Exodus Chapter 23

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Justice For Everi Pesin

You must no tok about wetin no be true; no put your hand wit wicked pipo to be witness wey no get clean-heart.

2.No follow plenty pipo wey gada to do evil tin.

3. No do partiality to poor pesin wen dem dey hear hin case.

4. If you see your enemy malu or donkey wey waka-lose, you must surely bring am back to to am again.

5. If your enemy donkey don fall under load, epp am carry di donkey stand up again, no just waka komot.

6. “No do ojoro for poor pesin wen he dey for court.

7. Komot your hand far from mata wey no be true, and no kill innocent pipo or pipo wey get clean-heart, becos I no go tok sey wicked pesin get clean-heart.

8. No collect bribe, becos bribe dey blind wise man, and e dey make make man wey get clean-heart tok wetin no dey true.

9. Make you no oppress stranger sef, becos una sabi wetin e be to be strangers, since una be jjc (stranger) for di land of Egypt.

Laws About Sabbath

10. Na six years una go hustle for di land, and una go gada una fruits,

11. but make una let di seventh year rest, and no harvest anytin wey grow for di land, so dat poor pipo fit chop, and di animals go chop anytin wey remain. Na di sametin una go do to una grape-farm and una olive farm.

12. Do your work for six days, con rest on di seventh day, so dat your malu plus your donkey fit rest, and di sons of your house-girls, and di strangers—so dat gem go fit chill.

13. Make una calm down to follow everitin wey I dey tok. Make una no call di names of oda gods, no let dia names sound for una mouth.

Three Festivals Everi Year

14. Na three times una go do festival for me everi year.

15. Celebrate di Festival of Bread wit no Yeast; make una chop bread wey dem no make wit yeast, for seven days—as I bin tell una. Do am for di correct time for di month of Abib, becos na dat month una take komot from Egypt and make no pesin show-face for my front wit empty hand.”

16. And celebrate di Festival harvest, di firstfruits from wetin una plant for una farm; Den celebrate di Festival of di Final harvest, for di end of di year, wen una don harvest all di plants from una farm.

17. Na three times in a year all una men go show-face for Baba-God front.”

18. Make una no sacrifice di blood of my sacrifice along wit bread wey dem make wit yeast. Una must no keep di fat of my sacrifice reach morning.

19. Una go bring di firstfruit of una land to Baba-God house. No cook small-goat or small sheep, wey still dey suck e mama milk.”

Baba-God Angel Plus Di Promise

20. See, I dey send angel for una front to keep una for di way, and to carry una go di place wey I don arrange.

21. Dey careful wit am and make una obey hin voice, no make am vex becos he no go sorry-for una wen una do wrong tin—my name dey inside am.

22. But if una true-true obey hin voice, con do all di tins wey I dey yarn, naso una enemies go be my enemies, and I go attack di pipo wey dey attack you.

23. My angel go go for una front, con carry una meet di Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites, plus di Jebusites, and I go cut dem komot.

24. Make una no bow down to dia gods, or serve dem, or do di tins wey dem dey do, but make una overthrow dem kpatakpata, con break dia holy images to pieces.

25. Make una serve Baba-God wey be una Oga, and he go bless una food, plus una water, and I go komot sickness from una.

26. So no pesin go lose pikin, and pesin no go dey wey no fit born pikin for una land. I go make una live una full life.

27. I go send di fear of me for una front, and I go scata all di pipo wey una go meet, and I go make all una enemies turn dia back for una.

28. I go send hornets for una front, wey go pursue di Hivites komot, di Canaanites, plus di Hittites from una front.

29. I no go drive dem komot from una front in one year, or di land go dey empty, and di wild animals wey dey forest go con plenty and attack una.

30. I go drive dem komot small-small, until una go plenty, con take over di land.

31. “I go stand una borders from di Red Sea go reach di big-river of di Philistines, and from di desert go reach river Euphrates. I go put di pipo wey dey live for di land for una hands; and una go pursue dem komot from una front.

32. Make una no make any agreement wit dem, or wit dia gods.

33. Dem no go stay for una land or dem go make una turn against me. If una serve dia gods, e go surely be trap for una.”


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