Exodus Chapter 8

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Di Frogs

1.Baba-God con tok to Moses, “Go meet Pharaoh make you tell am sey, ‘See, Baba-God tok sey make you let my pipo komot so dat dem go fit serve me.

2. And if you no gree let dem komot, see, I go put frogs for all your borders.

3. Plenty frogs go come out from di river, wey go climb up enta your house, and inside your room, on top of your bed, inside di house of your servants, and di pipo—on una stove and even on una pot wey una dey use take cook.

4. And di frogs go meet both you plus your pipo, and all your servants.”

5. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Tell Aaron sey make he stretch hin hand wit di walking-stick for di streams, di rivers, di ponds, and make frogs come out for di land of Egypt.’ ”

6. So Aaron stretch hin hand for di waters of Egypt, and frogs come out, con cover di land of Egypt.

7. So di jazzmen use dia jazz take do di same tin, con bring out frogs for di land of Egypt.

8. Naso Pharaoh call Moses plus Aaron, con tell dem sey, “Beg Baba-God, make he carry di frogs komot from me and from my pipo, and I go let your pipo go, so dat dem go fit do sacrifice for Baba-God.”

9. So Moses tell Pharaoh sey, “I go dey happy to pray for you. Just chose di time wey I go pray for you, your servants, and your pipo—so dat di frogs go komot, and no single one go remain except di ones wey dey inside river Nile.”

10. He con tok sey, “Tomorrow.” So Moses tok sey, “Do as you don tok, so dat you go know sey no pesin be like Baba-God awa Oga.

11. Di frogs go komot from you, and from your house, from your servants house, and from your pipo, dem go only dey for inside river.”

12. Moses and Aaron komot from Pharaoh: Moses con pray to Baba-God becos of di frogs wey he don bring against Pharaoh.

13. Naso Baba-God do wetin Moses ask for, and di frogs die komot from di houses, di villages, and from di farms.

14. Naso dem gada dem togeda for one place and di land con dey smell.

15. But wen Pharaoh see sey he don free small, he con dey show stubbornness again, and he no gree listen to dem—as Baba-God bin tok. 

Di Lice

16.Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Tell Aaron sey, ‘Stretch out your walking-stick take nack di dust of di land, so dat e go turn to lice wey go full di whole land of Egypt.’ ”

17. So dem do like dat; Aaron stretch out hin hand wit hin walking-stick, to nack di dust of di earth—e con turn to lice wey disturb man and animals; all di dust for di land con turn to lice for di whole land of Egypt.

18. But di jazzmen try to bring lice from di dust, but dem no fit; so lice con dey disturb both man plus animals.

19. Den di jazzmen (magicians) con tell Pharaoh sey, “Dis na di finger of Baba-God; but Pharaoh heart con strong, and he no gree listen to dem—as Baba-God bin tok.

Plenty Flies

20. Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Stand up for early mor-mor, con stand for Pharaoh front, he dey come di river. Tell am sey, ‘Naso Baba-God tok—let my pipo dey go so dat dem fit serve me.

21. Or if you no gree let my pipo dey go, I go send plenty-plenty flies to you, and your servants, to your pipo, and for inside your house. Naso di houses of di Egyptian go brekete wit flies, and even for di ground where you dey stand.

22. But I go save di land of Goshen dat day, where my pipo dey live, so dat flies no go dey for there. I go do dis tin so dat una go sabi sey na me be Baba-God wey dey waka round di earth.

23. And I go separate my pipo from your pipo, na tomorrow dis miracle go happun.”

24. So Baba-God do am. Plenty-plenty flies con enta Pharaoh house, and inside all di land of Egypt. So di land con spoil becos of di plenty flies.

25. So Pharaoh call Moses and Aaron, con tok sey, “Make una dey go, sacrifice to una God for di land.”

26. But Moses tell am sey, “E no go good to do dat kain tin, becos di Egyptians no go like as we take dey sacrifices to Baba-God awa Oga. If we give awa sacrifices wey di Egyptians no like—as dem dey look us, abi dem no go stone us?

27. We go waka three days journey enta di desert, con sacrifice to Baba-God awa Oga, as he go tell us.”

28. So Pharaoh tok sey, “I go let una dey go, so dat una go sacrifice to una God for inside desert, but una no go go far-far. Now pray for me.”

29. Naso Moses tok sey, “See I dey komot from you and I go beg Baba-God so dat di plenty-plenty flies go komot from Pharaoh, from hin servants, and from hin pipo tomorrow, but make Pharaoh no do wayo again—to no let di pipo komot so dat dem fit sacrifice to Baba-God.”

30. Moses komot from Pharaoh, con go pray to Baba-God.

31. Baba-God do wetin Moses ask am to do, and he komot di plenty-plenty flies from Pharaoh, from hin servants, and from hin pipo—no single one remain.

32. Pharaoh still make hin heart strong dis time, and he no gree let di pipo komot.


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