Exodus Chapter 39

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As Dem Take Make Clothes For Di Priests

1. From di blue, purple and red thread, dem make clothes wey priest go use take serve for di holy place. Dem still make holy clothes for Aaron, just as Baba-God bin tell Moses.

As Dem Take Make Di Priest-cloth

2. Bezalel use gold take make di priest cloth, and blue, purple plus red thread, and dem use fine linen cloth wey dem weave.

3. Dem hammer thin sheet of gold, dem cut am like thin threads, con weave am togeda wit di blue, purple and red thread, plus di fine linen—na di work of designer wey get skill.

4. Dem make shoulder parts for di priest-cloth—wey dem join for di two corners, so dat dem fit tie am.

5. Di belt wey dem weave wit skill for di priest-cloth na di same materials wit di priest-cloth—gold, blue, purple and red thread, and wit fine linen wey dem weave. So e con be one piece of cloth—just as Baba-God bin tell Moses.

6. Dem set di onyx stones for gold settings, dem carve di names of di sons of Israel put like seal.

7. Naso dem tie dem join di shoulder part of di priest-cloth as remembrance for di sons of Israel—just as Baba-God bin command Moses.

As Dem Take Make Di Chest-cloth

8. Dem make di chest-cloth wit di same material wey dem use take make di priest-cloth and dem get di same pattern of design wey dem use thread make.

9. Di chest-cloth na square we dem fold two times. E long reach 9 inches, con wide reach 9 inches.

10. Dem set four rows of fine-stone put on am: Di first row get ruby, topaz plus emerald;

11. Di second row get  turquoise, sapphire plus diamond;

12. Di third row get jacinth, plus agate and amethyst;

13. And di fourth row get beryl, onyx plus jasper. Dem set di stones put for fine gold settings.

14. Na twelve stones dey for there, and one for everi single name of di sons of Israel, dem carve dia name put like seal.

15. And dem make gold chains for di end of di chest-cloth, like rope wey dem weave.

16. Dem make two gold settings plus two gold rings, and dem tie di rings to di two corners wey dey up of di chest-cloth.

17. Dem tie di two gold chains join di rings for di end of di chest-cloth.

18. And di oda ends of di chains join di two gold settings, con fix dem join di shoulder part for di front of di priest-cloth.

19. Dem make two gold rings, con fix dem join di oda two ends of di chest-cloth, for di corner, wey dey for di inside part of di priest-cloth.

20. Naso dem make two more gold rings, con fix dem put for di bottom of di shoulder part, under di priest-cloth, for front, near di place wey dem dey join am, for up of di belt of di priest-cloth wey dem weave.

21. Dem tie di rings of di chest-cloth to di rings for di priest-cloth wit blue rope, to hold di chest-cloth well-well join di priest-cloth,so di chest-cloth go rest for up of di belt wey dem weave wit linen, and so dat di chest-cloth no go loose from di priest-cloth—just as Baba-God tell Moses.

As Dem Take Make Di Oda Clothes For Di Priests

22.Dem make di short-sleeve-gown wey dem dey wear wit di priest-cloth from one single blue cloth wey dem weave,

23. naso dem open space wey di priest go shuuk hin head for di middle of di cloth. Dem con weave anoda cloth round di hole for di middle of di cloth so dat e no go tear.

24. Naso dem make pomegranates wit blue, purple, and red fine linen wey dem weave—for di bottom of di short-sleeve-gown.

25. And dem make bells wit pure gold, con fix dem between di pomegranates wey dey for di bottom of di short-sleeve-gown;

26. One bell—one pomegranates, one bell—one pomegranates round di bottom end of di short-sleeve-gown. Di priest wear dis short-sleeve-gown any time wey di priest dey serve for Baba-God front, just as Baba-God tell Moses.

27. Dem make long-sleeve-gowns wit linen wey dem weave wit style for Aaron and hin sons.

28. Dem make priest-cap wey dem make wit fine linen, special caps wey dem make wit fine line, and short-nika wey dem weave wit linen,

29. plus belt wey dem weave wit fine linen, wit blue, purple and red thread—just as Baba-God tell Moses.

30. Naso dem make holy crown wit pure gold plate, con engrave am like seal wit dis words wey dem write:HOLINESS TO BABA-GOD’

31. Dem tie blue rope join am, so dat e go fit tie join di priest-cap wey dey for up—just as Baba-God tell Moses.

Dem Finish Di Work

32. Las-las dem finish all di work for di worship-place of Baba-God. Di pipo of Israel make everitin just as Baba-God tell Moses.

33. Dem carry di Tent come meet Moses wit all e tools, di hooks, frames, crossbars, pillars, and solid-bottoms;

34. Di cover of di tent wey be ram skin wey dem dye to red, plus di badger skin cover, and di curtain wey dey cover di ark;

35. di ark of Baba-God word [wey be di box of di stones wey dem write put], di poles for di ark, plus di cover of di ark [mercy chair];

36. Di table plus di tools, and di bread wey dem dey give to Baba-God;

37. Di lampstand wey be pure gold, di lamps, plus all di tools, plus di ororo for di lamps;

38. Di gold altar, di anointing ororo, and di incense wey get nice scent, plus di curtain for di doormot of di worship-place;

39. Di bronze altar, di bronze roasting-net, di poles for di altar wit all e tools, di basin wit e stand.

40. Di curtains of di yard, di pillars and solid-bottoms, and di curtain for di doormot of di yard, di ropes and pins, and all di tools of di worship-place—wey dem dey use for di service of di worship-place;

41. Di fine long-sleeve-gown wey di priests dey wear inside di Holy place—di holy clothes of Aaron di priest and for hin sons.

42.Di pipo of Israel do all di work, based-on everitin wey Baba-God tell Moses to do.

43. Naso Moses look all di work, and true-true dem do am just as Baba-God tell dem, na di correct way dem build dem. So Moses bless dem.


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