Genesis Chapter 45

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Joseph Let Dem Know Who He Really Be

  1. Joseph no con fit control hinsef again for front of all hin servants, naso he halla, “Make everi pesin komot from my front.” So no pesin dey wit Joseph wen he tell hin brodas sey nahin be Joseph.
  2. He cry loud well-well sote di Egyptians hear am, and Pharaoh family hear about di mata.
  3. Joseph con tell hin brodas sey, “Na me be Joseph! My papa still dey alive?” But hin brodas no fit ansa am, becos dem con dey fear as dem stand for hin front.
  4. Joseph tell hin brodas sey, “Make una come near me.” Wen dem shift near am, he con tell dem sey, “I be una broda Joseph, di one wey una sell go Egypt
  5. But now make una no fear and make una no vex  for unasef—becos una sell me come here; becos Baba-God wan save lives nahin make am send me  come here before una.
  6. Hunger don dey for di land for two years now, and pipo no go fit plant anytin for di next five,
  7. But Baba-God send me come hear before una to epp una keep food from di food wey remain for di world, and to save lives wit ogbonge way.
  8. So no be una send me come hear, but na Baba-God wey don turn me to Pharaoh papa, and leader for di whole of Egypt.
  9. Now make una rush go back to meet my papa, con tell am sey, ‘Dis na wetin your pikin Joseph tok: Baba-God don make me oga for di whole of Egypt. Come meet me, no waste time.
  10. You go live for Goshen area, and you go dey near me—you, your pikin, your pikin-pikin, your malu, sheep, and goats, plus everitin wey you get.
  11. I go give una everitin wey una want for there, becos five years of hunger still dey come. Or else you plus your family, and everitin wey belong to you go turn to pipo wey no get shi-shi.
  12. ’“Una fit see by unasef, and even my broda Benjamin fit see sey na me really be dis wey dey follow you tok.
  13. Tell my papa about all di respect wey I get for Egypt, and about everitin wey una don see. And  make una carry my papa come hear now-now-now.”
  14. Naso he hug Benjamin hin broda, he con dey cry,  and Benjamin hug am sef, con dey cry.
  15. He kiss all hin brodas, and he cry becos of dem. Afta dat, hin brodas tok to am wit free mind.
  16. Wen di news reach Pharaoh palace sey Joseph brodas don come, body sweet Pharaoh plus all hin  servants.
  17. So Pharaoh tell Joseph sey, “Tell your brodas, ‘Do dis tin: Load una animals and make una go di  land of Canaan,
  18. con carry una papa come wit una families come meet me. I go give una di best land of Egypt and una go flex di beta-beta-tins of di land.’
  19. “I dey direct you to tell dem, ‘Do dis tin: Carry some moto from Egypt for una pikin and una wives, and make una carry una papa come.
  20. Make una no worry about una properties, becos I  go give una di best tins for Egypt.’ ”
  21. So di sons of Israel do am. Joseph give dem moto as Pharaoh bin command am, and he still give dem tins wey dem need for dia journey.
  22. He give everi one of dem clothes, but he give Benjamin three hundred silver coins plus five  set of clothes.
  23. And dis na wetin he send to hin papa: ten  donkeys wey dem load wit di best tins of Egypt, plus ten female donkeys wey dem load wit food and  bread, and oda tins wey dem go need for dia  journey.
  24. He con tell hin brodas to dey go, and as dem dey  komot, he tell dem sey, “Make una no fight for road!”
  25. So dem komot from Egypt, con meet dia papa  for di land of Canaan.
  26. Dem tell am sey, “Joseph still dey alive! Evensef, nahin be di ruler of Egypt.” Jacob surprise; he no  gree believe dem.
  27. But wen dem tell am everitin wey Joseph tell dem, and wen he see di load wey Joseph send to  carry am come back to Egypt, di spirit of dia papa Jacob con ginger.
  28. So Israel tok sey, “E don do, Joseph my pikin still  dey alive. I go go see am before I kpeme.”


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