Exodus Chapter 25

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Offerings For Di Worship-place

1.Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
2. “Tell all di pikin of Israel sey make dem carry offering con give me, take my offering from everi man wey give am wit open heart.

3. And dis na di offering wey you go take from dem—gold, silver plus brass,

4. blue plus purple, and scarlet cloth, plus fine linen, and goat hair,

5. plus ram skin wey dem dye, plus badger skin and shittim wood,

6. ororo for light, spicies for anointing ororo and for sweet incense,

7. onyx stones, plus oda fine-stones wey dem go hang for di priest-cloth and di chest-cloth

8. And make dem build holy place for me to stay among dem,

9. Make dis worship-place plus everitin wey dey inside am, based-on di pattern wey I go show you.

Di Ark of Di


Make dem build ark wit shittim wood—make e long reach 45 inches, and wide reach 27 inches, con high reach 27 inches.

11. Cover am wit pure gold, both inside plus outside, con put gold border round am.

12. Make una make four rings of gold for am, con put am for di four corners, make two rings dey for one side, and two rings for di oda side of am.

13. Make pole wit acacia wood wey dem go use take carry am, con cover dem wit gold.

14. Shuuk di poles inside di rings for di side of di ark—to use take carry am.

15. Make di poles dey inside di rings of di ark, make no pesin komot dem.

16. And you go put di writings of di agreement wey I go give you, for inside di ark.

Di Mercy Chair


“Make mercy chair (cover for di ark) wit pure gold. E must long reach 45 inches, con wide reach 27 inches.

18. Den make two cherubim from gold wey dem hammer, con put dem for di two ends of di cover of di ark (mercy chair).

19. Make one cherub for one end, and di second cherub for di oda end. Make di two cherubim plus di mercy chair wey be di cover of di ark—make dem wit one single piece of gold.

20. Make di cherubim spread dia feathers face up, make dia feathers cover di mercy chair (di cover of di ark). Make di cherubim dey face each oda, con face di cover of di ark for down.

21. Put di mercy chair for on top of di ark, con put di words of di agreement wey I give you—for inside di ark.

22. For there, for on top of di cover—between di two cherubim wey dey on top of di ark of di law of God—I go meet you, con tell you wetin my pipo Israel go do and wetin dem  must no do.

     Di Table For Di Sample Bread

23. You go make table sef wit acacia wood and make e long reach 36 inches, con wide reach 18 inches, and high reach 27 inches.

24. Cover am wit pure gold, con make gold border round am.

25. Make frame round am wey be 3 inches, con put gold border on am.

26. Make four rings of gold for am, con put di rings for di four corners, near di legs.

27. Put di rings near di frames, and nahin go hold di poles wey dem go use take carry di table.

28. Use acacia wood take make di poles, con use gold take cover dem, so dat na dem pipo go use carry di table.

29. Make special containers; plates, spoons, jugs, and bowls for di drink offering. Make dem wit pure gold.

30. Put di table for front of di ark, and make holy bread wey dem dey give to Baba-God—always dey on top of di table.

Di Gold Lampstand

31. “Use pure gold wey dem hammer take make lampstand. Use one single piece of gold take make di whole lampstand; di bottom, di body, di lamp cups, plus di flower designs and everi oda part.

32. Make am wit six branches wey komot from di center stand, three branches for one side, and three branches for di oda side.

33. Make everi of di six braches get three designs for di body of di branch like almond flowers wey dey grow.

34. Make di main body of di lampstand get four cups wey dem designs like shape of almond wey dey grow fruit, wit e flowers.

35. Make one almond flower dey under everi two-two branches wey spread out from di center part of di lampstand.

36. Di flowers, di branches, and di lampstand go be single piece of pure gold wey dem hammer.

37. Make seven lamps for di lampstands, con set dem—so dat dem go dey shine for front.

38. Use pure gold take make di trays plus di lamp-quenchers.

39. Use 34 kg of pure gold take make di lampstand and di oda tins for di lampstand.

40. Make sure sey you make everitin based-on di pattern wey I don show you for di mountain.


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