Exodus Chapter 20

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Di Ten Commandment


And Baba-God tok all dis words sey,

2. “Na me be Baba-God una Oga, wey carry una komot from di land of Egypt—out from di house where una dey serve as slave.

3. Make you no get any gods apart from me.

4. Make you no build any idol for yoursef, or anytin wey resemble sometin for heaven for up-up, or for earth wey dey down, or for water wey dey under di earth.

5. Make you no bow down yoursef to dem, or serve dem, becos me Baba-God your Oga—na jealous God and I dey visit di sins of di fadas for dia pikin—reach di third plus fourth generation of dem wey hate me.

6. And I dey sorry-for thousands of generations of pipo wey love me, and wey dey keep my laws.

7. No play wit Baba-God name, becos Baba-God no go free di pesin wey use hin name in vain, and he no go leave dem wit-out punishment.

8. Remember di Sabbath day to keep am holy.

9. Na six days you go work, con do all your work.

10. But di seventh day na di Sabbath day of Baba-God your Oga; make you no do any work on dat day, you or your sons, or your daughters, your house-boy, or your house-girl, or your animals, or una visitor wey come una gates.

11. Becos na six days Baba-God take make di heaven plus di earth, di big-rivers plus everitin wey dey for inside dem, and he rest for di seventh day; nahin make Baba-God bless di Sabbath day, and he separate am as holy day (holiday).

12. Respect your papa plus your mama, so dat your days go long for di land wey Baba-God your Oga go give you.

13. Make you no kill.

14. Make you no sleep wit pesin husband or wife.

15. Make you no steal.

16. Make you no carry mata wey no be true put for your neighbour head.

17. No let your eyes shuuk for your neighbour house. No let your eyes shuuk for your neighbour wife, or hin servant wey be man or woman, or hin malu or donkey, or anytin wey belong to your neighbour.” 

18. And all di pipo see di thunders, plus di lightnings, and di noise of di trumpet, plus di mountain wey dey komot smoke, and wen di pipo see am, dem shift, and dem stand far.

19. So dem tell Moses sey, “Follow us tok and we go hear, but make Baba-God no follow us tok or we go kpeme.”

20. Naso Moses tell di pipo sey, “Make una mind no cut, becos Baba-God don come test una, and so dat hin fear go dey for una face—so dat una no go commit sin.

21. Di pipo con stand far-far, but Moses move go near di thick darkness—where Baba-God dey.

Di Law Of Baba-God Altar


Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “So make you tell di pikins of Israel sey, ‘Una don see sey I follow una tok from heaven.

23. Make una no make gods of silver, or gods of gold.

24. Build altar for me wit mud and sacrifice burnt offerings plus peace offerings on top of di altar—plus una sheep, goats, plus una malu. I go come down to bless una for any where wey I choose for una to worship me.

25. If una make altar for me wit stone, use only natural stone wey dem neva cut, becos wen una use chisel take work on di stone—una go make am no holy for me to use.

26. And make una no climb up to my altar wit steps, if una do like dat, pesin fit look under una cloth, con see una naked body.


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