Genesis Chapter 47

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  Josehp Na Di Govnor Of Egypt

  1. So Joseph go tell Pharaoh sey, “My papa and my  brodas wit dia malu, sheep and goats, plus everitin wey dem get—don come from di land of Canaan, and dem dey for Goshen now.”
  2. He choose five of hin brodas wey he carry go meet Pharaoh.
  3. Pharaoh con ask hin brodas sey, “Wetin be una  work?” Naso dem ansa Pharaoh, “We your servants dey train animals just like awa papa-papa-papa.”
  4. Dem still tell am sey, “We don come stay for here  small, becos di hunger serious well-well for Canaan, and we no get food for awa animals. So now, abeg, allow your servants settle down for Goshen.”
  5. Pharaoh con tell Joseph sey, “Your papa and  your brodas don come meet you,
  6. and di land of Egypt dey for your front; settle your brodas for di best part of di land. Make dem  stay for Goshen. And if you sabi any one of dem  wey get special talent, put am in charge of my own animals.”
  7. Jacob carry hin papa Israel go meet Pharaoh. Afta Jacob bless Pharaoh,
  8. Pharaoh con ask am sey, “How many years you be?”
  9. Jacob tell Pharaoh sey, “My life of waka na hundred and thirty years. My years no plenty  and I don live hard life, no be like di plenty years of di travelling  of my papa.”
  10. Naso Jacob bless Pharaoh, con komot from hin front.
  11. So Joseph settle hin papa plus hin brodas for Egypt,  con give dem property for di best part of di land, di territory of Rameses—as Pharaoh direct am.
  12. Joseph give food to hin papa and hin brodas and all hin papa family—based-on di numbas of dia pikin.

Joseph Settle Di Hunger For Di Land


Food no con dey for di whole area becos di hunger for di land serious well-well. Both Egypt and Canaan turn to waste becos of di hunger.

14. Joseph collect all di moni wey dey for Egypt and Canaan—di moni wey dem use take buy  food from hin hand, and he carry di moni come Pharaoh palace.

15. Wen all di pipo moni finish for di land of Egypt and Canaan, di whole of Egypt come meet Joseph, con tell am sey, “Give us food, why we go die for  your front?We don spend all awa moni finish.”

16. Naso Joseph tell dem sey, “Oya make una carry una animals come, una go use una animals take pay for una food, since una moni don finish.”

17. So dem carry dia animals come meet Joseph and he give dem food wey dem exchange wit dia horses, dia sheep plus goats, malu and donkeys. And he give dem food tru-out dat year—wey dem exchange wit dia animals.

18. Wen dat year finish, dem come meet Joseph again  di next year, con tok sey, “We no fit hide from awa oga sey true-true, since awa moni don finish, and awa animals belong to you, notin dey for awa oga except awa body plus awa land.

19. Why you go look us as we dey die—even we plus awa land? Buy us plus awa land con give us food, and we plus awa land go belong to Pharaoh. Give us food so dat we go live and make  we no go kpeme, and so dat di land no go empty.”

20. Naso Joseph buy all di land for Egypt—for Pharaoh. All di Egyptians sell dia land, becos di  hunger serious well-well for dem. So di land turn  to Pharaoh own,

21. and Joseph turn all of dem to hin slaves, from  one side of Egypt reach di oda side.

22. But he no buy di priests land, becos dem always dey collect share from Pharaoh, and dem get enuff food from di share wey Pharaoh  dey give dem. Nahin make dem no sell dia land.

23. So Joseph tell di pipo sey, “Now wey I don buy una, wit all una land—today for Pharaoh, dis na seed for una, so dat una go fit farm for ground.

24. But wen una harvest am, una go give Pharaoh one fifth. Una fit keep di rest for farming and for food for unasef, una pikin plus family.”

25. Naso dem tok sey, “You don save awa lives, make  we see favour for Baba-God eyes; we dey owe Pharaoh.”

26. So Joseph stand am as law for Egypt—di law dey  work reach today—sey one fifth of di harvest belong to Pharaoh. Only di lands of di priest nahin no  belong to Pharaoh.

Joseph Promise Jacob


So di pipo of Israel settle down for Goshen inside  Egypt. Dem gada properties for there. Dem prosper, con dey plenty well-well.

28. Jacob stay for di land of Egypt for seven years, and he con be hundred and forty seven years.

29. Wen di time reach for Israel to die, he sey make  dem call hin son Joseph. He con tell am sey, “If I don see favour from your eyes, put your hand under my lap, and promise sey you go show me good-heart and you go deal wit me wit truth. No bury me  for Egypt,

30. But I wan rest wit my ancestors, carry me komot from Egypt, con bury me put for where dem bury my ancestors put.” Joseph ansa am, “I go do wetin  you yarn.”

31. So Jacob tok sey, “Swear to me.” Joseph con swear to am, and Israel worship Baba-God as he  rest on hin head for di front of di bed.


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