Exodus Chapter 35

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Laws For Di Sabbath

1. Moses gada all di pipo of Israel togeda, con tell dem sey, “Na dis be di tins wey Baba-God don tell una to do.

2. ‘Make una hustle (work) for six days, but make di seventh day be una holy day, Sabbath of rest to Baba-God. Any pesin wey work on dis day must die.

3. No light faya for any of una house on Sabbath day.”

Materials For Di Worship-place

Naso Moses tell all di pipo of Israel sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God dey tell una to do:

5. ‘Take offering for Baba-God from wetin una get. Everi pesin wey get open heart to give Baba-God offering of gold, silver, bronze;

6. Blue, purple and red thread, plus fine linen and goat hair;

7. ram skin wey dem dye to red, badger leather, plus shittim wood;

8. ororo for di light, spices for di anointing ororo and for di incense wit scent;

9. Plus onyx stone and oda fine-stones wey dem go put for di priest-cloth plus di chest-cloth.

Workers Wey Sabi Build For Di Worship-place

10. “All di wise artists wey get talent among una go come do everitin wey Baba-God don tok:

11. di worship-place, plus e tent, and di cover, di hooks, di frames, crossbars, pillars, and solid-bottoms,

12. and di ark wit e poles, plus di mercy chair, and di curtain wey dey cover di ark,

13. Di table wit e poles and all oda tools, and di holy bread,

14. Di lampstand for light plus e tool, lamps plus ororo for di light,

15. And di altar of incense, di poles to carry am, di anointing ororo, di sweet incense, di curtain for di doormot of di worship-place,

16. di altar of burnt offering wit e bronze roasting-net, e poles and all e tools, di basin, plus di basin-stand,

17. Di curtains of di yard wit e pillars plus solid-bottoms, and di curtains for di doormot of di yard,

18. Di pins for di tent of di worship-place and di yard, wit dia ropes;

19. Di clothes wey dem weave for di priests to wear take serve for di holy place—both di holy cloth of Aaron di priest, plus di clothes of hin sons wey dey serve as priest.”

Di Pipo Bring Gifts

20. So all di pipo of Israel komot from Moses front.

21. And everi pesin wey dia heart ginger dem, and wey get open-heart come, con bring offering for Baba-God for di work of di worship-place, for all e service, and for di holy clothes.

22. All di pipo wey get free-mind—both men plus women come—con bring different-different gold jewelries; bangles, earrings, rings, chains, and dem give dia gold to Baba-God.

23. And all di pipo wey get dis tins, give dem wit free-mind: blue, purple, and red thread; fine linen plus goat hair for cloth; ram skin wey dem dye, plus fine badger skin.

24. Those pipo wey dey bring offering of silver or bronze carry am come as offering to Baba-God, and any pesin wey get shittim wood carry am come for part of di work.

25. All di women wey get talent and wey sabi weave, con bring wetin dem don weave; blue, purple, and red material, plus fine linen.

26. Di women wey sabi make cloth from goat hair happy to do dia work.

27. Di leaders bring onyx stones, plus oda fine-fine-stones wey dem go sew put for di special clothes plus di chest-cloth for di high priest.

28. Dem still bring spices, plus ororo for di light and for anointing ororo, and for di incense wey dey scent.

29. All di pikins of Israel bring offerings from dia free-mind to Baba-God, all di men plus women wey get open-heart to bring materials for everi kind of work wey Baba-God tell Moses sey make dem do.

Bezalel Plus Oholiab

30. Naso Moses tell di pipo of Israel sey, “See, Baba-God don choose Bezalel wey be di son of Uri, di son of Hur wey be from di tribe of Judah,

31. And Baba-God don make am brekete wit hin Spirit, wit wisdom, understanding, and to sabi know tins, and to do everi kind of handwork.

32. To make design of artwork—wit works of gold, silver, plus bronze,

33. To cut and set stones, to carve wood and to do all kind of art and design work.

34. He don give both him plus Oholiab wey be di son of Ahsamach wey be from di tribe of Dan—di pawa to teach odas wetin dem sabi.

35. He don make dem brekete wit wisdom for dia heart—to do everi kind of work as artist, designers, and to weave fine linen—of blue, purple, and red thread;  dem sabi do everi kind of work and dem fit design works as artists.


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