Exodus Chapter 22

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Laws To Protect Propertie

1.If pesin go tiff malu or sheep, con kill am, or sell am, he go pay back five malu for dat one malu wey he steal, and four sheep—for one sheep.

2. If dem catch tiff dey break enta pesin house for night, and dem beat am sote he die, dem no go hold di pesin wey kill am.

3. But if e happun for afta-noon, make dem hold di pesin wey kill di tiff. Tiff wey dem catch must fully pay for everitin wey he tiff, but if di pesin no get shi-shi to pay, naso dem go sell am (as slave) becos he steal.

4. If pesin tiff malu or donkey or sheep, and dem see di animal wit di pesin, di tiff must pay double of wetin he tiff.

5. If man make animal chop from anoda pesin farm or grape-farm, con put hin animals inside to chop for anoda man farm—he go use di best of hin own farm and grape-farm take pay back.

6. “If pesin start faya for hin own farm and di faya catch grass go burn anoda pesin farm, and e con burn all di food wey dey grow for di farm, or e burn di food wey dem don harvest, di pesin wey start di faya nahin go pay for wetin burn.

7. If man give hin neighbour moni or sometin to keep, and dem steal am from di man house, if dem see di tiff, make he pay times two.

8. But if dem no fit catch di tiff, den make dem carry di owner of di house come meet di judges to see if he don put hin hand for hin neighbour property.

9. “For any case of kwanta about property, whether na about malu, donkeys, sheep, clothes, or any oda tin wey lost—make dem carry di two pipo wey dey claim di property go meet di judges. Di pesin wey Baba-God tok sey don do wrong tin, go pay di oda pesin double.

10. If pesin keep  donkey or malu wit hin neighbour, or sheep, or any animal, and e con die, or e wound, or e komot and no pesin see am,

11. den di two of dem go swear oath to Baba-God sey he neva put hin hand for hin neighbour property. Di owner of di animal go forget di mata, and di neighbour no go pay for am.

12. And if dem tiff di animal from am, he go pay back di owner.

13. If na wild animal tear di animal to pieces, den make he bring di pieces come make pipo see, so dat he no go pay for am.

14. If pesin borrow animal from hin neighbour and di animal con wound or die wen di owner no dey for there, di pesin must pay back fully.

15. But if e happun wen di owner of di animals dey for there, he no need to pay back. If na animal wey dem rent, di moni for di rent don cover for am.

      Law For Human Being To Relate Wit Demsef

16. And if man use sweet-mouth take hold babe for work, babe wey he neva marry, and he con climb her, he go surely take her as hin wife.

17. If her papa no wan gree give her to am for marriage, he go pay moni based-on di bride-price of virgins.

18. Make you no let witch dey alive.

19. Make dem kill any pesin wey sleep wit animal.

20. Any pesin wey sacrifice to any god apart from Baba-God—go surely scata.

21. No make stranger vex, or oppress am, becos una bin live for Egypt as jjc [strangers].

22. Make una no suffer any widow or pikin wey no get papa.

23. If you suffer dem in any way and dem cry at all to me, I go surely hear dia cry,

24. and I go vex like faya, con kill you wit sword. Your wives go be widows, and your pikin no go get papa.

25. If you borrow moni to any of my pipo wey poor among una, no behave like bank wey dey ask for extra moni [interest], and no ask am for extra money [interest].

26. If you collect pesin cloth becos he owe you moni, you must give am back before sun go down,

27. becos na di only cloth wey di pesin get to cover, so dat hin body go warm. Which oda tin he go con use take sleep? Wen he cry to me for epp, I go ansa am becos I dey sorry-for pesin.

28. Make you no insult di gods, or curse di leaders of your pipo.

29. You must no waste time to give di first of your fruit wey don ripe [to Baba-God], and di first of your ogogoro, and you go give me di firstborn of your sons.

30. You must give me di firstborn of your malu, goats, plus your sheep. But make dem dey wit dia mama for seven days, but carry dem come meet me on di eighth day.

31. And make una be holy men to me, and make una no chop any animal wey wild animal don kill; give am to di dogs.


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