Genesis Chapter 50

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    Dem Cry For Jacob And Dem Bury Am

  1. Joseph throw hin sef for hin papa body, con dey  cry and dey kiss am.
  2. So Joseph tok sey make dem embalm hin papa  Israel. Naso dem embalm am.
  3. Na forty days dem use becos na di time wey dem  dey use embalm pesin be dat. And di Egyptians  cry [mourn] for am for seventy days.
  4. Wen di days of crying [mourn] don pass, Joseph meet Pharaoh advisers, con tok sey, “Abeg make una do  dis favour for me—to epp me tok to Pharaoh.
  5. Tell am sey my papa make me swear oath. He tok  sey,‘I go soon kpeme, bury me for di grave wey I make for mysef for di land of Canaan.” Now make I go bury  my papa; and I go come back.’ ”
  6. So Pharaoh tok sey, “Go bury your papa, as he  make you swear to do.”
  7. Naso Joseph go bury hin papa. All Pharaoh servants escort am go—di top pipo of Pharaoh  advisers, plus all  di big-men for Egypt,
  8. all di pipo for Joseph family, hin brodas and those pipo wey belong to hin papa family. Only  dia pikin, dia animals plus dia malu nahin dem leave for Goshen.
  9. Horse-moto plus men wey dey ride horse, follow  dem sef. Na plenty pipo go di burial.
  10. Wen dem reach di harvest ground of Atad near Jordan, dem cry well-well, dem cry loud  cry, and Joseph cry for hin papa for seven days for there.
  11. Wen di pipo of Canaan wey dey live for there see as Joseph dey mourn for di harvest ground of Atad, dem con tok sey, “Di Egyptians dey hold serious ceremony of mourning.” Nahin make dem  call dat place wey dey afta river Jordan—Abelmizraim.
  12. So Jacob sons do wetin he tell dem to do.
  13. Dem carry Jacob go di land of Canaan, con bury am  inside di rock for di land of Machpelah near Mamre—wey Abraham bin buy as bury ground from Ephron wey be Hittite—wit di land wey dey for there.
  14. Afta Joseph bury hin papa Jacob, he go back to Egypt togeda wit hin brodas plus everi pesin wey  follow am go bury hin papa.

    Joseph Tell Hin Brodas To Calm Down

15. Wen Joseph brodas see sey dia papa don die, dem  tok sey, “What if Joseph carry sometin for mind against us, con pay us back for all di bad tins wey we do to am?”

16. So dem send message go meet Joseph sey, “Your  papa tok dis tin before he kpeme:

17. Dis na wetin una go tell Joseph: I dey ask you to forgive your brodas di sins plus di bad tins wey  dem do to you, becos dem do you evil tin.’ Now abeg forgive di sins of di servants of di God of your papa.” Wen  Joseph see dia message, he con dey cry.

18. Naso hin brodas come, con bow down for am.  Dem tok sey, “See, we be your slaves.”

19. But Joseph yarn dem sey, “Make una no fear, abi I go fit put mysef for Baba-God position?

20. Una plan to wound me, but Baba-God plan na to turn am to beta tin—to do wetin dey happun now as he save plenty lives.

So make una no dey fear. I go take care of una plus una pikin.” He calm dem down, con follow dem tok wit good-heart.

       As Joseph Take Kpeme

22. Joseph stay for Egypt wit all hin papa family-pipo. He live for hundred and ten years,

23. And he see di third generation of Ephraim pikin. Even pikin of Makir wey be di son of Manasseh sidon for Joseph knees wen dem born dem.

24. Naso Joseph tell hin brodas sey, “I wan die now, but Baba-God go surely epp una, con carry una  komot from dis land to di land wey he swear to give  Abraham, Isaac plus Jacob.

So Joseph make di sons of Israel swear, con tok sey, “Baba-God go surely come epp una, and una  must carry my bones komot from dis place.”

So Joseph kpeme wen he be hundred and ten years  old. So dem put am inside coffin for Egypt afta dem embalm am for inside Egypt.


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