Exodus Chapter 40

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Dem Set Di Worship-place

1. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,

2. “Set up di worship-place, for di first day of di month.

3. Put di ark (box wey di ten commandments dey inside) inside di worship-place, con use di curtain take guard di ark.

4. Carry di table come inside, con set di tins wey suppose dey on am, den bring di lampstand, con set di lamps.

5. Put di golden altar for burning incense for front of di holy ark, con put di curtain for di doormot of di worship-place.

6. Put di altar of burnt offering for front of di doormot of di worship-place, di Tent of Meeting;

7. Put di basin between di worship-place and di altar, con pour water put inside.

8. Set di yard round am, con put di curtain for di doormot of di yard.

9. Take di anointing ororo, use am take anoint di worship-place, plus everitin wey dey inside am, give dem to Baba-God plus all di properties, and dem go holy.

10. Den you go anoint di altar of burnt offering, plus all e tins, bless di altar for Baba-God, and e go dey holy well-well.

11. Anoint di basin plus e stand, con bless am to make am holy.

12. “Bring Aaron plus hin sons come front of di worship-place, con wash dem wit water.

13. Den wear Aaron di holy clothes, con anoint am, con bless am to make am holy—so dat he go serve me as priest.

14. Bring hin sons come, con wear di long-sleeve-gown for dia body.

15. Anoint dem just as you take anoint dia papa, so dat dem go fit serve as priests, and dia generations go be priests forever.”

16. Moses do everitin just as Baba-God tell am.

17. So dem set up di worship-place on di first day of di month for di second year.

18. Wen Moses set up di worship-place, he put di solid-bottoms for dia place, con stand di frames, he set di crossbar, con set up di pillars.

19. So he spread di tent on top of di worship-place, con put di cover of di tent, just as Baba-God command am.

20. He carry di ten commandment wey dey for stone, con put am inside di ark, he fix di poles to di ark, con put di mercy chair (ark cover) on top.

21. Naso he carry di ark enta di worship-place, con hang di curtain wey dey guard am, he use di curtain take guard di ark of Baba-God word—just as Baba-God tell am.

22. Moses put di table inside di worship-place for di north side of di worship-place—outside di curtain,

23. He put bread on top of di table as offering for Baba-God, just as Baba-God bin tell am.

24. He put di lampstand inside di worship-place, opposite di table for di south side of di worship-place,

25. He con set di lamps for front of Baba-God, as Baba-God tell am.

26. Moses put di gold altar for inside di worship-place, for front of di curtain,

27. Con burn incense wey get sweet scent on top of am, as Baba-God bin tell am.

28. Naso he set di curtain for di doormot of di worship-place.

29. He set di altar of burnt offerings plus seed offerings, just as Baba-God bin tell am.

30. He put di basin between di worship-place and di altar, con put water inside am for washing.

31. So Moses, and Aaron plus hin sons use di water take wash dia legs.

32. Dem wash dia legs any time wey dem enta di worship-place or wen dem wan near di altar, just as Baba-God bin tell Moses.

33. Den Moses set up di yard around di worship-place and altar, con put di curtain for di doormot of di yard. Naso Moses take finish di work.

Baba-God Levels

34. Naso di cloud cover di worship-place, and Baba-God levels con brekete inside di worship-place.

35. Moses no fit enta inside di worship-place, becos di cloud don settle put on am, and di levels of Baba-God brekete for inside di worship-place.

36. For all di waka-waka wey di pipo of Israel do, any time wey di cloud raise komot from di worship-place—dem go start dia movement.

37. But if di cloud no raise up, di pipo of Israel no go move—until di day wey di cloud go rise.

38. Baba-God cloud con dey on top of di worship-place for day time, and faya inside di cloud for night, for front of all di pipo of Israel as dem dey travel.


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