Exodus Chapter 5

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Moses plus Aaron Meet Pharaoh

  1. Lata, Moses plus Aaron go, con tell Pharaoh sey, “Naso Baba-God of Israel tok, ‘Let my pipo komot—so dat dem go fit do Festival for me inside desert.”

2. Pharaoh con tok sey, “Who be Baba-God wey I go obey hin voice to let Israel go? I no know Baba-God, and I no go allow Israel komot.”

3. So dem tok sey, “Di God of di Hebrews don meet us; let us dey go, we dey beg you, na three days waka inside desert, so dat we go fit sacrifice to awa God, or he go visit us wit disease or war.”

4. Di king of Egypt tell dem sey, “Moses and Aaron, why una dey carry di pipo komot from dia work? Make una go back to work!”

5. Pharaoh con tok sey, “See, di pipo of di land don plenty now and you dey make dem rest from dia hard work.”

6. Dat same day, Pharaoh con tell di supervisors plus dia oga sey,

7. “Make una no dey give di pipo materials to make blocks like before, make dem go gada materials for demsef.

8. But make dem still dey make di same amount of block wey dem dey make before, make one single block no komot. Dem no get enuff work to do, nahin make dem dey always ask me to let dem go give sacrifice to dia God.

9. Give di men more hard work so dat dem go work well-well, and so dat dem no go get time to listen to mumu tok.”

10. Naso di supervisors plus dia oga komot go tell di pipo sey, “Na wetin Pharaoh tok be dis, ‘I no go give una materials again.

11. Make una go fyne una own material any where una go see am, but make una work still be di same.’ ”

12. So di pipo scata round Egypt con dey fyne materials to make block.

13. Dia supervisor con dey ginger dem, dey tok sey, “Make una complete di work wey una suppose do everi day just like wen dem bin dey give una materials.”

14. Naso dem beat di pipo wey Pharaoh officers choose to supervise di pipo of Israel. And dem ask dem sey, “Why una neva finish di work of yesterday, and today like before?”

15. Naso di supervisors of di pipo of Israel go beg Pharaoh: “Why you dey do your servants like dis?

16. You no give your servants any material to make block, but you tell us sey, ‘Make una make blocks!’ Dem dey beat your servants, but di problem na from your own pipo.”

17. Naso Pharaoh tok sey, “Una lazy—lazy pipo! Nahin make una always dey tok sey, ‘Make we go sacrifice to awa God.’

18. Now make una go back to work. Dem no go give una any material to make block, but una must still make di amount of blocks.”

19. Di supervisors of di pipo of Israel con see sey dem dey for inside big wahala wen dem tell dem sey, “Una no go get shortage of di amount of block wey una suppose make everi day.”

20. Wen dem komot from Pharaoh, dem see Moses and Aaron dey wait to meet dem,

21. And dem tok sey, “Make Baba-God look una, con judge una! Una don make us be like smell for Pharaoh plus hin officials, abi una want make dem kill us?”

Baba-God Promise To Save Israel

22. Moses go back to meet Baba-God, con tok sey, “Chai Baba-God, why you con carry evil wahala meet dis pipo? Na wetin make you send me be dis?

23. Since I go meet Pharaoh to follow am tok wit your name, na kasala he don carry put on di pipo, and you neva save your pipo at all.”


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