Exodus Chapter 34

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Di New Stones Wit Writings

1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Carve two stones like di first ones and I go write on dem—di words wey bin dey for di first stones wey you break.

2. Ready for morning, den make you come up to mountain Sinai. Show-face for my front for there—for on top of di mountain.

3. Make no pesin follow you come, or show-face for any where near di mountain; make even animals and malu no chop for front of di mountain.”

4. So Moses carve two stones like di first ones, con climb up go mountain Sinai for early mor-mor,  just as Baba-God bin tell am; and he carry two stones for hin hand wey he carve.

5. Naso Baba-God come down for inside cloud, he stand for there wit am, con call di name of Baba-God.

6. So he pass Moses front, con dey tok sey, “Di Oga, di Oga, di God wey get kind-heart plus grace, wey no dey quick vex, wey dey show love plus truth brekete,

7. He no dey stop to sorry-for pipo for thousands of generation, and he dey forgive wickedness, disobedience, plus sin. But he no dey slack to punish di pikin plus dia pikin-pikin for di sins of dia papa, even reach di third plus fourth generation.”

8. Moses sharp-sharp bow down face ground, con dey worship Baba-God.

9. He tok sey, “Chai Baba-God, if I don see favour for your eyes, den make Baba-God follow us go. Even though dis pipo get coconut-head, forgive awa evil ways plus awa sins, and take us as your property.”

New Agreement

10. Baba-God con tok sey, “I dey make agreement wit you. I go do ogbonge tins for front of all your pipo—wey neva happun before for di earth or for any nation of di world. All di pipo wey dey around you go see as di kain ogbonge work wey me Baba-God, go do for you; becos na ogbonge tin I go do for you.

11. Obey di tins wey I dey tell you today. I go pursue di Amorites from your front, di Canaanites, Hittites, Perizites, Hivites, plus Jebusites.

12. Dey careful so dat you no go make agreement wit those pipo wey dey live for di land where una dey go so, or dem go be trap among una.

13. Break dia altars put for ground, nack dia holy stones for ground, con cut dia wood images wey dem dey use take worship di goddess Asherah;

14. Becos una must no worship any oda god, becos Baba-God wey hin name na Jealous, na Jealous God.

15. “Make una no do agreement wit di pipo wey dey live for di land; becos dem go soon start to dey worship dia gods like ashawo, con dey do sacrifice. Dem go invite una to chop dia sacrifice food, and una go follow dem chop am.

16. Naso una go choose some of dia daughters as wives for una sons, and dem go use style make una sons cheat on me—by worshipping oda gods.

17. “Make una no make any idol wey una mold.

18. “Celebrate di Festival of bread wit no yeast. Chop bread wey una no make wit yeast for seven days—as I tell una to do. Do dis tin for di correct time for di month of Abib, becos na for dat month una komot from Egypt.

19. “Di first pikin from everi belle belong to me, even all di firstborn of all una animals wey be male, whether na from una malu or sheep.

20. But buy back di firstborn donkey wit lamb, but if you no buy am back, break e neck. Buy back all una firstborn wey be boy. Make no pesin come meet me wit empty hand.

21. “Una go work for six days. But make una rest on di seventh day. Even for both planting and harvest season, una must rest.

22. “Celebrate di Festival of Harvest wit di firstfruit of di wheat harvest, con celebrate di Festival of Final harvest for di end of di harvest season.

23. Make all una men show-face for front of di God of Israel—Baba-God Almighty, three times in a year.

24. I go pursue di nations komot from una front, con add join una territory, and no pesin go codedly plan to collect una land—wen una go up three times a year to show-face for my front—Baba-God una Oga.

25. “Make una no give di blood of sacrifice to me along wit anytin wey get yeast, and make una no let any of di sacrifice from di Passover Festival remain until morning.

26. “Bring di best of di firstfruits of una farm to Baba-God una Oga house. “No cook any small goat wey still dey suck e mama breast.”

27. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Write dis words down, becos na based-on dis word I take make agreement wit you plus di pipo of Israel.”

28. Moses dey for there wit Baba-God for forty days plus forty nights wit-out bread or water. And he write on di stones wit di words of di agreement—di Ten commandments.

Moses Face Dey Shine

29. Wen Moses come down from Mountain Sinai wit di two stones of words for hin hands, he no even know sey di skin of hin face dey shine becos he follow Baba-God tok.

30. Wen Aaron plus all di pipo of Israel see Moses, di skin of hin face con dey shine, so dem fear to near am.

31. But Moses call dem, so Aaron plus all di leaders of di pipo come back to meet am, and he follow dem tok.

32. Las-las all di pipo of Israel come near am, and he give dem all di commandments wey Baba-God tell am for Mountain Sinai.

33. Wen Moses follow dem tok finish, he use sometin take cover hin face.

34. But any time wey he show-face for Baba-God front to follow am tok, he komot di tin wey he take cover hin face until he come out. And wen he come out, he tell di pipo of Israel wetin Baba-God tell am to do.

35. Di pipo of Israel see Moses face, sey di skin of hin face dey shine. So Mose use sometin take cover hin face again until he enta go follow Baba-God tok again.


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