Genesis Chapter 49

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Jacob Bless Hin Sons

  1. So Jacob call hin sons, con tell dem sey: “Make una gada round, so dat I go fit tell una wetin go happun to una for di days wey dey come.
  2. Gada make una listen—una wey be di sons of  Jacob; listen to una papa Israel.
  3. “Reuben, na you be my firstborn, my pawa, di first sign of my pawa, you get levels well-well, you get pawa well-well.
  4. You stubborn like water, you no go get levels again becos you enta your papa bed, and you  corrupt am by sleeping wit my side-chick.
  5. Simeon and Levi na brodas—dia weapon na  tool for killing.
  6. I no wish to ever join dia meeting, I no wish to join dia plans; becos dem don kill men wit vex, and dem break malu legs becos dem dey play.
  7. Curse dey for dia vex becos dem dey vex like faya; and curse dey on dia vex, becos e wicked! So I go divide dem among di pikin-pikin-pikin of Jacob; I go scata dem for  Israel.
  8. “Judah, your brodas go praise you; your hand go  dey for your enemies neck; your papa pikin go bow down to you.
  9. Oh Judah, you be lion pikin—wey dey kill bush-meat, con go back to hin joint. He dey stretch out  and dey lie down and no pesin get liver to disturb am.
  10. Di walking-stick of di king go dey wit Judah, and  hin pikin-pikin pikin go always rule. Nations go pay homage to am, and dem go bow down to obey am.
  11. He dey tie hin donkey to grape tree, con tie hin donkey pikin to di best grape tree. He dey wash hin clothes wit wine [becos di grape trees dey produce plenty], and hin wrapper—wit blood of grapes.
  12. Hin eyes go dark pass wine, and hin teeth go  white pass milk.
  13. “Zebulun go live nears water-side, and e go be safe place for ships; e border go long reach Sidon.
  14. “Issachar na strong donkey wey dey lie down between two load;
  15. Wen he see sey di place wey he dey rest dey nice, and sey hin land dey good, he go bend hin shoulder for load, con give hinsef for slave work.
  16. “Dan go be leader of hin pipo. Dem go be like di  oda tribes of Israel.
  17. Dan go be like snake for corner of road. Snake wey get poison for corner of road, wey dey bite  horse for leg, sote di pesin wey dey ride di horse go fall go back.
  18. “I dey wait for you to save me Baba-God.
  19. Group of robbers go attack Gad, but he go turn, con pursue dem.
  20. Di land of Asher go produce beta food. He go  provide food wey king fit chop.
  21. “Naphtali na deer wey dem no tie—and  wey dey tok beta words.
  22. “Joseph na tree wey dey produce plenty fruit  near water, and wey hin branch dey climb wall.
  23. Pipo wey dey shoot arrow use vex take attack  am, dem shoot am wit badbelle.
  24. But hin bow dey steady, hin strong hand dey move fast, becos of di hand of di ogbonge Baba-God  of  Jacob, becos of di Shepherd—di Rock of Israel,
  25. becos of di God of your papa wey dey epp you, becos of di Almighty wey dey bless you wit blessings from up-up, blessing wey dey under-under, blessing of breasts and belle.
  26. Your papa blessings on you pass di blessings of my ancestors [Abraham plus Isaac]—reach even di highest part of di everlasting hills. Make all dis tins rest on di head of Joseph—wey be prince among hin brodas.
  27. “Benjamin na wolf wey dey hungry well-well; he  dey kill hin bush-meat for morning, and he dey divide wetin he catch for evening.”
  28. Na all dis be di twelve tribes of Israel, and na dis tin dia papa tell dem wen he bless dem, con give dem di blessings wey all of dem suppose get.

          As Jacob Take Kpeme

29.So Jacob tell dem di tin wey dem go do: “I go  soon go join my ancestors. Bury me wit my ancestors for inside rock wey dey for di land of Ephron di Hittite,

30. Inside di rock for di land of Machpelah, near Mamre for Canaan—wey Abraham buy as burial  ground, from Ephron wey be Hittite, along wit di land.

31. Na for there dem bury Abraham and hin wife, na  for there sef dem bury Isaac and hin wife Rebekah, and na for there I bury Leah.

32. Di land, plus di rock wey dey inside am  nahin Abraham buy from di Hittites.”

33. Wen Jacob don tell hin sons wetin to do, he carry  hin legs enta bed, he breath hin last breath, con join hin ancestors.


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