Exodus Chapter 32

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Di Golden Malu

1. Wen di pipo see sey Moses dey tey well-well to come down from di mountain, dem gada round Aaron, con tok sey, “Come make gods for us wey go guide and protect us. As for di guy Moses wey carry us komot from Egypt, we no know wetin don happun to am.”

2. So Aaron ansa dem, “Make una komot una gold earrings wey una wives plus una pikin dey wear, and make una carry dem come meet me.”

3. So all di pipo komot dia earrings, con carry dem come meet Aaron.

4. Aaron carry wetin dem give am, he melt dem, con use am take form idol wey get di shape of malu-pikin. Wen di pipo see am, dem con tok sey, “Oh Israel, na una gods be dis, wey carry una komot from Egypt.”

5. Wen Aaron see dis tin, he build altar for front of di idol con tok sey, “Festival go dey tomorrow for Baba-God.”

6. So di next day, di pipo wake up for early mor-mor, con sacrifice burnt offerings and dem give peace offerings. Lata-lata, dem sidon to chop and drink, and dem stand up con dey flex.

7. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Dey go down becos your pipo wey you carry komot from Egypt don shuuk hand for bad tin.

8. Dem don sharp-sharp turn komot from wetin I tell dem. Dem don make idol for demsef—wey dem make like di image of malu-pikin, con dey worship am. Dem don even sacrifice to am, and dem tok sey, ‘Oh Israel, na una gods be dis—wey carry una komot from Egypt.’

9. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “I don see dis pipo and dem get coconut-head [dem be stubborn pipo].

10. Now leave me joor, so dat I go vex for dem like faya, con scata dem! And I go con turn you to great nation.”

11. But Moses con beg Baba-God hin Oga, he tok sey, “Chai Baba-God, why you go vex like faya for your pipo wey you carry komot from Egypt wit ogbonge pawa and strong hand?

12. Why di Egyptians go con tok sey, ‘Na wit bad-mind Baba-God take carry dem komot, to kill dem for di mountains and to flush dem komot from di face of di earth’? Turn from your serious vex; change your mind from dis kasala wey you wan put on your pipo.

13. Remember your servant Abraham, Isaac plus Israel, your servants—wey you swear to by your own sef sey: ‘I go make your pikin-pikin-pikin plenty like stars wey dey for sky, and I go give your pikin-pikin-pikin all di land wey I promise, and e go be dia property forever.’ ”

14. Naso Baba-God change hin mind from di kasala wey he wan bin put on di pipo.

15. Moses turn, con go down from di mountain wit di two stones for hin hands—stones wey Baba-God write put. Writing dey for both di front and back.

16. Di stone na di work of Baba-God; di writing na Baba-God handwriting wey he carve put for stone.

17. Wen Joshua hear di noise of di pipo dey shout, naso he tell Moses sey, “Sound of war dey for di camp.”

18. Moses con ansa am sey, “No be di sound of victory, no be di sound of pipo wey dem beat; na di sound of singing I dey hear.”

19. Wen Moses waka reach di camp con see di malu-pikin plus di dancing, naso he vex like faya, and he throway di stone from hin hand, and dem break to pieces for down of di mountain.

20. So he carry di malu-pikin wey dem make, con burn am wit faya; den he grind am to powder, he scata am for water, con make di pipo of Israel drink am.

21. Naso he tell Aaron sey, “Wetin dis pipo do you wey you con make dem commit dis kain big sin?”

22. So Aaron ansa am, “Make you no vex my Oga, you know how di pipo get evil for dia mind.

23. Dem tell me sey, ‘Make gods for us wey go dey guide us. As for dis guy Moses wey carry us komot from Egypt, we no know wetin don happun to am.’

24. So I tell dem sey, ‘Any pesin wey get gold, make e komot am.’ So dem give me di gold and I throw am inside faya, con use am take form malu-pikin!”

25. Moses see sey di pipo dey do anyhow and Aaron don let dem lose control, sote dia enemies con dey laff dem.

26. So he stand for di doormot of di camp, con tok sey, “Any pesin wey dey for Baba-God make he come meet me.” Naso all di sons of Levi come meet am.

27. He con tell dem sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God, di God of Israel tok, ‘Make all of una carry una sword for una side. Waka round di camp from one end to di oda end. Kill everi pesin—even your brodas, your padi, and your neighbours.’ ”

28. Di Levites do wetin Moses tell dem to do, and three thousand pipo kpeme dat day.

29. So Moses tok sey, “Una don separate unasef as holy pipo for Baba-God work today, becos una obey Baba-God against una own sons and brodas, and he don bless una today.”

30. Di next day, Moses tell di pipo sey, “Una don commit big sin. But now I go go up to meet Baba-God; maybe I fit beg Baba-God to forgive una sin.”

31. So Moses go back to meet Baba-God, con tok sey, “Chai see di big sin wey dis pipo don commit! Dem don make gods for demsef wit gold.

32. But abeg forgive dem now, abeg forgive dia sin, but if not, den komot my name from di book wey you don write.”

33. So Baba-God ansa Moses, “I go komot di name of any pesin from my book—pesin wey don sin against me.

34. Now go lead di pipo go di place wey I tell you about, and my angel go go for your front. But wen di time reach for me to punish, I go punish dem for dia sin.”

35. Naso Baba-God send sickness to di pipo becos of wetin dem do wit di idol of malu-pikin wey Aaron make for dem.


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