Leviticus Chapter 10

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As Nadab and Abihu Take Die

  1. Aaron sons—Nadab plus Abihu carry dia incense-container, dem put faya on dem, and dem burn faya wey no holy to Baba-God—faya wey Baba-God no tell dem to do.
  2. So faya come out from front of Baba-God, con burn dem kpatakpata, and dem kpeme for Baba-God front.
  3. Moses con tell Aaron sey, “Na wetin Baba-God tok about be dis, wen he tok sey: “ ‘I go show mysef sey I dey holy among those pipo wey dey come meet me; for front of everi pesin eyes—nahin dem go take give me levels.’ ” Naso Aaron con dey silent.
  4. So Moses call Mishael plus Elzaphan, wey be di sons of Aaron uncle Uzziel, he con tell dem sey, “Come here, carry una brodas go outside di camp, carry dem komot from di front of di holy-place.”
  5. So dem come, con carry dem wit dia clothes, and dem carry dem go outside di camp, just as Moses tok.
  6. Naso Moses tell Aaron and hin sons Eleazar plus Ithamar, sey, “Make una no feel sad con leave una hair anyhow, or tear una clothes. If una do like dat, una go kpeme, and Baba-God go vex for all di pipo. But di remaining pipo of Israel, your family-pipo—fit cry for those pipo wey Baba-God burn wit faya.
  7. Make una no komot from di door of di worship-place or una go die, becos Baba-God ororo for anointing dey on una.” So dem do wetin Moses tok.
  8. Naso Baba-God tell Aaron sey,
  9. “You and your sons must no drink wine or any ogogoro, any time wey una dey enta di worship-place, or una go kpeme. Dis na law wey una must keep forever, for una generations.
  10. You must fit separate between sometin wey holy and ordinary tins, between wetin dey clean and wetin no clean.
  11. And you must teach all di pipo of Israel everi Law wey Baba-God tell dem tru Moses.
  12. Moses con tell Aaron and hin remaining sons Eleazar plus Ithamar—sey, “Take di seed offerings wey remain from di offering wey una give to Baba-God wit faya, and make una chop am wit-no yeast, for di side of di altar, becos na di most holy.
  13. Make una chop am for di holy place, becos na your share and your sons share of di offering wey dem make to Baba-God wit faya; naso Baba-God tell me.
  14. But di breast plus di shoulder wey you wave to Baba-God, you and your sons, plus your daughters fit chop dem for any place wey clean. Na una share of di peace offerings wey di pipo of Israel dey give.
  15. You must wave di breast plus di shoulder as wave offering to Baba-God, along wit di fat of di special gift. Dis parts belong to you and your pikin-pikin-pikin as una right forever, just as Baba-God bin tok.”
  16. Wen Moses ask for di goat of di sin offering, con notice sey dem don burn am, he con dey vex wit Eleazar plus Ithamar—wey be Aaron remaining sons, and he ask dem,
  17. “Why una no chop di sin offering for inside di holy place? Na di most holy; Baba-God give am to una to komot di sin of di pipo, to make sacrifice for di sins of di pipo for Baba-God front.
  18. Since una no carry di blood enta di Holy place, una for chop di meat for di holy place as I tell you.”
  19. Aaron con ansa Moses sey, “Today wey dem sacrifice dia sin offering plus dia burnt offering for Baba-God front, nahin dis kain tin don happun to me. Abi Baba-God for happy if to sey I chop di sin offering today?”
  20. Wen Moses hear dis one, he con dey okay.


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