Genesis Chapter 48

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    Jacob Bless Joseph Sons                                          

  1. Lata, dem con tell Joseph sey, “Your papa no well.” So he carry hin two sons Manasseh plus  Ephraim follow body.
  2. Wen dem tell Jacob sey, “Your pikin Joseph don come meet you,” naso Israel gada hin pawa, con sidon on top of bed.
  3. Jacob tell Joseph sey, “Baba-God Almighty show-face to me for Luz for di land of Canaan, and he bless me for there,
  4. Naso he tell me sey, ‘I go make you prosper and  plenty. I go turn you to plenty-plenty pipo, and I go give dis land as everlasting property—to your  pikin-pikin-pikin wey go come afta you.’
  5. “So now you go count your two sons wey dem born for you for Egypt before I come here—you go count dem as my pikin; Ephraim plus Manasseh, just as Reuben plus Simeon belong to me.
  6. Any pikin wey you born afta dem go be your own; for di land wey dem go share, dem go  count dem among dia brodas.
  7. As I dey come back from Paddan, e pain me well-well wen I see sey Rachel don die for di land of Canaan as we still dey travel for road—e no far from Ephrath. So I bury her for there for corner of  di road to Ephrath” [dat na Bethlehem].
  8. Wen Israel see Joseph sons, he ask, “Who be  dis ones?”
  9. So Joseph ansa am sey, “Dem be di pikin wey Baba-God give me for here.” Naso Israel tok sey, “Carry dem come meet me so dat I go bless dem.”
  10. Now Israel eyes no dey see well again becos he don  old, and e dey hard am to see tins. So Joseph carry hin sons near am, and he papa kiss dem, con hug dem.
  11. Israel tell Joseph sey, “I no believe sey I go se your face again, and now Baba-God don let me see your  pikin sef.”
  12. Joseph con carry hin pikin from hin papa knees,  con bow down face ground.
  13. And Joseph carry di two of dem; Ephraim from  hin right hand—put for Israel left side, and Manasseh from hin left hand—put for Israel right hand, and  he carry dem near Israel.
  14. So Israel stretch hin right hand, con put am for Manasseh head, even though nahin be di junior. He cross hin hand, con put hin left hand on Manasseh head, even though na Manasseh be di firstborn.
  15. Naso he bless Joseph, con tok sey, “Make di God—wey your papa-papa-papa follow, Abraham plus Isaac, di God wey don dey take care of me all my life reach today,
  16. di angel wey don save me from everi bad tins wey wan wound me—make dat God bless dis boys. Make dem call dem by my name and di names of my papa Abraham plus Isaac, and make dem plenty well- well for di earth.”
  17. Wen Joseph see hin papa dey put hin right hand on  Ephraim head, he no con happy; so he carry hin papa hand to move am from Ephraim head go Manasseh head.
  18. Joseph con tok sey, “No my papa, na dis one   be di firstborn; put your right hand for hin head.”
  19. But hin papa no gree, con tok sey, “I know my pikin, I know. Hinsef go trun to plenty pipo, and hinsef go be bigman. But hin junior broda go get levels pass am, and hin pikin-pikin-pikin go turn to plenty nations.”
  20. He bless dem dat day, con tok sey, “Di pipo of Israel go use una names wen dem dey pray for  blessings. Dem go tok sey, “Make Baba-God make una be like Ephriam plus Manasseh.’ ” Naso Jacob take put  Ephraim for front of Manasseh.
  21. Den Israel tell Joseph sey, “I go soon die, but Baba- God go dey wit you, con carry you go back to di land of your papa-papa-papa.
  22. So, I don give you one extra land pass your brodas—wey I collect from di Amorites hand wit my sword, wit bow and arrow.


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