Genesis Chapter 44

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Silver Cup For Inside Sack

  1. So Joseph tell di servant of hin house to do dis  tin: “Full di men bags wit plenty food wey dem fit carry, and put all dia moni back for inside di mouth of dia bag.
  2. Den make you put my cup, di silver cup, inside di sack of di junior one of dem, plus di silver for hin food.” So di servant do wetin Joseph tell am.
  3. Wen morning reach, di men con climb dia donkeys to komot.
  4. Dem neva move go far from di city wen Joseph  tell hin servant sey, “Follow those men sharp-sharp, and wen you reach where dem dey, tell dem sey, ‘Why  una con pay me back evil for my good?
  5. No be di cup wey my oga dey use drink be dis— and  wey he dey use for spiritual mata? Dis one na wicked tin wey una do.’ ”
  6. Wen di servant reach where dem dey, he tell  dem di words.
  7. But dem con tell am sey, “Why my oga dey yarn all  dis kain tins? Lai-lai, your servants no fit do dis kain tin!
  8. We even carry di moni come give you back from di land of Canaan—di moni wey we see inside awa  bags. So why we go con tiff silver or gold from your oga  house?
  9. If you see am wit any of your servants bag, make  una kill am, and di rest of us go turn to your oga slaves.”
  10. Naso di man tok sey, “Okay na. Make e be as you don yarn. Any pesin wey I see wit di silver go turn  to slave and di rest of una go dey free.”
  11. Naso all of dem quick-quick put dia bag for  ground, con open am.
  12. So di servant start to dey look, he start wit di senior one go reach di junior one. Naso he see  di cup for inside Benjamin bag.
  13. As dem see wetin sup, dem tear dia clothes. Dem con load dia donkeys, and dem go back to di city.
  14. Joseph still dey for house wen Judah and hin brodas enta, and dem bow down for Joseph front  wit dia face for ground.
  15. Joseph tell dem sey, “Wetin be dis kain tin wey una do so? Una no know sey man like me fit see tins wit my spiritual eyes?”
  16. So Judah ansa am, “Wetin we wan tell awa oga  now, wetin we wan tok? How we fit make you understand sey awa hand-clean? Baba-God don  pay us for awa sins. Now we be your slaves—we awasef plus di  pesin wey una see di cup for hin bag.”
  17. But Joseph tok sey, “Lai-lai, I no fit do dat kain tin!  Only di man wey we see di cup for hin bag nahin go be my slave. Make di rest of una go back to una papa wit peace.”
  18. Naso Judah go meet Joseph, con tell am sey, “Abeg my oga, make your servant follow you tok sometin. Make you no vex for your servant, I know sey you and Pharaoh get di same levels.
  19. My oga ask us your servants sey, ‘Una get papa  and broda?’
  20. And we ansa sey we get papa wey don old and  one small boy wey dem just born for am as he don old. Hin broda don die, and na only am be di pikin wey hin mama get, so hin papa like am well-well.’
  21. “Naso you tell us sey, ‘Make una carry am come meet me so dat I go fit see am wit my eyes.’
  22. And we tell you sey, ‘Di boy no fit komot from  hin papa, if he leave hin papa, hin papa go kpeme.’
  23. But you tell us your servants sey, ‘Unless una junior broda follow una come, una no go see my face again.’
  24. Wen we go back to meet awa papa, we tell am wetin you tok.
  25. “Naso awa papa tell us sey, ‘Make una go back to buy some more food.’
  26. But we tell am sey, ‘We no fit go back. But we go go if awa junior broda follow us go. We no go fit see di man unless awa junior broda follow us go.’
  27. Awa papa con tell use sey, ‘Una sabi sey my wife born two sons for me.
  28. One of dem lose from my hand, and I tok sey, “Animal don surely tear am to pieces.” And I neva see am since den.
  29. If una carry dis one komot from me sef, and sometin bad con happun to am, una go make me  carry my white hair enta grave wit sadness.’
  30. “Now, if di boy no dey wit us wen I go back to awa papa, and if my papa wey hin life gum-body  wit dat boy—
  31. con see sey di boy no dey for there, he go just die. Naso we your servants go make awa papa  white hair enta grave wit sadness.
  32. Me your servant don tell awa papa sey notin go happun to di boy. I tok sey, ‘If I no carry am  come back, I go take di blame from you my papa—for di  rest of my life!”
  33. “So now, abeg let me your servant dey for here as  your slave instead of di boy, and make di boy go back wit hin brodas.
  34. How I go take go back to my papa if di boy no dey wit me? No! Abeg no let me see dis sadness wey my papa go face.”


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