Exodus Chapter 29

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  Dem Bless Aaron Wit All Hin Sons To Make Dem Holy As Priests

1. Dis na di ceremony wey you go do, wen you wan bless dem, so dat dem go fit serve me as priest. Carry one small malu, plus two rams wey no get comma for body.

2. Make bread wit no yeast, make cakes wit no yeast—mix wit ororo, and thin cakes wey dem rub wit ororo. Make dem wit fine wheat flour.

3. Put dem for inside one basket, con carry dem come wit di basket, wit di malu, plus di two rams.

4. Den carry Aaron plus hin sons go di doormot of di worship-place, con wash dem wit water.

5. Carry di cloth, con wear am for Aaron body; long-sleeve-gown,short-sleeve-gown wey dem dey wear under di priest-cloth, and di priest-cloth, plus di chest-cloth, con tie am di fine belt wey dem weave.

6. Den you go put di priest-cap for hin head, con put di holy crown on top of di priest-cap.

7. Carry di ororo for anointing, pour am for hin head, con anoint am.

8. Carry hin sons come sef, wear di long-sleeve-gown put for dia body,

9. tie di belt round Aaron and hin sons waist, con wear dem di cap for dia head. Based-on di law, dem plus dia generations go be priest forever. Naso you go take bless dem to be holy priests.

10. “Carry small malu come front of di worship-place, con tell Aaron plus hin sons sey make dem put dia hand for di malu head.

11. Kill di small malu for there, for front of my altar, for di door of di worship-place.

12. Carry some of di malu blood, use your finger take put am for di horns of di altar, con pour di blood for bottom of di altar.

13. Den you go carry all di fat wey cover di inside of di malu, di part wey cover di liver, plus di two kidneys wit di fat wey dey on dem, con burn dem on di altar.

14. But burn di malu body, e skin, plus di intestine for outside di camp; dis na sin offering.

15. Carry one of di rams, make Aaron plus hin sons put dia hands for e head.

16. Kill am, con carry di blood sprinkle round di four sides of di altar.

17. Cut di ram to pieces; wash di inside part of di ram and di legs, con put dem wit of di head plus di oda pieces.

18. Burn di whole ram for di altar. Na burnt offering to Baba-God. Di scent of dis offering dey make body sweet Baba-God.

19. “Carry di oda ram. Make Aaron and hin sons put dia hands on di head of di ram.

20. Kill di ram, carry some of e blood, con put am on di end of Aaron right ear, and on di end of hin sons right ears, and for di big-finger of dia right hands, and for di big toes of dia right legs; con sprinkle di remaining blood round di altar.

21. Carry some of di blood wey dey for di altar, wit some of di ororo for anointing, con sprinkle am on Aaron, hin clothes, and on hin sons wit dia clothes. Him, hin sons, plus dia clothes go holy for me.

22. “Cut di fat of di ram komot, di fat tail, di fat wey dey cover di inside parts, di part wey cover di liver, di two kidneys plus di fat wey dey on dem, plus di right lap; becos dis na di ram for di ceremony to make Aaron and hin sons priests;

23. Take one bread, den take anoda bread wey you make wit ororo, and take one thin-cake from di basket of bread wit no yeast, wey dey for Baba-God front.

24. Put all dis tins for Aaron and hin sons hands, and make dem raise dem up as special offering to Baba-God.

25. You go collect am from dia hands, con burn dem for di altar along wit di burnt offering. Di scent of dis offering dey make body sweet Baba-God; na offering to Baba-God wey dem make wit faya.

26. Take di breast of di ram of Aaron priest-ceremony, raise am up, con wave am to Baba-God as special gift. Dis part of di animal belong to you.

27. Dedicate di part of di ram wey belong to Aaron and hin sons—from di ram wey you take bless Aaron and hin sons to be priests; di breast wey dem wave wen dem raise up, plus di lap of di ram wey dem carry-come.

28. E go be law forever sey wen my pipo raise dia peace offerings go up, di breast plus di lap of di animal go belong to Aaron and hin sons. Na dis be di gift from di pipo to me, dia Oga.

29. Aaron sons go collect hin priest-cloth afta he die, becos nahin dem go wear—wen dem make dem priest.

30. Aaron son wey go take hin position as priest go wear dis clothes for seven days—wen he dey enta di worship-place to serve for inside di Holy Place.

31. “Take di meat of di ram wey you use take make Aaron and hin sons priest, con boil am for di holy-place.

32. Make Aaron and hin sons chop di ram wit di bread wey remain for inside di basket, for di doormot of di worship-place.

33. Make dem go chop di offerings wey dem use take make dem pure for di priest ceremony. Na only priests fit chop dis food, becos na holy food.

34. If dem no fit chop some of di meat plus some of di bread finish before morning, dem go burn di tins wey remain wit faya, make dem no chop am, becos e holy.

35. “Na seven days you go take do di ceremony to make Aaron and hin sons be priest—just di way I tell you.

36. You must sacrifice one small-malu everi day as sin offering, so dat Baba-God fit forgive sins. Clean di altar from sins by making am pure. Den anoint di altar wit ororo to make am holy.

37. Do dis tin everi day for seven days. Naso di altar go take holy kpatakpata (Most Holy) and anytin wey touch di altar go holy.

Di Offering Wey Dem Dey Give Everi Day

38. Dis na wetin you go dey give for di altar; Everi day and forever, sacrifice two lambs wey be one year old.

39. Sacrifice one of di lambs for morning and di oda one for evening.

40. Use 2 kg of fine flour mix wit one liter of ororo take give everi single lamb, and pour out one liter of ogogoro (wine) as drink offering.

41. Sacrifice di second lamb for evening, and give di same seed offering of flour wit am, olive ororo, plus wine—just like you do for morning. Na sweet scent, na offering wey dem make to Baba-God wit faya.

42. From generation to generation, make una sacrifice dis burnt offering to me for front of di worship-place. Na for there I go meet you, con follow you tok.

43. Na for there I go take meet di pipo of Israel, and my levels go make di worship-place holy as e show-face.

44. I go make di worship-place and di altar holy, and I go separate Aaron wit hin sons to serve me as priests.

45.  I go live among di pipo of Israel, and I go be dia God.

46. Dem go sabi sey na me Baba-God dia Oga, wey carry dem komot from Egypt so dat I go live among dem. Na me be Baba-God dia Oga.


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