Exodus Chapter 27

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   Offering Wey Dem Burn

1. Use acacia wood take make square altar—make e wide reach seven and half feet, con long reach seven and half feet, and high reach four and half feet.

2. Make horns for di four corners, so dat di horns plus di altar go be one piece of wood. Use bronze take cover di altar.

3. Make all di bowls, shovels, hook, faya pans, plus oda tools wit bronze.

4. Make square roasting-net wit bronze, con make bronze rings for all di corners of di roasting-net

5. Put di roasting-net inside di altar. Make e go inside almost reach half—so dat di corners of di top of di altar go push-out-small.

6. Make poles to carry am wit acacia wood, and cover dem wit bronze,

7. con put dem for di rings for everi side of di altar—wen dem dey carry am.

8. Build di altar like shape of box wey open, just as I show you for on top of di mountain.

Di Yard of Di Worship-place

9. Use fine linen curtains take form yard for di worship-place. Di south side go long reach 150 feet.

10. Na 20 bronze pillars go dey hold di curtain, and use bronze take make 20 solid-bottom for di pillars, plus silver hooks and rings.

11. Make di curtains be di same for di north side—150 feet of curtain wey 20 pillars wit solid-bottom go hold dem. Hang di curtains wit silver hooks and rings.

12. Di curtains for di west end of di yard go long reach 75 feet, and na 10 pillars go hold di curtains. Di ten pillars go get solid-bottom.

13. Di east end of di yard, plus di front sef go long reach 75 feet.

14. Di doormot of di yard go dey for di east end wit two curtains for di sides. Di curtains for di right side go long reach 22 and half feet, 3 pillars wit dia solid-bottom nahin go hold di curtain.

15. Di curtain for di left side sef go long reach 22 and half feet. Use fine linen wey dem weave take make am, and make 3 pillars wey get 3 solid-bottom hold di curtain.

16. Make curtain wey long reach 30 feet for di doormot of di yard. Use fine linen wey dem weave take make am, make e fine wit special design wit blue, purple, plus red thread—wit 4 pillars wit solid-bottom for dem.

17. All di pillars wey dey around di yard must get silver rings plus hooks and solid-bottom wey be bronze.

18. So di whole yard go long reach 150 feet, con wide reach 75 feet wit curtain wall wey high reach 7 and half feet—wey dem make wit fine linen wey dem weave. Use bronze take make di solid-bottom of di pillars.

19. All di tins plus tools wey dem go use for di rituals of di worship-place, plus all di pins for tents wey dem use take support di worship-place plus di curtain for di yard—dem must make dem wit bronze.

Light For Di Worship-place

20. Tell di pipo of Israel sey make dem carry pure ororo come—wey dem make from olive wey dem press. Nahin dem go always use for di lamp.

21. Aaron and hin sons go make sure sey di lamp dey always burn for Baba-God front, from morning to evening, for inside di worship-place, outside di curtain wey dey for front of di ark. Make di pipo of Israel plus dia generations keep dis law forever.


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