hin God.

17. So carry dis stick for your hand—nahin you go take do wonders.”

Moses Go Back To Egypt

18. So Moses go back to meet Jethro wey be hin fada-in-law, con tell am sey, “Abeg let me go, so dat I fit go meet my pipo wey dey for Egypt to see if dem still dey alive.”

So Jethro tell Moses sey, “Dey go wit peace.”

19. Naso Baba-God tell Moses for Midian sey, “Dey go back to Egypt, all di men wey wan kill you don kpeme.”

20. So Moses carry hin wife and hin son put for donkey, con go back to di land of Egypt. And Moses carry di Baba-God walking-stick for hin hand.

21. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Wen you go back to Egypt, make sure sey you do all di wonder for front of Pharaoh, wey I don put for your hand. But I go make hin heart strong and he no go let my pipo komot.

22. So you go tell Pharaoh sey, ‘Baba-God tok sey, Israel na my son—even my firstborn,

23. and I dey tell you now, let my son dey go so dat he go serve me, and if you no gree let am go, see, I go kill your son, even your firstborn.’ ”

24. E con happun sey for road, for di place wey Moses and hin family stop for night to rest, Baba-God meet am, and wan kill am.

25. But Zipporah carry sharp stone take cut di preek-skin of her pikin preek, con throw am touch Moses leg, and she tok sey, “True-true, you be bloody husband to me.”

26. So Baba-God leave am. Naso she tok sey ‘Bloody husband nahin you be,’— becos of di circumcision.

27. Naso Baba-God tell Aaron sey, “Go inside desert make you go meet Moses.” So he go, con meet Moses for di mountain of Baba-God. Naso he kiss am.

28. Moses con tell Aaron all di words of Baba-God wey send am, and all di wonders wey Baba-God tell am to do.

29. Moses plus Aaron con go gada all di senior-men of di pipo of Israel.

30. Naso Aaron tok all di word wey Baba-God tell Moses, he con do di wonders for front of di pipo.

31. So di pipo believe, and wen dem hear sey Baba-God don visit di pikin of Israel, and sey he don look dia suffer-head, naso dem bow down dia head, con  dey worship Baba-God.


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