Exodus Chapter 26

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Di Worship-place

1.So you go make di worship-place wit ten curtains of fine linen wey dem weave. Design di curtains wit blue, plus purple, and red thread, and cherubim wey dem design put wit skill.

2. Make all dis ten curtain get di same size—make dem long reach 42 feet, con wide reach 6 feet.

3. Join five of dis curtains togeda to make one long curtain, con join di oda five to make di second long curtain.

4. You go make loop wit blue material for di corner of di last curtain for di first set of curtains, and you go do di sametin for di second set of curtains.

5. He make 50 loops for di end of one curtain and 50 loops for di end of di oda curtain, so dat dem match.

6. He make 50 gold hooks to use for joining di curtains togeda—to make am be one for di worship-place.

7. Use cloth from goat hair take make eleven curtains to form tent to cover di worship-place.

8. Make dis eleven curtains get di same size—make e long reach 45 feet, con wide reach 6 feet.

9. Join five five of dis curtains togeda to make one long curtain, con join di oda six to form di second long curtain. Den allow 3 feet of material from di second set of curtain to hang for di front of di worship-place.

10. Make fifty loops for di corner of di two set of curtains.

11. Make fifty bronze hooks, con put di hooks inside di loops, con join di tent togeda to make dem be one single material.

12. Di 3 feet of material for di tent wey remain, go hang down for back of di worship-place.

13. Allow 18 inches of remaining material to hang from di sides of di worship-place, to cover am.

14. Make cover for di tent wit goat skin wey you dye wit red, and use badger skin take cover am.

15. Make frames [boards] for di worship-place wit shittim wood, and make dem stand face up.

16. Make di frames [boards]  high reach fifteen feet, con wide reach 27 inches,

17. Make di frames [boards] get two part wey point out for under. Make all di frames [boards] like dis.

18. Make twenty of dis frames [boards] to support di curtains wey dey for di south side of di holy-place.

19. Make forty solid-bottoms—two solid-bottoms go dey for one frame [board], for di two parts wey point out from di frame [board]; and two solid-bottom for under di next frame [board]—for di two part wey point come out.

20. Make anoda twenty frames [boards] for di north side of di holy-place,

21. Wit dia forty silver solid-bottoms—make one frame get two solid-bottoms.

22. Make six frames for di back of di worship-place, wey be di west side of di worship-place.

23. Make two frames [boards] for di two corners of di back of di worship-place.

24. For dis two corners, dem must be double from down to up—wit one ring wey join dem for up. Make di two frames [boards] for di two corners be di same.

25. So na eight frames [boards] go dey for back of di holy-place—wey dem set for sixteen silver base—two base for everi frame [board].

26. “Make crossbar wit acacia wood to connect di frames [boards] togeda—five crossbar for di north side of di holy-place;

27. Plus five for di south side. He still make five crossbar for di far end of di worship-place—wey face west.

28. Di crossbar wey dey for middle—dey gum-join from middle of di frame go up, go go from one end of di holy-place reach di oda end.

29. Cover di frames [boards] wit gold, con make gold rings to hold di crossbar. Cover di cross bar wit gold sef.

30. “Build di holy-place based-on di pattern wey you see for di mountain.

31. For di inside of di holy-place, make special curtain wit fine linen wey dem weave. Design am wit blue, purple, plus red thread—and make dem design cherubim wey fine well-well on am.

32. Hang am wit di hooks, on di for pillars wey dem make wit acacia wood and wey dem cover wit gold—con set di pillars for dia solid-bottom wey una make wit silver.

33. Hang di curtain from di hook, con put di Ark of Baba-God word for back of di curtain. So dat di cutain go separate di Holy Place from di Most Holy Place.

34. “Con put di cover of di ark (mercy seat) on top of di Ark of Baba-God word wey dey inside di Most Holy Place.

35. Put di table outside di curtain wey dey for inside, for di north side of di worship-place, con put di lamp stand for around di room for di south side.

36. “Make anoda curtain for di doormot of di worship-place. Weave am wit blue, purple, plus red thread, plus fine linen—wey designer weave.

37. Make five pillars wit shittim wood. Use gold take cover dem, con hang di curtains from dem wit gold hooks. Make five bronze solid-bottoms for di pillars. 


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