Exodus Chapter 21

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    Di Law About Servants

1.Now na dis be di judgement wey you go set for dem.

2. If you buy Hebrew servant, he go serve for six years, and for di seventh year you go free am.

3. If he come in by hinsef, he go go out by hinsef. If he don marry, den he wife go follow am wen he dey komot.

4. If hin oga don give am wife, and she don born sons or daughters, di wife and her pikin go be for di oga, and na only am go komot.

5. But if di servant tok hin mind sey, “I love my oga, my wife, plus my pikin and I no wan get my freedom.”

6. Naso hin oga must carry am go meet di judges for di worship-place. He go carry am go di door or di doormot, con put hole for hin ears and e go serve am forever.

7. And if man sell hin daughter to be girl-servant, she no go get freedom as man-servant take dey get freedom.

8. If di man wey buy her to be hin wife—no con like her, den dem go sell her back to her papa; he no fit sell her to foreigners, since na him break di agreement wit her.

9. If di man select her for one of hin son, he must treat her like hin daughter.

10. If he marry anoda woman, he must no stop to dey feed her, or buy cloth for her or give her wetin wife suppose get.

11. If he no fit give her all dis tins, he must allow her go free wit-out collecting any moni.

Law Against Fight-fight

12. Any pesin wey nack pesin and di pesin con die, dem go surely kill am sef.

13. But if di pesin kill by mistake but Baba-God allow di tin happun, make di pesin escape go di place wey I choose for una—and di pesin go dey safe for there.

14. But if pesin plan to kill hin neighbour, and he kill am wit style, make dem kill am sef—even if di pesin run go hide for my altar.

15. Any pesin wey kill hin papa or mama, make dem surely kill am.

16. Any pesin wey kidnap pesin, con sell am, if dem see di pesin wit am, make dem kill di kidnapper.

17. Any pesin wey curse hin mama or papa—make dem kill am.

18. If two pipo dey fight, one con nack di oda one wit stone or wit hin hand, but he no die, but con dey for bed,

19. If di pesin con lata fit waka outside again, even if na wit walking-stick, dem no go punish di pesin wey put am for dat condition, but he must pay for di time wey di pesin no go work, con pay di moni to take care of di pesin wey he wound until di pesin don dey okay.

20. And if pesin beat hin servant or hin house-girl wit sometin, and e die for hin hand, make dem surely punish am.

21 But make dem no punish am if di servant stand up afta two of three days, since di slave nahin property.

22. If men wey dey fight, con wound woman wey get-belle—sote her belle con komot, but she no wound in any oda way, di pesin wey wound di woman wey get belle must pay anytin wey di woman husband want, and wetin di judge tok.

23. But if di woman con wound, make una take life—for life.

24. Eye for eye, teeth for teeth, hand for hand, leg for leg,

25. burning for burning, wound for wound, scratch for scratch.

26. If man nack hin servant eye, or di eye of hin house-girl—sote di eye con spoil, he go let am go free becos of di eye.

27. If man nack hin servant teeth komot, or hin house-girl teeth, he go let am go free becos of di teeth.

Law About Controling Animals

28. If malu use horn shuuk man or woman sote di pesin con die, dem must stone di malu to death, and make no pesin chop di meat. But dem no go hold di owner of di malu.

29. But if to sey e don tey wey di malu don dey use horn shuuk pipo and dem dey warn di owner about am, but di owner no keep di malu for one place, and di malu con kill pesin, dem must stone di malu to death, and dem must kill di owner of di malu sef.

30. But if di family-pipo of di pesin wey die agree to collect moni to make dem cool down becos of di pesin wey die, he fit save hin life by paying wetin dem ask from am.

31. Dis law still count if di malu kill pesin daughter or son.

32. If di malu use e horn take shuuk slave, whether na man or woman slave, di owner must pay thirty silver coins to di oga of di slave, and dem must stone di malu to die.

33. If man open hole, or pesin dig pit and he no con cover am, and malu or donkey con fall inside di hole.

34. Di owner of di hole go pay, and he go give moni to di owner of di animal, so na him go con get di dead animal.

35. If one man malu wound anoda man malu sote di malu con die, naso dem go sell di malu wey dey alive, con divide di moni, and dem go share di dead malu sef.

36. But if pipo know sey di malu dey always dey attack wit e horn, but di owner no gree keep am for one place, di owner must pay, malu for malu, but di malu wey don die go belong to am.


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