Exodus Chapter 24

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Dem Confam Di Agreement

1. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Come up to meet Baba-God, you and Aaron, Nadab, plus Abihu, and seventy of di senior-men of Israel; and make una worship me from far.

2. Make only Moses come near Baba-God, but make dem no come near, and make di pipo no follow am go up.”

3. So Moses come, con tell di pipo everitin wey Baba-God tok, and all di laws. So di pipo ansa wit one voice, con tok sey, “We go do everitin wey Baba-God don tell us to do.”

4. So Moses write all di words of Baba-God, con stand up for early morning—naso he build altar for under di hill, plus twelve block of stones—based-on di tribes of Israel.

5. Naso he send young men from di pipo of Israel—wey give burnt offerings, con sacrifice peace offering of malu to Baba-God.

6. Moses carry half of di blood for inside basins, he con sprinkle half of di blood for di altar.

7. He carry di book of di agreement, con read am for front of di pipo, and dem tok sey, “We go do everitin wey Baba-God tell us sey make we do—and we go obey.”

8. Naso he carry di blood, con sprinkle am on di pipo, so he tok sey, “See di blood of di agreement wey Baba-God don make wit una based-on all dis words.”

9. So Moses plus Aaron go meet Nadab, and Abihu, plus seventy of di senior-men of Israel:

10. And dem see di God of Israel. Sometin like pavement wey dem make wit sapphire dey for under hin leg—wey clear like sky.

11. But Baba-God no raise hin hand against dis leaders of Israel; dem see Baba-God and dem still chop and drink.

Moses For On Top of Di Mountain

12. Baba-God con yarn Moses sey, “Come up to meet me for di mountain, and stay for there so dat I go give you stones wey be like book, plus di law, and commandments wey I don write; and make you teach dem.’

13. So Moses stand up wit hin minister—Joshua; and Moses go up to di mountain of Baba-God.

14. He tell di senior-men sey, “Wait here for us until we come back to meet una, and see, Aaron plus Hur dey wit una. If any man get any serious mata, make he go meet dem.”

15. So Moses go up to di mountain, and one cloud cover di mountain.

16. Naso Baba-God levels con dey for di mountain of Sinai, and di cloud cover am for six days; on di seventh day, Baba-God call Moses from inside di cloud.

17. For di eyes of all di pikin of Israel, Baba-God levels con be like faya wey dey burn well-well on top of di mountain.

18. Naso Moses enta inside di cloud as he dey climb go up of di mountain. So he stay for di mountain for forty days plus forty nights.


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