Exodus Chapter 30

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Altar For Incense

1. Use shittim wood take make altar for me—altar for burning incense.

2. Make e be four corners, make e long reach eighteen inches, con wide reach 18 inches, and make e high reach 36 inches, and make dem carve di horns of di altar and di altar wit one piece of wood.

3. Cover di top wit pure gold, plus all di four corners, and di horns, and make gold borders round am.

4. Make two gold rings for carrying am, con gum dem join under di borders, for di opposite sides wey go hold di pole wey dem go use take carry am.

5. Use shittim wood take make di poles, con cover dem wit gold.

6. Put di altar outside di inside curtain wey dey cover di Ark of Baba-God word, for front of di cover of di Ark (di mercy chair)—wey cover di stones wey Baba-God write di law put—na where I go meet you be dat.

7. Everi morning, wen Aaron come maintain di lamp—he must burn incense wey dey scent on top of di altar.

8. And wen he come light di lamp everi evening, he must burn incense again on top of di altar. Dem must do dis tin from generation to generation.

9. Make una no give any incense wey no holy for dia altar, any animal offering, or any seed offering, and no pour any drink offering for di altar.

10. Once in a year, Aaron must do di ritual to make di altar pure, by putting di blood of di animal wey dem sacrifice for sin offering—for di horns of di altar. Make dem do dis tin once everi year from generation to generation:  Becos na di most holy altar for Baba-God.

Di Census Offering

11.Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

12. “Any time wey you count di pipo of Israel, everi man wey you count must pay moni to Baba-God for hin life, so dat no kasala or disease go come meet di pipo as you dey count dem.

13. Everi pesin wey dem count go give small silver as holy offering to Baba-God. Na half silver coin based-on di standard weight (half silver coin na twenty gerahs).

14. Everi pesin wey dem dey count—everi man wey be twenty years go up nahin go give dis offering to Baba-God.

15. Make bigman no pay more, and make poor man no pay moni wey small pass di half silver coin—wen dem dey pay dis moni for dia lives.

16. Collect dis moni wey di pipo of Israel pay for dia lives, con spend am to maintain di worship-place. Becos of dis offering to me, and I go remember to make dem pure.”

Di Bronze Basin

17. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,

18. “Make bronze basin wit bronze basin-stand, con put am between di worship-place (tent) and di altar, con put water inside am for washing.

19. Aaron plus hin sons suppose use di water take wash dia hands plus dia legs from di basin.

20. Before dem enta inside di worship-place, or go near di altar to do dia work—to burn offering wey dem make wit faya for Baba-God, dem must wash demsef wit water so dat dem no go die.

21. Dem must wash dia hands and legs so dat dem no go die. Dis na law wey dem and dia pikin-pikin-pikin must follow forever.”

Di Ororo For Anointing

22. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,

23. “Carry di finest spices, about 5.4 kg of pure myrrh, about 2.7 kg of cinnamon wey dey scent, about 2.7 kg of calamus wey dey scent,

24. and about 2.7 kg of cassia (wey dem weigh wit di standard weight of di worship-place). Den add one gallon of olive ororo.

25. Blend dis ingredients well-well to make holy anointing ororo—mix am like pesin wey dey make perfume. Na holy anointing ororo.

26. Use di holy ororo take anoint di worship-place, di ark of Baba-God agreement,

27. Di table plus di tools, di lampstand plus e tools, di incense altar,

28. di altar of burnt offering plus all e tools, and di basin for washing wit di basin-stand.

29. Bless dem to make dem holy kpatakpata. Afta dis, anytin wey touch dem go holy.

30. “Anoint Aaron and hin sons, bless dem to serve me as priests.

31. Naso you go tell di pipo of Israel sey, ‘Dis one na holy ororo for me—for all una generations.

32. Dem must no use am take anoint any oda pesin, and una must no ever mix anytin like am. E holy, and una must take am as sometin wey holy.

33. Any pesin wey mix sometin wey be like am, to anoint anoda pesin apart from di priest, go cut komot from hin pipo.’ ”

Di Incense

34.Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Take some of dis spices; stacte, onycha, galbanum plus pure frankincense. Make all of dem be di same measurement.

35. Use dem take make incense wey you go mix like pesin wey sabi mix perfume. Add salt join to make am pure and holy.

36. Grind part of am make e smooth like powder, con put am for front of di ark for di worship-place. Na for there I go meet you. Treat dis incense like sometin wey holy well-well.

37. Make no pesin mix dis kain incense for hinsef. Do am like sometin wey holy well-well for Baba-God.

38. Any pesin wey mix dis kain incense for hinsef, go cut komot from hin pipo.”


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