Exodus Chapter 9

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Di Animals Kpeme

  1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Go meet Pharaoh, con tell am sey, ‘Naso Baba-God of di Hebrews tok, ‘Let my pipo dey go so dat dem go serve me.
  2. If you no let dem go, and you hold dem back,

3. See, Baba-God hand dey against una animals wey dey for di land [wit bad disease], against di horses, di donkeys, di camels, di malu, and against di sheep plus goats—and he go nack dem wit serious disease.

4. Baba-God go separate di animals of di pipo of Israel and di Egyptians, and no animal wey belong to di pipo of Israel go die.’

5. Baba-God con choose time sey—tomorrow nahin Baba-God go do all dis tins for di land.

6. So Baba-God do am di next day, and all di animals for Egypt die, but di animals of di pikin of Israel no kpeme—no single one.

7. And Pharaoh send dem go look, and true-true no single animal of di pikin of Israel die; but Pharaoh heart con strong and he no gree let di pipo komot.

Di Boils

8 .Baba-God con tell Moses plus Aaron sey, “Use your hand pack ashes of faya, and make Moses sprinkle am go heaven and for Pharaoh front.

9.And e go spread like small dust for all di land of Egypt, and dem go change to boils wey go turn to open wound on di pipo plus di animals for di whole land of Egypt.

10. Naso dem carry ashes from di faya, con stand for Pharaoh front. Moses throw am up to heaven and dem change to boils wey turn to open wound on di pipo plus animals.

11. Di jazzmen no fit stand for front of Moses becos of di boils; becos di boils dey for di jazzmen body, and for all di Egyptians body.

12. Baba-God con make Pharaoh heart stubborn, and he no gree listen to dem—as Baba-God bin yarn Moses.

Di Disease of Di Ice-Stone

13. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Stand up for early mor-mor, go stand for Pharaoh front, den tell am sey, ‘Naso Baba-God wey be di Oga of di Hebrews tok—let my pipo komot so dat dem go serve me.

14. Dis time I go send all my disease for your heart, for your servants, and for your pipo, so dat you go sabi sey no pesin be like me for all di whole earth.

15. Now I go stretch my hand, con nack you plus all your pipo wit bad disease, and una go cut komot from di earth.

16. But I don true-true allow you live just to show you my pawa, so dat my name go spread for di whole land.

17. But you still dey feel-big, and you no gree let my pipo komot.

18. See, around dis time tomorrow, I go make heavy ice-stones fall like rain—di type of ice-stones wey Egypt neva see before since di foundation reach now.

19. Send message now make dem gada all di animals plus everitin wey you get for di land, and everi man and animal wey dey for di field—wey no come house, di ice-stone go fall on top of dem and dem go die.”

20. So di ones wey fear Baba-God word among di servants of Pharaoh tell dia families plus dia animal sey make dem enta house.

21. And di ones wey no-send Baba-God word, con leave dia servants plus dia animals for outside.

22. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Stretch your hand face heaven so dat ice-stones go fall for di land of Egypt, on top of man, and on top of animals, and on top everi plants for farm for everi where for Egypt.”

23. So Moses stretch hin walking-stick face heaven, and Baba-God send thunder plus ice-stones, and faya catch di ground. Naso Baba-God send ice-stones of rain for all di land of Egypt.

24. So ice-stones con dey fall, wit faya wey mix wit di ice-stones, e serious well-well, sote dem neva see anytin like dat for Egypt since wen Egypt be kontri.

25. So di ice-stones kill everi pesin plus animals wey dey for outside for everi where for Egypt, di ice-stones kill everi plant for farm and scata everi tree for di land.

26. Only for di land of Goshen where di pipo of Israel dey—nahin di ice-stones no fall put.

27. Pharaoh sey make dem go call Moses plus Aaron, he con tell dem sey, “I don commit sin dis time, Baba-God get clean-heart, and me plus my pipo dey wicked.

28. Beg Baba-God, e don do, so dat loud thunder plus ice-stone no go dey again, I go let una go, and una no go stay again.”

29. So Moses tell am sey, “As I just komot from di city, I go stretch my hand to Baba-God, and di thunder go stop, and ice-stones no go fall again, so dat you go know sey na Baba-God nahin get di earth.

30. But as for you and your servants, I know sey una no go still fear Baba-God.”

31.Di flax and barley con spoil becos di barley don ripe, and di flax just dey grow come out.

32. But none of di wheat spoil becos dem ripe lata.

33. Naso Moses komot from Pharaoh, con go outside di city, he stretch hin hand to Baba-God. Di thunder plus di ice-stones stop, and di rain stop to dey pour for di land.

34. Wen Pharaoh see sey di rain plus di ice-stones, and di thunder don stop, he do more-more bad tins, con make hin heart strong—him and hin servants.

35. Pharaoh heart con stubborn, and he no gree let di pikins of Israel komot—as Baba-God bin yarn Moses.


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