Leviticus Chapter 16

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Di Law Of Cleaning Sins

  1. Baba-God con tok to Moses afta Aaron two sons die, wen dem dey arrange di wrong faya for front of Baba-God.
  2. Baba-God con tell Moses sey: “Tell your broda Aaron make he no dey enta anyhow—to di Most Holy place, for back of di inside curtain, for front of di cover of di Ark (mercy chair)—or else he go kpeme. Becos na there I dey show-face wit cloud, on top of di cover of di Ark.
  3. “Naso Aaron go take enta di holy place: wit small-malu for sin offering and ram for burnt offering.
  4. He must wear di holy linen cloth, plus di oda linen cloth wey he dey wear under. He must tie di linen belt round hin waist, con wear di linen cap for hin head. Dis na holy clothes, so he must baff wit water before he wear dem.
  5. Make he take two small goats for sin offering from di pipo of Israel, and one ram for burnt offering.
  6. “Make Aaron sacrifice di small-malu wey be hin own, for di sin offering—to clean hin sins and di sins of hin family.
  7. He go con carry di two goats go meet Baba-God for di door of di worship-place.
  8. And Aaron go cast lots for di two goats; one for Baba-God and di oda one for di scapegoat.
  9. So Aaron go bring di goat wey Baba-God lot fall on, con sacrifice am as sin offering.
  10. As for di goat wey di lot choose as scapegoat, he go bring am alive come meet Baba-God, he go send di goat enta desert—naso dem go take komot di sins of di pipo.

Di Sin Offering For Di Priest

11. “Make Aaron bring di small-malu for hin own sin offering to sacrifice for hin sin and hin family. Den he go kill di small-malu for hin own sin offering.

12. Make he carry incense-container wey full wit hot charcoal wey dey burn from di altar for Baba-God front, plus hin two hands wey full wit fine incense wey dem grind, con carry dem go back of di curtain.

13. Make he put di incense for faya for Baba-God front, and di smoke of di incense go raise up, con cover di cover of di Ark [di mercy chair]—wey dey on top of di Ark of Agreement—so dat he no go die.

14. Make he carry some of di malu blood, and make he use hin finger take sprinkle am on di Ark cover [mercy chair] for di eastside; and he go sprinkle di blood seven times for front of di Ark cover.

15. “Den make he kill di goat for di sin offering wey be for di pipo. He go carry di blood go back of di curtain, con use di blood do di same tin wey he do di blood of di small-malu: Make he sprinkle am for front and on top of di Ark cover (mercy seat).

Di Sin Offering For Di Pipo

16. Naso he go take do ritual to clean di Most Holy place, becos di pipo of Israel wey no clean, and becos dem dey disobey Baba-God, plus any kain sin wey dem don commit. Make he do di same tin for di worship-place, becos of di corrupt sin of di pipo of Israel.

17. Make no pesin enta di worship-place from di time wey Aaron go enta to do di ritual to clean di Holy Place, until he come outside again afta he don sacrifice for hinsef, hin family, plus all di pipo of Israel—to komot dia sins.

18. “Naso he go come out to di altar wey dey for Baba-God front, con do ritual to make am pure. He go carry some of di blood of di small-malu, plus some of di goat blood, con put am round di horns of di altar.

19. He go sprinkle some of di blood on am wit hin finger seven times—to clean am and to make am dey holy from di pipo of Israel wey no clean.

20. “Wen Aaron don finish di ritual to clean di holy place, di worship-place, plus di altar—make he carry di live goat come front.

21. Make he put hin two hand for di live goat head, con confess all di disobedience, sin, and wickedness of di pipo of Israel—con put dem for di goat head. He go pursue di goat komot go desert wit one man wey he go choose to do di work.

22. So di goat go use hin head take carry dia sins go one place where no pesin dey; di man go release di goat for inside di desert.

23. “Naso Aaron go enta di worship-place, con komot hin linen cloth wey he bin wear before he enta di Holy Place, and he go leave dem for there.

24. He go baff hinsef wit water for di holy place, con wear hin normal cloth. Den he go come out, con sacrifice di burnt offering for hinsef, and di burnt offering for di pipo, to sacrifice for hin sins and di sins of di pipo.

25. He go burn di fat of di sin offering for di altar.

26. “Di man wey release di goat as scapegoat must wash hin clothes, con baff hin body wit water; den he fit enta di camp afta dat.

27. Dem must carry di small-malu plus di goat of din sin offering wey dem carry dia blood enta di holy place to clean di pipo sins—dem must carry dem go outside di camp to burn dem; dia body, dia skin, di inside part, plus di intestine.

28. Di man wey burn dem must wash hin clothes, con baff hinsef wit water, den he fit enta di camp afta dat.

Cleaning of Sin Everi Year

“Dis one go be everlasting law for una: On di tenth day of di seventh month, una must no chop any food or do any work—both di pipo of Israel and foreigners.

30. Becos on dis day nahin di priest go do di ritual to clean una from sins, and to make una clean. Naso una go take clean from all una sins for Baba-God front.

31. Na Sabbath of rest for una, na day of fasting and una must no work sef. Dis na law for una forever.

32. And di priest wey he go anoint, and wey he go dedicate to serve for di priest office for hin papa position, go do di ritual of sacrifice to clean sin, and he go wear di linen clothes, even di holy clothes.

33. He go do di ritual to clean di holy place, di worship-place, plus di altar, and for di priests, plus all di oda pipo of Israel.

34. And make dis one be law for una forever—to clean di pipo of Israel from all dia sins onces everi year.” And dem do am as Baba-God tell Moses.


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